Meaning of CRAFT in English


n. 1 skill, ability, artisanship, handiwork, ingenuity, skilfulness, art, talent, dexterity, cleverness, mastery, expertness, expertise, flair, genius , Colloq know-how Considerable craft is required to make that kind of jewellery 2 deceit, guile, cunning, fraud, trickery, wiliness, foxiness, artfulness, craftiness, duplicity He exhibits that crooked wisdom called craft 3 trade, occupation, calling, vocation, métier; profession He was a member of one of the medieval craft guilds 4 vessel, ship, boat; hovercraft; aircraft, aeroplane, plane; spaceship, spacecraft, rocket One day there will be at least as many craft in space as there now are in the air

v. 5 make, fashion, fabricate She crafted the figures out of solid wood

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