Meaning of DEATH in English




a cycle of poverty/activity/birth and death etc

the cycle of violence between the two countries

a death certificate

According to his death certificate, he died aged 44.

a death sentence (= a punishment of death )

Death sentences were handed down to eight of the accused.

a death threat (= a threat to kill someone )

Scientists involved in the research have received death threats.

a mortal/fatal/death blow (= causing something to end )

When he quit it dealt a mortal blow to the show.

a violent death

No French king died a violent death during this period.

accidental death

battered to death

He was battered to death .

be bored to tears/to death (= extremely bored )

Rob was bored to tears trailing around the shops.

be burned to death

Anyone inside the truck would have been burned to death.

Black Death, the

bled to death

Tragically, she bled to death .

bludgeoned to death

He was bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

bore sb to death/tears (= make them very bored )

brush with death

A brush with death can make you appreciate life more.

carries...the death sentence (= is punished by )

Premeditated murder carries the death sentence .

catch your death (of cold) British English spoken (= get a very bad cold )

Don’t stand out in the rain. You’ll catch your death.

cause death

The famine caused the death of up to 400,000 people.

certain death

If they stayed in the war zone, they faced almost certain death.

choked to death

Six people choked to death on the fumes.

clubbed to death

baby seals being clubbed to death

cot death

crib death

crushed to death

Two people were crushed to death in the rush to escape.

death blow

His decision to leave the show has delivered a death blow to the series.

death camp

death certificate

death duties

death knell

The loss of Georgia would sound the death knell of Republican hopes.

death mask

death penalty

Three Britons are facing the death penalty for spying.

death rate

childhood death rates

death rattle

death row

a murderer on death row

death sentence

He received a death sentence .

death squad

death throes

The peace pact seems to be in its death throes .

death toll rose

As the unrest continued, the death toll rose .

death toll stands at

The official death toll stands at 53.

death toll

As the unrest continued, the death toll rose .

death toll

The death toll has risen to 83.

death trap

A car with tires in this condition is simply a death trap.

death warrant

By indulging in casual sex, many teenagers could be signing their own death warrants .

death wish

Before I did the jump, people would ask if I had a death wish .

death's head

delivered a death blow to

His decision to leave the show has delivered a death blow to the series.

die a natural death (= of natural causes, rather than being killed )

The coroner concluded that Wilkins had died a natural death.

die a sudden/violent/slow etc death

At the end of the play, the main character dies a violent death.

frighten sb to death/frighten the life out of sb (= make someone feel extremely afraid )

He drove at a speed which frightened Lara to death.

frightened to death (= very frightened )

To tell the truth, I was frightened to death .

froze to death

I nearly froze to death watching that football match.

hacked to death (= killed using large knives )

Both men had been hacked to death .

had a death wish

Before I did the jump, people would ask if I had a death wish .

imminent danger/threat/death/disaster etc

He was in imminent danger of dying.

impending danger/doom/death/disaster etc

She had a sense of impending disaster.

in its death throes

The peace pact seems to be in its death throes .

infant deaths

The number of infant deaths has fallen significantly.

knifed to death

She had been knifed to death .

lingering death

Mr Wilkins suffered a lingering death .

mourn sb’s death/loss/passing

She still mourns the death of her husband.

on the brink of death/disaster/war etc

In October 1962 the world seemed on the brink of nuclear war.

The company had huge debts and was on the brink of collapse.

passed...death sentence on

In 1987, the government passed a death sentence on the river by granting permission for the new dam.

plunged to...deaths

Both the climbers had plunged to their deaths .

received...death sentence

He received a death sentence .

register a birth/death/marriage

The baby’s birth was registered this morning.

risk defeat/death etc

He would prefer not to risk another embarrassing defeat.

Some people are prepared to risk imprisonment for what they believe.

scared to death (= extremely scared )

He looked scared to death.

signing...own death warrants

By indulging in casual sex, many teenagers could be signing their own death warrants .

(sound/strike/toll) the death knell for/of sth

The loss of Georgia would sound the death knell of Republican hopes.

stabbed to death

He was stabbed to death in a fight.

starve to death (= die from lack of food )

They’ll either die from the cold or starve to death .

sudden death

a sudden death play-off

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

the cause of death

A snake bite was the cause of death.

the death penalty (= the punishment of being killed )

If convicted, they face the death penalty.

the death/mortality rate

The death rate among the homeless is three times higher than the rest of the population.

tragic death

The parents were not to blame for the tragic death of their son.

trample sb to death (= kill someone by stepping heavily on them )

Several people were nearly trampled to death in the rush to get out.

untimely death

the untimely death of a popular local man




On 4 December 1985 the inquest returned a verdict of accidental death .

Such reports are routine in the case of accidental death , he said.

The coroner recorded verdicts of accidental death .

A verdict of accidental death was recorded at an inquest last week.

It seemed to be pretty much an open and shut case of accidental death , apart from the problem of identifying him.

Deputy Coroner Mr Pollard recorded verdicts of accidental death and said he was satisfied what had happened had been purely an accident.

Coroner Michael Sheffield recorded a verdict of accidental death .


If they stayed in the war zone they would face almost certain death .

But if he could not kill them outright, he could put them in the way of tolerably certain death .

Of certain important deaths that were due to occur at two o'clock.

There they learned that they had barely escaped certain death .

The class had seen their friends carried off to a certain death .

Both heroes fought under the shadow of certain death .

The ground loomed and certain death faced them in a matter of seconds.

Would you try to avoid her and drive off to certain death , or would you keep going and kill her?


At the penalty shoot-out the same dogged evenness was maintained - it went to sudden death .

It is the most intimate item of all, a disturbing look at the rude horror of sudden death .

If our Dean's sudden death was not accidental, it must have been purposeful.

They get sudden economic death , whether jobs exist or not.

Doctors must report any sudden deaths they think may have even a theoretical link to a drug.

During the fieldwork period, sudden infant deaths received enormous publicity in the national media.

Risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome were calculated separately for Maori and non-Maori children.


The royalties go to Birthright; let's hope they find a way to prevent tragic cot deaths .

Today, the Mirror looks back to the first tragic deaths in one of the world's longest and more bitter conflicts.

The news of his tragic death stunned everyone.

Now an inquest is to be held into the tragic woman's death .

And it is leaving behind a tragic toll of death , heartache and despair throughout Britain.

Since his tragic death my daughter has carried on his good work.

Meanwhile parents like Gwen Watkins just want their voice to be heard and a clearer understanding of a tragic chain of deaths .

Let him know that something good has come out of his tragic death .


A pity the author only got the respect she deserved after her untimely death .

The symbols and memories of untimely death lay all around from morning till night.

The untimely death of his father did nothing to alter the youngest Charlton's ambition.

People created just like you and me, their dreams cut short by a terrible, untimely death .

Tragically, or perhaps fortunately, the hunt was aborted by Gaitskell's untimely death in January 1963.

Students and faculty told fond stories about Daniels and expressed their sorrow at his untimely death .

After his untimely death , she had passed the figure on to Carla as a memento of a wonderful man.

She had died a young, untimely death .


Nothing, above all, to betray the cosmic anger which invariably surged through his being in the presence of violent death .

They say people who die sudden, violent deaths are most likely to become ghosts and haunt the earth.

Sudden, violent death in the fog.

On March 28, 1980, all the workers died a sudden, violent death , no time to say goodbye.

There violent death is spectacle; one has the sense of killing but not of dying.

This was the Cradle: the country of violent birth and violent death .

Once again he was in the sobering presence of violent death .

Everyone, however, sympathized with junior officials; and everyone constantly wished a violent death on usurers and moneylenders.



In the spring of 1945, the four girls were transported to four more death camps , once by death march.


The coroner issues the death certificate , usually ascribing death to a disease found during the post-mortem examination.

He says, First locate where the person died, get the death certificate , and then find the notary.

Now the declaration of her age on the death certificate was out of her control, the truth was listed at last.

There are no death certificates for these children.

Information for the follow up study was collected by means of personal interviews, death certificates , and records from hospitals and nursing homes.

How can I have a death certificate ?

The klebsiella bug was named on Dean's death certificate as a contributing factor.

But no body or death certificate was produced.


The New Zealand cot death study was a nationwide case-control study carried out from 1 November 1987 to 31 October 1990.

The royalties go to Birthright; let's hope they find a way to prevent tragic cot deaths .

Although the number of cot deaths is now falling, three babies still die unaccountably each day in the United Kingdom.

The results of this study suggest that the incidence of cot death can be reduced.

He says the sun will only shine on him if it rains for at least a month. Cot death mix-up.

The family had a history of cot deaths , and the baby had a heart condition.

The specimens resulted from therapeutic abortions, miscarriages, and cot deaths .


Bristol is at the forefront of the fight against a number of childhood conditions, including cancer and sudden infant death .

During the fieldwork period, sudden infant deaths received enormous publicity in the national media.

Risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome were calculated separately for Maori and non-Maori children.

This, of course, assumes that these variables are causally related to sudden infant death syndrome and are independent.

None of the families interviewed had experienced a sudden infant death .

In total these four risk factors accounted for 89% of Maori and 79% of non-Maori sudden infant deaths .


If we still had the death penalty they'd be hanged, anyway.

Around the country, there are some signs of eroding support for the death penalty , even among some conservatives.

In these circumstances facile and fallacious deductions about the consequences of having abolished the death penalty were bound to be rife.

However, the measure specifically did not take a position on the morality of the death penalty .

It was expected that President Carlos Saúl Menem would commute any death penalty .

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Kaczynski, who faces additional charges in a New Jersey bombing death.

It may be more hesitant than the House of Representatives about extending the death penalty , for instance for drug-dealing.

The bishops said the death penalty was not a deterrent to crime, had racist overtones and cost millions of dollars.


South Tees workplace health spokeswoman Anne Newnam said the charter aimed to reduce the death rates from coronary heart disease.

As in all cities, the infant death rate in Washington fluctuates from year to year.

In poor countries, however, incomes did not rise as death rates began to fall.

Six months after their surgery, patients with no religious beliefs had a death rate three times higher than those who did.

Their high death rate is due to malnutrition, through ecological change, as well as introduced diseases.

This test was used to ensure a 100% death rate of cells frozen in liquid nitrogen.

As death rates have declined the proportion of elderly classed as married has increased while the proportion widowed has decreased.

According to the theory, pre-industrial populations can be characterized by high levels of birth and death rates , and low growth rates.


Instead he fairly hustled his big body along, as if it were a laggardly prisoner he was escorting down death row .

Despite attempts to curb the number of appeals, death row waits are growing.

He had spent nearly 13 years on death row .

Today, on average, inmates are on death row for 10 years.

He is on death row awaiting execution for a non-political murder.

On death row at San Quentin for ever, the man got a state-of-the-art execution.

It was in this second stage that most death row prisoners have raised repeated challenges.

Only two death row inmates have been put to death since then, and both men chose to call off their appeals.


Will she insist on a guilty verdict and mandatory death sentence ?

There was a time when it was 15 years from the time a death sentence was first issued.

Essential to Trent's possibilities of survival was that Louis should believe him ignorant of the death sentence already passed.

Davis, 42, faces a possible death sentence for the 1993 slaying.

This scaffold gave many years of service but was phased out of use following the last death sentences in 1964.

Davis, who has pleaded not guilty, is facing a possible death sentence .

The ayatollahs' death sentence stands.

On the other hand, it was something akin to a blanket death sentence for the free-flowing rivers in sixteen states.


Reformists allege that the killings were part of a campaign by state-sponsored death squads to silence dissent.

This old man had already lost two sons-both journalists-to death squads .

Torture has been widely used by both security forces and death squads .

This was the group, formally under army control, that operated as a death squad during the rule of Ferdinand Marcos.


The risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome within groups were remarkably similar.

Risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome were calculated separately for Maori and non-Maori children.

This, of course, assumes that these variables are causally related to sudden infant death syndrome and are independent.

Discussion Mortality from sudden infant death syndrome varies between countries.

Ethnic differences in mortality from sudden infant death syndrome have been reported from several countries.

Setting - New Zealand. 485 infants who died of sudden infant death syndrome were compared with 1800 control infants.


He has received death threats after cheating hundreds of innocent people.

Vince Tobin withdrew his candidacy for the job after both men got death threats from Ditka fanatics.

The councillor had already survived one attempt on his life, and had received a stream of death threats .

Ed Pollard of the Secret Service reported a forty-percent increase in death threats .

But they want an end to all death threats against the novelist.

Then came the death threats against Krueger himself, then the ambush of a convoy in which he was traveling.

The judges have received death threats .

J., was scrubbed because the promoter got death threats .


The official death toll was 42, most of them children; local officials and parents put it even higher.

The death toll exceeded the 1987 Hungerford Massacre, which left 17 dead, including the gunman, Michael Ryan.

Others set the death toll higher, at up to 1,000 fatalities.

The death toll is 2, 276, all by fire or drowning.

Some 20 years earlier the death toll was 773.

The death toll from a single such explosion could easily be over 10 million people.



Women are told it's prostitution or a beating , or death .

The original police report said the whites chased Atkinson while others waited for him on the tracks and beat him to death .

Recalcitrants were chained, starved and beaten to death .

Why, given what had happened, I might as well have beaten Papa to death with a club.

So she locked them in a coat closet where they beat each other half to death in the dark for twenty minutes.

In the minutes that followed, McDuffie was beaten to death by a group of Dade County police officers.

We don't see gays being beaten to death in our country because of their sexuality.

And when he himself was nearly beaten to death .


He bled to death in 15 minutes.

In real life, Selena ran out of that motel room with a bullet wound, and bled to death .

He quickly bled to death from the injury.

Not, miraculously, through any major blood vessels, or I would by now have bled internally to death .

Losing a leg to a shell, he quickly bled to death .

Within minutes she had bled to death .

He cut his wrists and bled to death .


If we had gone on, our love would have brought us the death we secretly called up every time we embraced.

Angry that he is bringing death and the smell of fire into our house.

The spiritual resources of patients can do a great deal to help in their recovery or bring about a peaceful death .

It had brought back the death of her father, of his love without conditions, his moral and spiritual protection.

After accidentally bringing about the death of his wife and child, he sets up his own suicide.

Globalization does bring the death of distance, through the consolidation of markets and the use of modern communications and transportation.

The game of war brings death , and the devil has ensured that this has been a hellishly long game.

With song and rejoicing they brought death in, and destruction.


His action has already caused the premature death of 700,000 birds with miserly compensation to owners.

These opportunistic diseases may eventually cause death .

Mercifully, it did not cause the death and destruction intended.

A plague of cholera broke out, causing sixty deaths in the first week.

Often this blocks a pulmonary artery, causing serious illness or death .

His arms, those marvelous arms Thetis had brought him from Hephaestus, caused the death of Ajax.

A 31-year-old labourer was yesterday charged with causing the death of Mr Adams by careless driving after drinking excessively.

The cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system, but it is difficult to find.


Mottram was an original drunken sailor and was condemned to death for stealing a boat.

White told how he had repeatedly tried to escape, been twice captured, twice imprisoned, finally condemned to death .

As befitted his rank he was tried before the House of Lords and, being found guilty, was condemned to death .

Fatally offended, the jury condemned him to death .

His cook was charged and being found guilty was condemned to death .

McVeigh was condemned to death after his conviction on identical charges in June.

Justine has been condemned to death .

This does not condemn interactive multimedia to death , but it does suggest a slower-than-expected scenario for widespread adoption.


Is it surprising that he should die a natural death from a heart attack?

Did you get to die a horrible death with giant ants gnawing at your body?

True paschal lamb, dying he destroyed our death , rising he restored our life.

The Saint died a most holy death on May 2, 1459.


The ghost sensed the emptiness that follows the death of a mind.

Quite often, a son or daughter will be responsible for the formalities and requirements that follow a death .

Extra benefits include cash payments of up to £13,000 for certain permanent injuries and £2,500 left to your estate following accidental death .

There were riots in Belfast and Derry following Sands' death .

A curfew had been imposed, explained Selkirk, because of the situation following the King's death .

It follows the death of a man from gunshot wounds.

By the 1830s, following Webb's death , Peter Playne was the tenant.

However, the issue returned to prominence following the death of a hunger striker on Oct. 14.


Charsky watched him freeze to death before his eyes.

I wondered if we would make it to our destination without freezing to death during the night.

We decided to abandon fishing and head for home before I froze to death .

Once they grew above the level of the snow, they too would be vulnerable to rapid freezing and death .

The little children are freezing to death .

And no, the baby never froze to death .

Its residents are beginning to wonder if they have been condemned to a slow, freezing death .

One of them froze to death in 1943.


However, any treatment to relieve pain and suffering may well be justified even if this leads to an earlier death .

Francis, said a side effect of morphine is decreased respiration, which can lead to death .

It leads to death and a scandalous murder inquiry which threatens to expose some dark secrets.

It is the leading cause of death for 40-to 49-year-old women.

The only possible qualification is a case in which the choice may lead to the death of a viable foetus.

This results in excessive contraction of the muscles leading to death .

Clashes between police and opposition protesters in Zanzibar over disputed elections have led to an unconfirmed death toll of 37.

Even in 1987 the brand new ship was suffering smells similar to those which led to the deaths of Katherine and James Tomlins.


Employees and shareholders have also received death threats and hate mail.

The first nine defendants all received death sentences.

He has received death threats after cheating hundreds of innocent people.

She received graphic, gruesome death threats.

Liliam was again forced into exile in 1961 after she received death threats.

The crime was extremely brutal, as was Ferguson's treatment of his crew, and he received the death sentence.

The councillor had already survived one attempt on his life, and had received a stream of death threats.

I love gigging in the South although, oddly, it's the only place we've ever received death threats.


The trouble is that when they are they result in deaths .

The hostility and bloodshed associated with the partition resulted in 1 million deaths .

Rosie Johnston was at the centre of the scandal which resulted in Olivia's death six years ago.

Using either product can result in injury and death .

In 1970 a large area of bamboo flowered and died resulting in many deaths through starvation in the panda population.

The disorders continued for seven days, resulting in the death of fifteen whites and twenty-three blacks.

If this concentration is high, then it will result in the death of fish.

Since 1981, there have been 665 crashes at state crossings, resulting in 81 deaths and 205 injuries.


If he caught him up here again he'd see him off, scare him to death .

But the first time I did it, I was scared half to death .

The first time this had happened to her, she had been scared to death .

They acted as if they knew what would happen if they lost, and they were scared to death of it.

Then I looked up lymphoma in a medical book and almost scared myself to death !

His bungalow had scared her to death .

Then she'd jump out and scare them to death !

You had us scared half to death .


Her husband was shot to death in 1990.

The meeting took place Wednesday evening, just hours before the younger Cosby was shot to death .

Martin law firm, where he killed eight and wounded six before shooting himself to death .

He faces a count of second-degree murder in the Nov. 10 shooting death of Brad Hansen, also 13.

Another night, one August midnight, an argument outside the record store ended with a man being shot to death .

Cooke was 33 in 1964 when he was shot to death in a Los Angeles motel.

This volunteer was Edgar Derby, the high school teacher who would be shot to death in Dresden.

On weekends, police constantly are being called out to handle everything from fistfights to shooting deaths .


The two Leeds supporters were believed to have been stabbed to death after an argument with workmen.

The other man to die was Brian Roberson, 36, who stabbed to death an elderly couple in 1986.

Murray Pugh, a trainee P-E teacher, was stabbed to death last weekend.

Half a block away, a woman is raped and stabbed to death behind an abandoned church.

Major's partner in crime was later stabbed to death during another raid.

Student teacher is stabbed to death .

Read in studio A murder suspect has told a court that he accidentally stabbed a teenager to death during a street fight.

Hornlein had previously stabbed a man to death and stolen his money; he and Knau then shot and robbed another man.


The entire population had starved to death .

Some one like you is likely to lie down in the street and starve to death .

In 1994 a judge ruled that prisoners who were mentally competent were free to starve themselves to death .

Recalcitrants were chained, starved and beaten to death .

It is, of course, less honest than Spencer and denies that anyone will starve to death .

He had not promised to starve himself to death on the steps of the town hall until he got justice.

Some will starve to death , others will die of exposure, still others will be beaten or burned or tortured.


a fate worse than death

I knew that Grandma's visit would be a fate worse than death.

After all, she didn't know him, and a fate worse than death might just be awaiting her.

It certainly wasn't because he was trying to save her from a Fate Worse than Death.

There are various Pelagias who are known as penitent harlots or virgin martyrs who died to escape a fate worse than death.

We've even growled at the horse, and threatened it with a fate worse than death, but to no avail!

a fight to the death/finish

And if there's not enough advertising to go round, it could be a fight to the death.

By 1807 politics had become a fight to the death between the two factions.

It will be a fight to the finish.

Six teams are bitter rivals in what will be a fight to the finish.

Some say 1972 was a fight to the death, which left Jacklin as the slain gladiator.

Usually if two gray angels of nearly equal size are placed together a fight to the death ensues.

a living death

But the hard labour for criminals which replaced judicial execution was so appalling that it was in effect a living death.

If you have opted for non-action, then you have opted for a living death.

In anorexia nervosa, which becomes a living death, the same connections are prevalent, together with the same confusing implications.

Life without hope is a living death.

a matter of life and/or death

cheat death/fate etc

And because he thought he could cheat death.

Explain how you cheated death at every stage of the journey.

Our attempts to cheat life have progressed to an attempt to cheat death.

Some of them are cheating death.

court danger/death etc

But no evidence suggests that she courted danger for her children as she encouraged their freedom.

They court death and we enjoy the spectacle so we reward them for it.

death by misadventure

A second inquest in February 1987, returned a verdict of death by misadventure .

A verdict of death by misadventure was recorded.

At the end of a four-hour hearing, the inquest jury returned a verdict of death by misadventure .

The coroner's jury brought in death by misadventure , on advice by the coroner.

The coroner recorded a verdict of death by misadventure .

dice with death

When young people experiment with drugs, they're dicing with death.

And some have diced with death to make Bond look good.

But every day hundreds of ordinary workers dice with death to complete these essential tasks.

Towing drivers are dicing with death, too.

die a/the death

I did not have the courage then to die the death that she died.

drink yourself silly/into a stupor/to death etc

feel a death/a loss etc

Subjects began to feel a loss of control of the course of their thinking.

fight to the death/finish

And if there's not enough advertising to go round, it could be a fight to the death.

Every couple would live miles apart and fight to the death any intrusion into their home range-which they would never leave.

If the adventurers pursue the Harpies back to their lair, they will fight to the death to defend it.

It is economic nonsense to suggest that nations are engaged in a mercantilist fight to the death.

They say we massacred him, but he would have massacred us had we not defended ourselves and fought to the death.

They simply seem to charge into battle, and would probably to fight to the death unless we separated them.

Usually if two gray angels of nearly equal size are placed together a fight to the death ensues.

While not explicit, many implied that they would indeed fight to the death for their managing director.

flog sth to death

It was a good story a month ago, but the newspapers have really flogged it to death.

The beheading of murderers, the flogging and stoning to death of adulterers, the circumcision of women?

hold/hang on for/like grim death

life and death

In Catal Huyuk the images of life and death mingle in a way that may strike us as bizarre.

In some cases this might be literally a matter of life and death.

Issues of life and death also ride the roller coaster in the same trivialising way.

Not for reasons of life and death or right and wrong, however.

Or, more accurately, a game of life and death.

Pure happenstance and luck had much to do with life and death on both sides.

The words life and death have no meaning for them.

These two objects are symbolic of life and death.

meet your death/end

If the ropes do jam then please remember that the great Giusto Gervasutti met his death during just such a retrieval operation.

In that position Buddha met his end.

Medieval representation of Frederick Barbarossa as a crusader, the role in which he met his death.

No officer convicted of plotting against him met his end at the hands of the firing squad.

Strange coincidence, the same place where Whitton had met his death.

The last band met its end in 1906, in the Chiricahuas.

When a herring meets its end, it is usually in the mouth of a bigger fish or a in a net.

merciful death/end/release

With the Giants leading 28-7, half-time came as a merciful relief.

And Elinor was just going to have to wait for her merciful release.

Death had been a merciful release for him.

These were the alternatives to a quick, merciful death.

Those animals put down had a merciful release.

on/under pain of death

In effect, each is swearing to keep it on pain of death.

stone sb to death

And they stoned her to death.

TheJewish council stoned Stephen to death after he denounced them.

They might approve of, and practice, ostracizing homosexuals from society, but stoning them to death?

the jaws of death/defeat/despair etc

The shocked priority of examining herself after escaping, literally, from the jaws of death, wore off.

the kiss of death

An "X" rating can be the kiss of death at the box office for a big-budget movie.

Although it was very tempting, accepting it would be the kiss of death for the concept.

But its demise was further justification to the movie industry that musicals are the kiss of death.

That's got to be the kiss of death.

Why should living together, in particular, be the kiss of death to hopeful marrieds?

Yet the onset of daylight, with its much better conditions, brought the kiss of death.


A comet appeared at the time of the death of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C.

After her husband's death , she moved back to California.

Authorities counted 50 traffic deaths over the holiday weekend.

Basquiat's work had become well known even before his untimely death at age 27.

Catherine will inherit a large sum of money on her father's death .

Maretti lived in Miami until his death .

The bomb caused at least one death , and several serious injuries.

The latest death toll in the Turkish earthquake is over 2000.

The number of deaths from AIDS is still increasing in many parts of the world.

The policy provides full insurance in the case of accidental death .


No, the people who had ordered Jay's death - they were the ones who had to be punished.

Perhaps, thought Robert, I should sentence him to death .

Such deaths are normal consequences of Western contact with previously isolated tribes.

The news of his impending death had badly ruffled his composure.

The other 5 percent of deaths were caused by various weapons and methods, including burning.

The Smithsonian label was shaken by the death of Rinzler last year at the age of 59.

Though infected lions can meet a miserable death , Packer reports that 60 percent of those with distemper have survived.

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