Meaning of DELICATE in English



a delicate balance (= easily damaged )

Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere upsets the delicate balance of gases.

a delicate subject (= one that may be embarrassing )

She carefully avoided discussing the delicate subject of money.

delicate (= in which it would be very easy to upset people and cause the negotiations to fail )

The company is about to start delicate negotiations with the union about next year's pay agreement.


The plant produces delicate purple flowers.


The flowers have a delicate perfume similar to cowslips.

delicate/subtle (= pleasant and not strong )

The wine should be served cold so that it doesn’t lose any of its delicate flavour.




Emperor Tetras are a quiet, peaceful fish and not as delicate as is sometimes thought.

Between these, a hundred jellyfish as delicate and as translucent as rose petals pulsate like butterflies.

He was very light, and his bones felt as delicate as a bird's.

But her infirmities had caused her to be thought of as delicate , to be treated as a bit of an invalid.


In Essex, the position was more delicate and less secure for the District.

For others, the balance between satisfaction and survival is more delicate .

Daniele Audetto was out of the same mould as Luca, but his job was now infinitely more delicate and difficult.

Queequeg is seen to be more delicate and civilized than most of the Christians that Ishmael has known.

Its head is more delicate and its tail less bushy.

A big dray horse might be suited to haul a coal wagon, a more delicate saddle horse to recreational riding.

But here in the valley lies a completely different countryside, smaller and more delicate .

Is there a more delicate way of putting it?


Which means that even the most delicate of dishes will rise to the occasion.

They have a mania for getting at the most delicate parts of the engine.

Unfortunately they are not all able to survive in an aquarium and some of the most colourful varieties are the most delicate .

But instead of admonishing him, they were handling his ego as if it were the most delicate of flowers.

Here MacLeod is able to activate the past by the most delicate retrieval.

How can I when I know that even this body is a most delicate piece of machinery?

Unfortunately they are also some of the most delicate .

Her somnolent black eyes and tenderly pursed pink lips intrude upon the eggshell delicacy of her face with the most delicate affection.


There had been stone dragons, and jade dragons so delicate that they disintegrated at a puff of breath.

Not surprisingly, she advocates a balance, but one so delicate as to require almost daily adjustment.

Amphibians are particularly vulnerable to hot and dry conditions because their skins are so delicate and permeable to water.

Being so delicate , it is not available in large quantities commercially.

The bowl of Rostov's was so delicate that he felt that if he closed his hand too suddenly it would shatter.

Who but Ashton would have thought of giving this country yokel so delicate a movement?

You could not be afraid of it, you could not possibly fear something so delicate and so insubstantial.


But the delicious food had been too delicate for their hearty taste.

Louis plane was too delicate to dismantle and assemble for each stop.

The issues may be too delicate to handle or too difficult to put your finger on precisely.

Other aromatic varieties are either too delicate to cultivate in Champagne or too late ripening to bear fruit.

Even when the forms of such things as halberds or hoe-blades were rendered in jade they were too delicate for functional use.

Claudel is bringing your little trinket back for some adjustments. Too delicate for us to handle.

McPherson's lay-off found McCall with an unobstructed view of goal but the final attempt was too delicate and Verlinden saved easily.


Her designs are classical and very delicate , mainly in 18-carat gold jewellery and set with precious stones and pearls.

He had Reacher and the gunner lean out to watch the very delicate tail rotor.

Watercolours of a very delicate or atmospheric style will exhibit greater subtlety when painted on Hot Pressed surfaces.

Octopuses are very delicate animals that are sensitive to nitrogenous and other waste products of fish.

His speech was never very delicate but Matilda was used to it.

It was very delicate and prone to break down.

I hope they can throw some light on a very delicate matter?

I did some very delicate checking.



He knew she was nervous and that this reporter was pressing the superintendent on the most delicate areas of the investigation.

Here we come to a delicate area .


Again, that may not sound much but it's more than enough to disrupt the delicate balance of different gases.

For these folks, temperature control is a delicate balance .

This is a delicate balance to strike.

Good proposal writing is a delicate balance of presenting your intentions in dealing with your research problem.

Adenosine helps regulate the delicate balance between blood flow and urine output.

This delicate balance had to be maintained.

They upset the delicate balance of interests on which high organizational performance is so often based.


He has a delicate face , like a woman's, and his eyes are dark.

Her eyes were huge and green and almond shaped, surprisingly catlike in her delicate face .

He had large dark eyes, like pears set in port wine aspic, deep pools in a thin, delicate face .

Hearing the noise of the car she turned and he saw a peaked, delicate face framed with red-gold hair.

Marilyn Krnkka was a black-haired woman with a thin, delicate face .

This was his supreme moment; yet his delicate face and sombre eyes remained impassive, showed no vestige of emotion.

A blur of fair hair, a delicate face , young.


Their skin is rough and sometimes striped, with a sweet and scented delicate flavour .

Formosa Oolong A semi-fermented or oxidised tea with a delicate flavour .

After centuries of crumbling gently before exciting our taste buds with your delicate flavour you have finally departed your origins.


She placed a small delicate hand on it and bade Miriam good-night.

His face seemed so pale against the dark of her graceful, delicate hand .

Her delicate hands began to shake.

The macaques' delicate hands look remarkably human and are well adapted for grasping and holding objects.

He sat quite still, his delicate hands folded in his lap.

He saw her white, delicate hands .

Small and soft, with little bones and delicate hands and feet.


Difficult as it may be, he should attempt to settle more delicate issues .

On his list of things to do, these delicate issues hung suspended like icicles from a limb.

There is also the associated and delicate issue of contact between internal reformers and reforming pressure groups.

Flexibility can be a delicate issue , particularly in a work unit with an inflexible boss.


I hope they can throw some light on a very delicate matter ?

Given that we have victims, we come to the delicate matter of breeding.

Let us settle these delicate matters between ourselves.


Eurotunnel's prospects will only become apparent once the delicate negotiations with the banks and contractors have been completed.

Five o'clock is the blessed hour after work and before decisions, the delicate negotiation on a public phone.


Security codes covering delicate operations have - even as we stand here - been altered.

But that is a delicate operation .

This can be a delicate operation since it is desirable that this card fill most of its allotted area.

Friends have chipped in to raise £7,000 to pay for the delicate operation .


These developments face the churches and theology with a whole series of difficult and delicate questions .

The delicate question of which divinity is absorbing which is not always clear.

The solution turns on delicate questions of the textual criticism of a few texts.

No answer was immediately forthcoming to the delicate question but investigations will now doubtless continue amid fears of a Government cover-up.

The controversy ran contemporaneous with a delicate question of authority.

I raise the delicate question he's been avoiding.


The sun can easily damage a child's delicate skin .

Stephen lurched and pushed against her, bumping painfully on her, grinding his pelvis into the delicate skin of her crutch.


His hand stung and his head hurt and he felt in no shape to begin the delicate task of restarting their relationship.

I had the immense and delicate task of restoring confidence in Kambawe.

Harvesting is a delicate task requiring deft fingers and precision, for which women are supposed by nature to be peculiarly suited.

Unravelling these consequences and deciding which merit assessment is an exceptionally delicate task .


Pascoe noticed how nimble his hands were: long fingers, a delicate touch .

Smooth as oiled silk, his skin excited her delicate touch .

She squirmed at the delicate touch and even the wall at her back felt sensuous.

He had a surprisingly delicate touch and the silver star was going to look beautiful when it was finished.


He says that it's been very delicate work , but they think that they have found all the bones.


delicate pinks and blues

a delicate gold necklace

Clare was more active than her brother, who had always been a delicate child.

I am seeking your professional advice on a very delicate matter.

Madeline was wondering how to approach the delicate question of her salary with her new boss.

Mr Humphreys wife was delicate - the doctor was called in once or twice a week.

Mrs. Archer extended her delicate hand.

Salmon has quite a delicate flavour, and it should not be over-cooked.

The delicate blossoms resemble lace.

The delicate operation took more than six hours.

The delicate scent of roses hung in the air.

The china has a delicate pattern of leaves.

The fish was served with a delicate mushroom sauce.

The tea was served in delicate china cups.

This soup has a marvellous, delicate fragrance and a slightly sweet taste.

Troy was a delicate child who spend most of his time indoors.


Matched brass florets mark the corners of the three leather volumes that contain them, and delicate brass chains fasten their bindings.

Sabine sampled the soup, and found the flavour surprisingly delicate .

The delicate glasses had felt thick and awkward in her hands, soft as putty but covered in cutting edges.

The story of that day unfolds in a way that is delicate , deliberate and emotionally telling.

This must come by the delicate interaction of her own willed effort and the creative understanding which Hilton calls grace.

Unfortunately they are not all able to survive in an aquarium and some of the most colourful varieties are the most delicate .

We need to be aware, however, that the school environment is a delicate ecosystem, highly sensitive to political whim.

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