Meaning of DEVIATION in English



standard deviation




The statistic most often used to measure within-group variability is the standard deviation , although there are other possibilities.

In either case the system is out-of-control, although all values lie within the 2 standard deviation range. 62.

Bone age was delayed by more than two standard deviations in 42 of the 60 patients for whom it was determined.

The weights, mean rates of return and standard deviations were as shown in Table 5.2.

Means and standard deviations of the variables used in the subsequent analyses are presented in Table 1.

The standard deviation of the estimate of, B is calculated as follows: therefore, the standard deviation is:.

Mean and standard deviation of normally distributed results are shown; otherwise median and range are given.

The variation in salinity at a depth of 1,600m has been less than standard deviations from the 1975-78 mean.



Error bars show one standard deviation to give some idea of the variability among the six films.

A mixture which exerts a vapour pressure greater than that predicted by Raoult's law is said to show a positive deviation .

Figure 6.18 is a typical vapour pressure-composition diagram for a non-ideal solution showing positive deviation .

Results of three sets of experiments in the presence of calmodulin are shown with standard deviations marked by errors bars.

Examples of two-component liquid mixtures which show positive and negative deviations from Raoult's law are listed in table 6.4.

The specific dictionaries show a standard deviation of 9.95%, whereas for the general dictionaries this figure is only 5.95%.

Across the 15 domains they show a standard deviation of 9.95%, as compared to 5.95% for the general dictionary.


A closer examination of the Celtic Church reveals a much greater deviation from Rome than is generally acknowledged or even known.

Some even feared deviation from their own narrow path, as if deviants were excluded from heaven or segregated.

That is, that line which minimizes the sum of squared deviations from the line. 4.

The result: a 42 percent increase in productivity and a 70 percent decrease in errors or deviations.

To counteract this deviation from academic detachment, an experiment in consultation was conducted.

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