Meaning of DEVICE in English



explosive device (= bomb )

A small explosive device was set off outside the UN headquarters today.

homing device

incendiary bomb/device

The explosion seems to have been caused by an incendiary device.

labour-saving device/gadget/equipment etc

left to...own devices (= left alone and allowed to do whatever they wanted )

Students were left to their own devices for long periods.

listening device

personal electronic device

stylistic feature/device

stylistic features of the story




Chip makers want to shrink their chips to meet the demand for faster electronic devices and computers.

One of the maids, like an electronic sensing device , opened the door as I approached.

To play the game, children run the hand-held electronic device over the barcode of any product.

It is linked by wire to a briefcase-sized electronic device fifty yards away.

Massey has also added an electronic device on its 6-cylinder tractors for automatically raising and lowering semi-mounted ploughs at the headland.

Flash memory is a type of semiconductor chip used to store data in computers and electronic devices .

We are evaluating a more sophisticated electronic device which allows the entire theatre team at risk to be monitored with minimal inconvenience.

He was not handcuffed, but wore an electronic restraining device under a blue check shirt and gray slacks.


A small explosive device used in the booster-separation system failed to fire when Endeavour launched on 30 November last year.

There have been no additional explosive devices found nor any arrests made.

The wheel could have controlled an explosive device .

He said the equipment could be used at checkpoints to search people for explosive devices .

How could this explosive device possibly have been smuggled aboard?

He then turned away and detonated the explosive device strapped to his body.

One of the earliest explosive devices was the petard, which was a mine used to breach castle walls or gates.

They were being held without bail on suspicion of conspiracy, possession of explosive devices and burglary.


An incendiary device exploded setting fire to furniture, but the blaze was brought under control.

But taxes, earlier considered the incendiary device of the race, may no longer be so.

The caller claimed three incendiary devices had been planted at the Vineyards.

Sources said the explosion seemed to have been caused by an incendiary device .

But the incendiary devices were different from those used in previous arson attacks by the extremist group.

Then a series of cassette-sized incendiary devices were carefully hidden in a number of stores.

Firemen found more than a dozen incendiary devices in the offices near Borden, Hants, used by scientists to study squirrels.


It's either a mechanical or electrical device .

But the Earth as mechanical device has been a harder idea to swallow.

No mechanical devices or hormones are used.

Similar mechanical devices are planned for the space station.

Simple mechanical devices were placed in the test room to maintain an accurate record of output.


The company makes medical devices that use laser technology for correcting nearsightedness and other eye disorders.

Two medical device makers also were in the plus column.

Boston Scientific develops and markets medical devices .

This group would evaluate current or anticipated shortages of and increased demand for drugs, biologics, or related medical devices .

Also putting in strong years: aerospace and defense, oil drilling and medical device companies.

Assess the impact of modern medical devices on the emergence and prevention of nosocomial infections.

Use of invasive medical devices , such as indwelling catheters, often carries a risk for infection.

Medtronic Inc. v. Lohr: Federal law does not prevent patients from suing manufacturers of defective medical devices in state courts.


The new device , called a quiteron, exploits the strange properties that some substances develop at very low temperatures.

Our Astern also contains the newest computerized scanning device that determines exactly where and when the intrusion occurred.

He's using a lot of natural sounds - kitchen percussion, crowd voices ... all sorts of new devices ....

Supplemental Help: A new device to help consumers choose nutritional supplements may be coming to a drugstore near you.

Agfa will be showing a pair of new devices while Xerox will have its new 1,200dpi ProImager device.

Consumers have no say in this arrangement; they are expected to simply buy the new devices and learn the lingo.

Voice over Monitoring of large rivers has been made easier by a new device , which tells scientists where fish are lurking.

There he was handed a smock and a scalpel and one of the new surgical stapling devices .


If the scientists succeed, they will have taken a small step toward improving the efficiency of nuclear fusion devices .

There would have been small nuclear devices loosed upon the Metroplex if Dallas had lost.

The dangers of creating a miniature nuclear device worried them and also increased their concerns for safety.

Thus the need for underground testing of nuclear devices , a practice now banned by the treaty.

The section for training in portable nuclear devices had been in the deep cellars of the monastery.

As little as 55 pounds of highly enriched uranium or 18 pounds of plutonium could be used to build a nuclear device .

He weighed up what he needed to tell her about the shapechangers and theft of the nuclear device .


The radio waves may come not only from transmitters but power supplies, motors or other electrical devices .

Publicity differs from the other promotional devices mentioned in this chapter in that it often does not cost the organization any money!

In some other devices semiconductor beads are used instead of metallic sensors.

It was a simple but effective system of welfare financed partly by taxes and partly by other devices .

Boltzmann machines and other similar devices have foundations in information theory.

The other class of devices are designed to detect the relative movement of freely suspended massive blocks.

Next month we will print animal behaviourist John Fisher's views on this and other extreme training devices .

Memories of other similar devices flickered for an instant.


It is this component, comprising its symbolic aspects of rhetorical and metaphorical devices , which we refer to as its circumference.

A rhetorical device with which to disarm his critics?

However, he does not justify this suggestion by giving the criteria for classifying a mode of expression as a rhetorical device .


Boltzmann machines and other similar devices have foundations in information theory.

Even when two schools utilized a similar device , advisory, the implementation of that program came out in very different ways.

Their proposals are for a traffic-calming ramp or similar device , or even just a sign reminding drivers of the speed limit.

Police then destroyed three similar devices .

Five similar devices were found in mail at the building's sorting office and defused by the Army.

In 1864 du Hauron patented a similar device .

Yesterday police were still combing the area for any similar devices which may have been hidden and for further clues.


This can be done by means of a simple , well-tested device called a Sabatier reactor.

The judges will look for simple and effective devices which also demonstrate market potential and value for money.

These were very simple devices two small paraffin burners in square tins which gave a modest flame.

The simple childhood device for sketching them by superimposing a small egg shape for the body remains unrivalled.

On assembly lines, cleverly simple devices prevent mistakes.

A disclaimer is an obvious and simple device for a trader to use to avoid committing an offence.

The box bellows is a simple device which can be constructed by anyone with rudimentary carpentry skills.


These were to identify, but not describe or interpret, the stylistic devices present in a given text.

Ripken grabbed a piece of wood, stepped to the plate and started batting practice with his own stylistic device .


Incorporation thus brings with it a useful device to facilitate borrowing, from both the company and the lender's viewpoint.

Where previous models had been brain models first and useful devices second, Hopfield reversed the priorities.

Cards are also a useful device for revision.

The separation of strategies into generic versions is a useful conceptual device , even if such strategies become intertwined in practice.

A useful device is to find an empty room, away from all your papers, documents, and other distractions.

We added one further session to summarise useful devices for coping with and overcoming bulimia.

Mankind has, of course, long exploited this simple principle for generating non-randomness, in the useful device known as the sieve.

But he argues that rule-making is none the less a useful device , and that it is often preferable to direct action.


The various devices used by the courts to maintain the present position will be discussed below.

Its long-term effect however was to provoke Edinburgh employers into various devices to evade the high piece-work rates stipulated by the Interlocutor.

Between mosaics of this format various aquatic devices are also significant.

But individual nations also have recourse to the selective use of various devices for bending the rules of international free trade.



The network comprises a storage and control device which is linked to a ring of terminals and computers.

The most important use of the budget is as a planning and control device .

The subordinates see the control device as confirming mistrust.

Birth control devices and information had never been widely available, and now they all but disappeared.

But it's a technique which can be used in many different ways, for example: As a control device .

They became an accounting device to help managers, not a control device to hem them in.

This story itself offers a useful control device in that you're asking them how they manage without magic.

When the temperature control device is operating, Reclamation can have it both ways.


More complex services - from device driver interfaces up will be handled by the operating system personality on top.

This, in turn, relieves the software houses of the problem of having to write and test numerous device drivers .

It is now said to have completed the main porting work and is now wading through the device driver work.

It will provide updated device drivers for the next release of Windows For Workgroups.

Specific device drivers are required for each relational database.


Cheap high-resolution input and output devices will soon ensure the same kind of revolution in the cinema.

Thus an output device is needed to make the user aware of what the microcomputer has done.

This procedure sends a byte to the output device .

The cheapest and most readily-available output device is the printer.

Suggest instructions to control a set of output devices , and extend your interrupt service routine accordingly.

It also did away with the need for bias adjustment on the output devices - a most desirable quality.

Although the ultimate resolution rests with the output device it is essential that the software can at least provide control over it.


LID/SPLASHBACK Toughened glass lid with safety device which cuts off gas to Hotplate when lid is closed, with audible warning.

Now, 80 percent of the handguns sold in this country will come with the safety devices .

Doors will now have to be fitted with special safety devices to prevent people or objects getting trapped in them.

There was testimony, lots of it, on how to fix a safety device Congress and federal regulators once deemed perfect.

If it's a dangerous model Candy will send an engineer within 10 days to fit a safety device .

The removal of safety devices to speed up production, for instance, is often done with the tacit connivance of supervisors.

BThe company further says that it does not market phones explicitly as safety devices .

Essential safety devices if you've got children!


Cop shop: Police have opened their own cop shop at Darlington police station to sell personal attack alarms and security devices .

Especially if you've splashed out on security devices .

Ask your car dealer these questions: What security devices come as standard?

What optional extra security devices are available?

Turn on or activate any security devices you have fitted.

The Home Office has also been remiss about security devices , an important subject that has been debated at length today.

Lock all doors and windows Fit security devices recommended in this booklet - and use them!


Connected to the computer is some form of storage device which enables information to be accessed and updated quickly.

Both services allow users to send their data over the Internet to company storage devices .

What is clear is that the costs of memory and storage devices are decreasing, whilst storage capacity is increasing enormously.

Sales of large-scale data storage devices also increased strongly, while earnings from computer maintenance services hardly changed.

The compression will let digital audio-visual services be carried by terrestrial and satellite channels, telecommunications networks or digital storage devices .

We have seen how staggeringly impressive it is as an accurate data storage device .

Cheaper memory, faster processors, and larger storage devices , come on to the market with increasing rapidity.

Hardware used to capture video images, process them, and send the digitised images to storage devices .



But these devices allow it to remain out of water for only a short time.

The devices will allow national park staff to monitor rhino movements 24 hours a day.

Commissions and inquiries are rarely more than a device to allow politicians to put off taking decisions.

Passport schemes are a price discrimination device which allows subsidies to be directed towards target groups.

This means that these devices actually allow pregnancies to begin and then abort them, a notion out of line with biblical concepts.

We are evaluating a more sophisticated electronic device which allows the entire theatre team at risk to be monitored with minimal inconvenience.

His idea of heaven would be for some one to design a device which would allow him to read a book in there.

A security device might allow one person to enter, but phone the police if it detects a known burglar.


Doors will now have to be fitted with special safety devices to prevent people or objects getting trapped in them.

If it's a dangerous model Candy will send an engineer within 10 days to fit a safety device .

Most modern household appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers are already fitted with non-return devices .


This is a specific form of market failure, since the market left to its own devices does not give sufficient knowledge.

I was left to my own devices .

She knew that I was perfectly capable of having the whole thing made in black leatherette if left to my own devices .

On the days when I am left to my own devices I am a bit of a disgrace really.

The flies are allowed to settle on the surface and are left to their own devices .

The global economy, left to its own devices , generates enormous wealth and poverty at the same time.

The implementation or administrative process is far too important to be left to its own devices .

Users generally complained that, once treatment was over, they were left to their own devices in the community.


It even supplies baby listening devices .

The businessman was then wired with a listening device and given $ 30, 000 to offer Mr Tucker.

Former officers ofthe service who carried out the bugging told Berlin's Tagesspiel newspaper that they used automatic radio listening devices .

Although listening devices and seismic instruments were put in place, efforts to pinpoint the source of the noise were unsuccessful.


A number of brewers now use a device called a cask breather on low volume beers to prolong their life.

Some use other devices to prop the branches.

Police said the bombers may have planned to use those unexploded devices in pursuit of their plot.

Sometimes different sequences may need quite marked adjustment using filters and other devices to achieve the right harmonious effect.

They used the devices of anthropology, sociology, history, and biology trying to prove that Negroes were inferior.

Aren't you more likely to enter or retrieve information about an appointment or contact using the device itself?


early warning system/device etc

Into this would be built an early warning system to keep the business on the right financial track.

She wondered if she had developed an early warning system since the fiasco with Marcus.

The antibody test is the best early warning device available.

Their fortunes may thereby serve as an early warning system to humankind of previously unrecognized environmental problems.

They have an early warning system.

This knowledge also improves early warning systems for the events.

Timely recognition of emerging infections requires early warning systems to detect new infectious diseases before they become public health crises.

Use was made of facilities for communications, intelligence gathering, and early warning systems.


a device for controlling temperature

a birth control device

a thermostatic device for controlling temperature

An EEG is a device that records electrical activity in the brain.

an explosive device

Commissions and inquiries are little more than a device to allow politicians to put off taking decisions.

Four of the victims received serious injuries when the device ripped through one of the station's lavatories.

He used every device possible to prevent inspectors from entering the premises.

Police found the device hidden in a suitcase.

Rahman uses dreams as a device to fill in the characters' backgrounds.

The farmers there still use the 'Archimedes Screw', an ancient device for raising water from a lake or well.

The National Association for Elevator Safety says that most elevators have safety devices that prevent free-falls.

The phone call was just a device to keep him from leaving.

They were both aware that there might be listening devices hidden in the room.


A series of simple push-buttons on the solid state device enables the required temperature range to be set precisely.

Cop shop: Police have opened their own cop shop at Darlington police station to sell personal attack alarms and security devices.

Moulton said retrofitting could be done, at a cost of about $ 150 for the add-on device .

Newton has always been positioned as a handheld communications device .

Recommendations can be made or applications recorded easily with the device using drop-down menus and templates.

Severe penalties were introduced for abortions and the sale of contraceptive devices.

The device was removed from the shop and detonated in a controlled explosion.

What is sought is a device .

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