Meaning of DEVICE in English

/ dɪˈvaɪs; NAmE / noun


an object or a piece of equipment that has been designed to do a particular job :

a water-saving device

electrical labour-saving devices around the home


a bomb or weapon that will explode :

A powerful device exploded outside the station.

the world's first atomic device


a method of doing sth that produces a particular result or effect :

Sending advertising by email is very successful as a marketing device.


a plan or trick that is used to get sth that sb wants :

The report was a device used to hide rather than reveal problems.


- leave sb to their own devices



Middle English : from Old French devis , based on Latin divis- divided, from the verb dividere . The original sense was desire or intention , found now only in leave someone to their own devices (which has become associated with sense 3).

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