Meaning of DEVICE in English

de ‧ vice S3 W2 AC /dɪˈvaɪs/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: devis , devise 'division, plan' , from deviser 'to divide, tell' ; ⇨ ↑ devise ]

1 . a machine or tool that does a special job SYN gadget :

modern labour-saving devices

device for doing something

a device for separating metal from garbage

device to do something

The company makes devices to detect carbon monoxide.

2 . a special way of doing something that makes it easier to do

device for doing something

Testing yourself with information on cards is a useful device for studying.

a memory device

3 . a plan or trick, especially for a dishonest purpose

device to do something

Their proposal was only a device to confuse the opposition.

4 . a bomb or other explosive weapon

explosive/nuclear/incendiary etc device

5 . the special use of words in literature, or of words, lights etc in a play, to achieve an effect:

Metaphor is a common literary device.

⇨ leave somebody to their own devices at ↑ leave 1 (4)

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▪ an electronic device

The shops are always full of new electronic devices.

▪ a mechanical device (=using power from an engine or machine)

One day it will be technically possible to replace patients’ hearts with mechanical devices.

▪ a simple device

He invented a simple device for chopping onions.

▪ a clever device (=made using a clever idea)

This clever little device rings to tell you where you left your keys.

▪ a labour-saving device British English , a labor-saving device American English (=that reduces the amount of work you have to do)

Modern houses have so many labour-saving devices.

▪ a security device (=designed to protect against crime)

Cars today have better alarms and security devices.

▪ a safety device (=designed to keep people safe)

The accident happened because a simple safety device wasn’t properly fitted.

▪ a handheld device (=that you hold in your hand)

This is a handheld device for playing electronic games.

▪ a storage device (=a computer device for storing information electronically)

You may need an additional storage device if you have a lot of data.

▪ a medical device

The company makes medical devices that use laser technology for correcting eye disorders.

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