Meaning of DISH in English


I. noun


a soap dish (= a container for a bar of soap )

dirty dishes

a stack of dirty dishes in the sink

dish towel

do the dishes ( also do the washing-up British English ) (= wash the plates after a meal )

Will anyone help me do the washing-up?

hot dish

Petri dish

satellite dish

side dish

the breakfast dishes

Did you put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher?

wash the dishes

It’s your turn to wash the dishes .




The text was laid out playfully like a cookbook, with starters, sauces and main dishes .

Dinner is three courses, with a choice of main dish .

Today's main dish was cabbage and swede stew with dumplings.

For buffets and fork suppers, serve one or two main dishes with a choice of salads and nibbles.

Menus vary through the fortnight, and include a starter, a main dish with green salad and a sweet.

Simple salads of lettuce, tomatoes and olives may accompany most of the main dishes .


To do so follow two simple guidelines. 1 Keep to the low-fat dishes . 2 Keep to the very simple dishes.

We look forward to the late fall with its fresh chestnuts so that we can prepare this simple but lovely dish .

Keep to the safest, simplest dishes when eating in restaurants while you follow the F-Plan slimming diet.

It's a simple , satisfying dish , the perfect thing to get through an afternoon of depositions.

I am a firm lover of simple meat dishes - my all-time favourite is garlic lamb.

King prawns cooked in chilli salt and pepper was very much better, a simple dish succulently executed.



Varieties: the range includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, side dishes and desserts.

As a side dish , serve plain white rice.

Serve from baking dish , with a side dish of sauteed spinach or chard.

Each side dish was serviceable, if not the most stunning examples of their kind to be found in the city.

Heaping side dishes are always 70 cents.

They are used throughout the book in chutneys and relishes, as flavorings for sauces, and in side dishes .

Note: This is a traditional Southern recipe that can be served as a side dish or dessert.

Others simply pile their plates high with mountains of mashed potatoes and various meatless side dishes .



He's a vegetarian and cooks some amazing dishes - my favourite is lentil curry.

Additional time is required for cooking or chilling homemade dishes .

A memory function stores programmes - useful only if you cook the same dishes frequently.

Mills is known for his healthful EWapproach to cooking , and this dish exemplifies his style well.

Raw food from the freezer can be completely cooked and the finished dish cooled, packed and frozen as usual.


When he creates a dish he begins and carries on until instinctively he knows the dish has reached perfection.


They're more prepared to do the dishes or change nappies.

Its success is owed to the family that runs it with affection and pride, preparing traditional dishes with an easy perfection.

I invented a means of preparing four dishes at once.

Lively in flavor but quick to prepare , this chicken dish gives a new spin to the traditional grilled fare.

One recipe suggested the cook should prepare a dish of snails in wine sauce.

But an editor can help prepare several dishes at once.

By the end of the course you will have prepared every kind of dish from sandwiches to a full-scale dinner.

Haguza comes once a year on a special holiday for which people prepare a ritual dish of rather thick couscous with milk.


She even let the school-leavers who washed the dishes and cleared the tables look straight into her eyes.

The man will more often take out the garbage, wash the dishes , and do other chores around the house.

Richard could play outside a while longer, while Cissie and Beth washed the dishes .

Catch me, I thought ruefully, washing dishes .

He never washed dishes with Margaret Fuller.

Within days he had a job washing dishes in a cafe in Long Island, east of New York.

Deborah and I washed the dishes , then sat beside each other at the kitchen table, our legs almost touching.


serving spoon/dish etc

Arrange on a hot serving dish, pour a little sauce over and serve the rest separately.

Bedford scooped potatoes from a serving dish on to his plate.

Place noodles in serving dish and top with 1 / 2 of sauce, stirring together slightly.

Present at table and serve guests with serving spoon.

Remove to a serving dish and keep warm.

Spoon into a serving dish and serve warm - but not too hot or the syrup will burn.

Stir this into the fromagefrais and pour over the still-hot potatoes in their serving dish.

The food is then pushed out of its protective package and left in its serving dish to be cooked in a hot-air oven.

soup/dish/fish etc of the day

A little skimmer bream is my fourth fish of the day and the first I have had to net.

The fish of the day , a grilled sole, was of the same ilk.


a casserole dish

a classic Creole dish

a delicious vegetable dish with a spicy nut sauce

In addition to the extensive Tandoori menu, there is a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.

My favourite Italian dish is lasagne.

This dish can be served hot or cold.

We serve a variety of Thai dishes.


Arrange 3 filled shells in each of two oval baking dishes sprayed with cooking spray.

Beneath lay a line of glum sandwiches, a Perspex dish of an unidentifiable fish meat and a mutilated leg of ham.

Consider also the time required to heat the dish to have it safe for eating.

Gumbo, rice dressings and Jambalaya are all one-pot dishes, which are perfect for feeding large numbers.

Half fill the dishes with the salmon mixture, then place a teaspoon of caviar in the centre.

In any case, there was always the problem of what to do with the dish .

Just think of a loud noise-say, a dish breaking on the floor-that stops all the conversation in a room.

We talk about other eggs, other wonderful dishes we have eaten in times past.

II. verb


He goes on to dish the dirt about which Hollywood actors wear toupees.


He is often hired to inform Fleet Street about client views or, less charitably, to dish the dirt on opponents.

Some of the vilest food on earth is dished up in Paris nightly.

This made Fearnley very defensive about his own business, and usually happy to dish the dirt about his aggressive competitor.

You can dish them out to visiting dignitaries at the end of a state visit.

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