Meaning of DYNAMIC in English

I. adjective


group dynamics




The progress has been as dynamic , and certainly more precise, than anything produced by those great painters.

Pushing the song along is drum master Elvin Jones, a bit rough on the brushes, but as dynamic as ever.

A database should be as dynamic as the institution that creates it.

It must be stressed that the foregoing budgeting system must be viewed as dynamic rather than static in nature.

Sheila said she was thrilled to be in as dynamic and exciting a company as ours.


In place of the rigid bureaucracies and hierarchies of many traditional companies Peters and Waterman found less conventional and more dynamic organisational forms.

My performance could be more dynamic .

At that time she was running the Round House and had turned it into one of London's more dynamic venues.

The result is an intoxication far more dynamic and complicated than most people realize.

If the process of storage is more dynamic , perhaps with multiple sites being involved, then the experiment won't work.

The rising northern port of Liverpool was much more dynamic .

Stephen Entwistle was not one of the younger, more dynamic doctors.

In the meantime, the Government should adopt a far more dynamic approach to fiscal policy.


Tymoshenko is the most dynamic , and won a reputation as a reformer as energy minister.

Former excitable Packer matured quickly into the most dynamic quarterback in the league.

It is also the world's most dynamic and successful economy.

Thus, he loses some of his effectiveness with many of the most dynamic young elements in the society.

The opening Vivace of No. 102 is the most dynamic and densely argued movement in all Haydn's symphonies.

Health care was the most dynamic sector as 23 companies raised $ 1. 2 billion.

It is without question the most dynamic sector of the economy, creating the bulk of new jobs.

In fact, the Neolithic was possibly the most dynamic period in human history.



A dynamic force is a very terrible thing; it may crush you but it is not necessarily right.

I would like to give you just one illustration to show what I mean by the disintegrating influence of a dynamic force .

The dynamic forces within society and in the economy eventually came into conflict with a national polity which sought to avoid change.

For Simmel, contradiction is not merely an instrument for, but an intrinsic condition of, the dynamic force of history.

These high rates reflect the anatomy of the cervical spine and the dynamic forces that act on it.

I have often thought, since writing it, how poor a picture it gave of the events and dynamic forces here.

They could be likened to the dynamic force of a volcanic eruption.


The dynamic nature of phase equilibria can be understood by considering them in the light of the kinetic theory.

It is said to be a luminous and dynamic nature capable of independent existence apart from its physical counterpart.

The model was capable of taking on different shapes and widening as knowledge increases, to show this dynamic nature of communication.

That is the dynamic nature of archaeology as a discipline.


In this dynamic process , action is at least as important as perception.

The development of antimicrobial resistance is a dynamic process requiring continual surveillance of organism susceptibility over time.

It views writing essays not as a series of isolated events but as the dynamic process of developing a skill.

Depictions of dynamic processes can show change visually over time as well as multiple factors interacting with one another.

The construction of the task is a dynamic process which varies from age to age and society to society.

It is an active, dynamic process , usually involving some kind of interaction with a person or object.

It may even have a permanent effect due to the dynamic process generating economies of scale.

Economic dominance can not be viewed in a static framework but as a dynamic process with a continual shifting of dominance.


The piano appears to be located just behind the strings and in correct dynamic relationship throughout.

Mathematics, literature, social studies, and science offer them different ways to think about dynamic relationships within the whole.

Certainly Bolam stresses the dynamic relationship between the two in the process of change.

Central to Piagetian psychology is a dynamic relationship between the processes of accommodation and assimilation.

I like to design things that can be made simply but create a dynamic relationship when the elemental parts are put together.

There is, of course, always the problem in economic analysis of interpreting the dynamic relationships between factors of production.


By contrast, a dynamic system involves delegation to the lawmaker of the determination of the content of the decision.

Contrary to systems that could be under-stood by old-fashioned reductionism, these dynamic systems exhibited emergent behavior.

Gallant talks about the ease of extending the techniques for dynamic systems with on-line learning and noisy data.

He conceptualizes a network in terms of its energy and the physics of dynamic systems .


a dynamic young businesswoman

Markets are dynamic and a company must learn to adapt.

She is clearly a dynamic young woman with big ambitions.

What this country needs is dynamic and inspiring leadership!


An ability to model dynamic aspects of literatures mathematically, with good to excellent fits.

If the process of storage is more dynamic , perhaps with multiple sites being involved, then the experiment won't work.

Markets arc dynamic and for ever changing.

Robots operating in dynamic environments would need to have an internal model of their world.

They must be portable, and so they must be dynamic rather dean static.

Thus, he loses some of his effectiveness with many of the most dynamic young elements in the society.

Training after a main event should be much less dynamic and should concentrate on improving technique in preparation for the next competition.

II. noun


Feminism is seen as a dynamic of social change.


The new mushroom dynamic has stunned amateur mycologists, by nature a gentle breed.

Unfortunately, after he had to sell Painshill in 1773 in order to repay Henry Fox's loan, the dynamic was lost.

Yet as constraints on funding begin to bite a new dynamic is becoming apparent.

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