Meaning of DYNAMIC in English

I. dy ‧ nam ‧ ic 1 AC /daɪˈnæmɪk/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Date: 1800-1900 ; Language: French ; Origin: dynamique , from Greek dynamikos 'powerful' , from dynamis 'power' ]

1 . full of energy and new ideas, and determined to succeed:

dynamic and ambitious people

2 . continuously moving or changing:

a dynamic and unstable process

3 . technical relating to a force or power that causes movement

—dynamically /-kli/ adverb

• • •


▪ energetic having a lot of energy:

If you’re feeling energetic, we could go out for a run.

▪ full of energy/bursting with energy energetic and ready to work hard or do a lot of things:

I admire her because she’s so full of energy and enthusiasm.


When she first started at the college she was bursting with energy and full of new ideas.

▪ dynamic very energetic and always wanting to do new things:

What this country needs is a dynamic new leader.

▪ hyperactive having more energy than is normal or good, because you cannot keep still or quiet for very long – used especially about children:

Our youngest daughter was hyperactive, and it had a damaging effect on the whole family.

▪ tireless working with a lot of energy in a determined way, especially to achieve a particular thing:

She was a tireless campaigner against apartheid in South Africa.

▪ full of beans informal feeling energetic and happy and showing this in the way you behave:

He’s one of those people who leap out of bed full of beans every morning.

II. dynamic 2 AC BrE AmE noun

1 . dynamics

a) [plural] the way in which things or people behave, react, and affect each other

dynamics of

the dynamics of the family

He did research on group dynamics and leadership styles.

b) [uncountable] the science relating to the movement of objects and the forces involved in movement

c) [plural] changes in how loudly music is played or sung

2 . [singular] formal something that causes action or change

dynamic of

She regards class conflict as a central dynamic of historical change.

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