Meaning of FAN in English


I. noun


a cricket fan (= someone who likes cricket, especially watching it )

a fan club (= for people who like a particular team, band, person etc )

I used to be a member of the Take That fan club.

a sports fan (= someone who enjoys watching sport )

He was a big sports fan.

be a big fan/admirer of sb/sth

devoted fans

Beckham’s devoted fans

fan belt

fan club

fan fiction

Most fan fiction websites acknowledge that their authors do not own the characters involved.

fan mail (= letters from fans )

He gets so much fan mail he had to employ a secretary to deal with it.

fan the flames (= make them burn more by waving something in front of them )

She used a large piece of card to fan the flames.

football fan (= someone who likes football a lot )

Pat is a keen football fan.

rival fans/supporters

There were fights between rival fans after the match.




Uncle Tu was a big fan of your teacher.

A big fan of the toys is Ted's young son, Sean, who attends Courtaulds' creche, in Coventry.

The big fan above the door hums.

John Miller, 57, is a big Frank Sinatra fan .

He is a big fan of reggae music and the late Bob Marley, a follower of the Rastafarian religion.

Amanda Holden is a big fan , apparently.

Eric Clapton, Greg Allman and many other great guitar players were big fans of his.


He became a great fan of yours after a particularly exciting performance you conducted of Belshazzar's Feast.

He was a great fan of waitresses.

And I was a great fan of Hank's.

For half an hour, the great fan blows, and iron melts, gathering at the base of the furnace.

I am a great fan of rave music yet the lyrics have never made me want to try the drug.

Last week Couples left his clubs in the bag, relaxed and watched basketball, of which he is a great fan .

The old-money set was not Mrs Hancock's greatest fan .

Anyway, my father and his theatrical consortium have always been great fans of Trumpton.



Aside from the band itself, an interesting aspect of Neon Prophet is its fan base .

Her relentless touring and razor-sharp musical skills are widening her fan base .


I believe that if an act wants to run a fan club , it should be a service rather than a profit-making enterprise.

Selena was murdered by the president of her fan club last March 31.

In just the few seconds that it took Roebuck to de-rail Shelford, a whole new Marty Roebuck fan club was born.

Now if only there was an okonomiyaki fan club !

Of these some 6,000 are members of a fan club . 18.

When all that failed, the fan club began to reach out to feel him, shake his hand.

But Dolan and Burgess have not signed up for the fan club .


Pat is a keen football fan .

Pittsburgh women have always been astute football fans .

A keen football fan , he attended Dinamo's first leg 2-1 win and met with Linfield chairman David Campbell.

It caused outrage around the world among politicians, football fans and administrators.

But on the biggest beer drinking day of the year, some football fans will reach for a nonalcoholic beer.

Or both. Football fans were smiling for obvious reasons.


Michael Aspel: I've only once in my life written a fan letter to a film star.

Next up could be photos in teen magazines and fan letters .

He received 2,000 fan letters a week and, when filming, had no less than 18 stand-ins lined up.

When I began writing a column for the Oakland Tribune in 1963, one of my first fan letters was from Caen.

Mlle Bernardi wasn't forgotten in the excitement; she received a reported 50,000 fan letters .


At any rate, the programme drew a large and regular fan mail .

Q: Do you read all your fan mail ?

She tells him For Women have been swamped with fan mail and want to do a contemporary shoot.

Q: Do you get fan mail , and do you answer it?

He is happy to receive fan mail at the following address:.

The Barf-O-Rama Web site has generated fan mail from kids eager to share their own gross tales.

He also apologizes for not reading all his fan mail , which requires a staff of five.


The most important element is, though, the one most often overlooked: the man is obviously a music fan .

All in all, it was a lousy year for music fans .

As the political winds shifted in the early 1990s, newly liberated music fans went for Western idols such as Whitney Houston.

This diversity has enabled the festival to attract celebrity music fans , too.

The song has to be considered at best lame by any music fan exercising normal powers of discretion.

Acoustic and folk music fans are familiar with her 20-year span of live performance and recorded works.

Cool jazz, as it was called, was smart stuff but quite accessible to music fans who knew little about jazz.


Dear old staid, conservative, non-violent Britain. Soccer fans were its contribution to the global tradition of random violence.

After numerous false starts, attendance figures hint that long-suffering soccer fans might finally have something to be excited about.

After more enquiries, a devout soccer fan gave me a selection to read.

And they were real soccer fans who were really into the game, standing and yelling.

Claimants include families of the 95 soccer fans killed in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster - some expecting cheques this week.



I open all the windows in my bedroom and turn on the ceiling fan .

Showered, under the ceiling fan in his room at the Coligny, Converse woke to the telephone.

In the first moments of waking, he looks up in puzzlement at the aged ceiling fan revolving above his bed.

Comfort is the reason old-fashioned ceiling fans have been making a comeback, especially during the last decade.

If you have some air-conditioning, ceiling fans can make it feel like you have more.

And if you have central air, ceiling fans can help you use it more efficiently.

In the winter, reversible ceiling fans can help circulate warm air and make furnace use more efficient.

The Del Mar also needed more ceiling insulation, ventilation fans and dozens of new refrigerators and stoves.


On the proximal arm segment the arm spines meet midradially forming a single fan .

It grows to seven feet, and its flower heads, whitish and forming a fan shape, appear in October.

There are 4-5 smooth arm spines, the proximal ones well separated midradially, not forming a fan .

The arm spines do not form a fan on the proximal joints.

They do not form a fan on proximal arm segments.

There are 7-8 finely rugose and flattened arm spines proximally 5-6 distally; not forming a fan on the proximal arm joints.

In some specimens the arm spines form a fan on the proximal arm segment.


Eventually, they got to the part of the story where they found Sandoz, and the shit hit the proverbial fan .

And then it hit the fan .

The famous stuff hit the fan .

So the shit really is hitting the fan .

I may have hit the Mel Sterland fan club here.

None of this national resentment will really hit the Marlins fans .

Creed assumed these people had flown as soon as the soft stuff had hit the fan .


armchair traveller/fan etc

The armchair traveller for whom you are shooting these pictures does not want to visualize paradise under cloud.

The first figures hint that armchair fans aren't rushing out to buy dishes because of the new football contract.

the shit hits the fan

The shit really hit the fan when Andy saw the phone bill.


Fans of Sylvester Stallone will enjoy this movie.

a beautiful, delicate Japanese fan

a football fan

I'm not much of a basketball fan , but I love baseball.

Leeds fans howled in anguish as Arsenal scored another goal.

Over 200 British football fans were sent home after the violence in Rimini.

Thousands of fans came to hear Oasis play.

Thousands of fans queued to buy tickets.


But he played splendid golf, which at least kept his fans in good spirits.

Earnhardt's death seems to have spawned a touch of indifference among the legions of loyal stock car racing fans.

I couldnt tell if it was Soton fans joining in the appreciation, or just Leeds fans everywhere.

Once, he threw a baseball in the stands that struck a fan in the chest.

Seating around the perimeter of the oval would allow fans a panoramic view over the entire track.

This doubles the time the fans show little consideration.

Those irate fans, however, may be mollified if the committee continues to deal consistently with all such offenders.

II. verb




Their efforts were hampered by recent dry weather and moderate winds fanning the flames .

As they toured the country showing the fruits of seismic tomography, they fanned the flames of interest in this new technique.

The work of the modern quantum chemist has helped to fan the flames of this debate.

Widespread fires generate their own wind, which fan the flames into devastating firestorms.

But the fact is that the very lack of evidence seems to fan the flames of suspicion.

Meanwhile, Spong, who fanned the flames of the debate in 1988 when he ordained the Rev.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, enlightened despotism, secularism, nationalism and liberalism had all fanned the flames .

That should be enough time to fan the flames of an all-out, old-fashioned quarterback squabble.


Gina fanned herself with a newspaper.

If the bird fans its tail and has a shiny black breast color, it's a male.

Some politicians are deliberately fanning nationalist emotions.


As they toured the country showing the fruits of seismic tomography, they fanned the flames of interest in this new technique.

Haverford fanned himself with his panama hat and wheezed like a rusty concertina.

Having skirted the mire itself without success, the search-party fanned out to cover a wider area, calling Horatia's name.

I slid down in my bed, my hair fanning out over the headboard like a thick black fringe.

So they fan off the loose and close down the spaces for the fly-half or blind-side winger.

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