Meaning of FAN in English

1. n. & v.


1. an apparatus, usu. with rotating blades, giving a current of air for ventilation etc.

2 a device, usu. folding and forming a semicircle when spread out, for agitating the air to cool oneself.

3 anything spread out like a fan, e.g. a bird's tail or kind of ornamental vaulting (fan tracery).

4 a device for winnowing grain.

5 a fan-shaped deposit of alluvium esp. where a stream begins to descend a gentler slope.

6 a small sail for keeping the head of a windmill towards the wind.

--v. (fanned, fanning)

1. tr. a blow a current of air on, with or as with a fan. b agitate (the air) with a fan.

2 tr. (of a breeze) blow gently on; cool.

3 tr. a winnow (grain). b winnow away (chaff).

4 tr. sweep away by or as by the wind from a fan.

5 intr. & tr. (usu. foll. by out) spread out in the shape of a fan.

Phrases and idioms:

fan belt a belt that drives a fan to cool the radiator in a motor vehicle. fan dance a dance in which the dancer is (apparently) nude and partly concealed by fans. fan heater an electric heater in which a fan drives air over an element. fan-jet TURBOFAN. fan palm a palm-tree with fan-shaped leaves.


fanlike adj. fanner n.

Etymology: OE fann (in sense 4 of n.) f. L vannus winnowing-fan 2. n. a devotee of a particular activity, performer, etc. (film fan; football fan).

Phrases and idioms:

fan club an organized group of devotees. fan mail letters from fans.


fandom n.

Etymology: abbr. of FANATIC

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