Meaning of FITTING in English


I. noun


a fitting climax (= a very suitable one )

The concert was a very successful occasion and a fitting climax to the school year.

a fitting end to sth (= right for a particular situation or occasion )

The fireworks display was a fitting end to the celebrations.

fitting room

fixtures and fittings British English (= all the equipment that is normally included as part of a house or building when it is sold )

just/fitting (= appropriate and right )

Death would be a just punishment.




Items of clothing dry, hanging up from the central light fitting on the ceiling.

His long legs were wrapped round it, and he was clutching at a dangling light fitting .

Antique clocks, light fittings , a fireplace, mirrors, carpets and curtains were stolen.

The doorman watched his visitor as if he expected him to steal the light fittings .



All the other brass fittings , supplied by Chas.

Copper is not usually a natural component of water and is picked up by contact with copper and brass fittings or pipes.

Copper vessels and brass fittings are rapidly attacked under these conditions.

Leather and brass fittings add a touch of luxury.

The chair, with its folding leg rest, is made of teak and has solid brass fittings .

Beryl sat in the back of the car, her large black handbag with brass fittings balanced on her knees.


They're putting in a new sink with chrome fittings.


All the other brass fittings, supplied by Chas.

Inside the church, the degree of elaboration and ostentation of both architecture and fittings indicates status and wealth in the community.

The fittings and furnishings inside the old house were old.

The next case provides some useful guidance on distinguishing between fixtures and fittings.

The wood of the World War One aircraft is thrashed but the fittings are not and they can be rebuilt.

There are instances of evicted occupants looting and trashing the house before they leave, even removing the doors and bathroom fittings.

Victorian Bell Pulls were traditionally finished with brass end fittings.

II. adjective




That was a fitting end to a great career.

But it was a fitting end to this tour.

Some buried instinct told her that this was not the fitting end ... But what did she want?

It seemed a fitting end to the day.

A fitting end to what was a memorable trip.

A fitting end for a professional hangman.

And what a fitting end it was to this season's cup campaign.


This is a fitting tribute to the standards of basic training around the country.

His son is hoping a set of stamps honouring his work will make a fitting tribute to the designer's genius.

At her funeral, an old friend, Mr Philip Jones gave fitting tribute to her life and work.

In a fitting tribute at his funeral reception, members of his family toasted his memory in peach wine.

She says its a fitting tribute .

It was, perhaps, a fitting tribute to one of Looe's least desirable visitors.

It is a fitting tribute to Evans, whose centenary of starting work at Knossos will fall during the project's duration.


Bingham wants to leave a fitting legacy to his successor and all the signs point to him achieving this.

That was a fitting end to a great career.

This is a fitting tribute to the standards of basic training around the country.

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