Meaning of FITTING in English


/ ˈfɪtɪŋ; NAmE / adjective , noun

■ adjective


( formal ) suitable or right for the occasion

SYN appropriate :

The award was a fitting tribute to her years of devoted work.

A fitting end to the meal would be a glass of port.

It is fitting that the new centre for European studies should be in a university that teaches every European language.


-fitting (in adjectives) having a particular fit :

a tight-fitting dress

■ noun


[ usually pl. ] a small part on a piece of equipment or furniture :

light fittings

a pine cupboard with brass fittings


[ usually pl. ] ( BrE ) items in a house such as a cooker, lights or shelves that are usually fixed but that you can take with you when you move to a new house

—compare fixture


an occasion when you try on a piece of clothing that is being made for you to see if it fits

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