Meaning of FITTING in English


I. adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from present participle of fitten to fit — more at fit

: appropriate , suitable , proper

the fitting expression for the deeds they do — G.W.Russell

a fitting rebuke for his rudeness

Synonyms: see fit

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: from gerund of fit (V)


a. : something used in fitting up : accessory , adjunct , attachment

living quarters with splendid fittings — marble pavements, ivory doors, crystal chandeliers — Christopher Rand

an unusual fitting in these days is a hand throttle, fitted to the instrument panel — Country Life

the fittings of the violin have been considerably altered since the greatest period of violin making — Robert Donington

b. : a small often standardized part (as a coupling, valve, gauge) entering into the construction of a boiler, steam, water, or gas supply installation or other apparatus — usually used in plural; see gas fitting , pipe fitting

2. : a trying-on of tailor-made clothes (as a suit or dress) in the process of completion

3. Britain : size

nylons are also being made in three fittings — for the slim, stocky, and oversize leg — Irish Digest

fittings for every foot — Melbourne (Australia) Weekly Times

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