Meaning of FLARE in English


I. verb


flaring nostrils (= widened nostrils )

the horse’s flaring nostrils

sb’s temper flares (= they become angry )

On bad days, Elaine’s temper would flare into a violent rage.

violence erupts/breaks out/flares (= suddenly starts )

Violence erupted during the demonstration.




She was young and wore a dress that flared out around her calves.

I see the flash-gun flaring out from behind smoked glass windows.

When the other women had done so, Hector had flared out at them.


In a moment they reddened and flared up , and before long the water was bubbling.

Safety Tim McDonald had bruised a left shoulder in the Rams game, which flared up again Sunday.

On the dunes Angus had put a match to the bonfire which crackled, spat, and flared up .

The singer, her darker side flaring up , demanded that Ruth give up her other clients and become her personal manager.

Many packaging materials contain highly flammable substances that could make a fire suddenly flare up .

After a few days the infection had flared up again, and with it came the same pain.

But the past few weeks have seen the killings flare up again.

In August 1680 simmering peasant discontent in the district of Mondovi had flared up in open rebellion.



A nose wrinkle, with nostrils flaring backwards: betrays annoyance or disgust.

But let him out, the docile beast becomes himself-with nostrils flared , he roars.

His neck curls; his nostrils flare and tremble.

His head was tilted back and his nostrils were flaring .

Tears spurted out of her eyes, her nostrils flared .

Her almost flat nose tended to widen at the nostrils , flaring over a tidal wave of a mouth.


Sukarno procrastinated; tempers flared up, the students withdrew.

Before tempers flared , Dutriz cracked a joke, and talk returned to the news.

Torquay pulled back to 4-2 through Adrian Foster and substitute Stuart Herd but tempers began to flare .

This quick temper that flared at nothing, that was new.

Their tempers now rarely flare even in the worst traffic jams.


A match flared in the darkness.

My allergies tend to flare up in humid weather.

Violence has flared up again in the Middle East.


A handful of violent incidents flared before June 30.

An old back ailment flared up, and he had to miss work for several days.

He flared his nostrils at her, a sign of affection.

On the dunes Angus had put a match to the bonfire which crackled, spat, and flared up.

The oil ignited and the wooden houses flared up like match-sticks.

The sixteen slicks flared in unison with Yellow One and settled into the tall grass.

Their tempers now rarely flare even in the worst traffic jams.

II. noun




The neutron observations may help cast new light on solar flares and solar activity.

Unshielded, an astronaut could be exposed to hundreds of rads during a solar flare .

Now researchers analysing results from the Solar Maximum Mission satellite have reported detecting solar neutrons from flares two years apart.

For solar flares , a system of early warning satellites around the Sun could detect the first sign of trouble.

This also shows that the ejections are not necessarily triggered by solar flares , a view that has recently been gaining support.


Flares marked the landing site.


One flare hit a policeman in the face and doctors said his condition was critical.

Suddenly, out above the southeastern horizon, parachute flares flowered, lighting up the landscape like daytime.

The flare on the other side of his eyelids informed him everything was working normally.

The familiar patchwork emerges, its margins decorated in autumn by the red and golden flare of the leaves.

The sound of another flare being fired punctuated the night.

Tight trousers flowing to flares, waisted jackets, vivid shirts and ties half a mile wide.

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