Meaning of FLARE in English


v. 1 Often, flare up. blaze or flame (up), flash, erupt, break out; dazzle, flicker, glimmer, shimmer, flutter The fire flared up briefly when he tossed the paper onto it 2 Often, flare out. spread (out or outwards), widen, broaden, expand, increase, enlarge, bulge, swell The sides of the vase flare out near the top 3 Often, flare up. anger, lose one's temper, chafe, seethe, fume, rage, throw a tantrum, become incensed or angry (etc.); blow up, burst forth, erupt, explode; Colloq get one's back up, get one's Irish or dander up, see red, get worked up, fly off the handle, lose one's cool, go out of or lose control, get hot under the collar, blow one's top He flares up at the very mention of her name Tempers flared when we touched on the subject of politics.

n. 4 blaze, flame, burst, outburst, flash, glare, dazzle, incandescence, brilliance, luminosity A bright orange flare erupted from the mouth of the cave 5 beacon, light, signal, torch, flambeau, link We prayed that the rescue party would see our flares 6 spread, broadening, widening, expansion, swelling, bulge, increase, enlargement I like that slight flare at the hem of the skirt

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