Meaning of FLUID in English

I. noun


amniotic fluid

body fluids

Replace your body fluids by drinking lots of water.

brake fluid

correction fluid

fluid ounce




Was this, he wondered - thinking of Freud - the amniotic fluid ?

Suspended in amniotic fluid , the fetus is also weightless.

Semen Cerebrospinal, vaginal, synovial, pleural, pericardial, peritoneal and amniotic fluids .

Coelomic fluid was always bright yellow, while amniotic fluid was clear.

But the liquid spreading rapidly on the pretty floral sheets wasn't the sweetish, colourless amniotic fluid .


The disease has no cure and is spread through bodily fluids .


In general cystitis will be helped by drinking plenty of clear fluids .

She plunged it through the Daine Thing, ignoring the clear fluid that squished out of the puncture, and drove it deep.

Blisters which had formed the first time now burst, weeping clear fluid on to the burner which hissed like an angry snake.

Remember to give plenty of clear fluids - water and fruit juices.

The appearance of clear cerebrospinal fluid in the needle hub confirmed correct placement of the needle in the lateral cerebral ventricle.


This in turn helps your body to pump out toxins and excess fluid .

The same concoction is still used today for treatment of dropsy, a disease where excess fluid collects in the body tissues.

Cold bandage wraps applied to plumper parts then encourage the breakdown of excess fluids .

Although excess fluid will not harm you, it will make you feel bigger than you really are.

Daily Eye Benefits boost microcirculation and so coaxes excess fluid away from the eye area in order to reduce puffiness.

Claims that they can break down fat and disperse excess fluid are controversial.


However it is only present in large enough quantities to be infectious in blood, semen and vaginal fluids .

The reason the virus could be in the semen or vaginal fluids is that lymphocytes are present in those fluids.



If poor quality replacements have been fitted they may react with the brake fluid .

She had to stoop again for the case, and so she caught sight of the pool of brake fluid at once.



In general cystitis will be helped by drinking plenty of clear fluids .

Remember to rest, eat sensibly, exercise, and drink enough fluids .

Tony Carpenter, a dietician, says it's vital they drink as much fluid as they can get.

Already emaciated, he would take only occasional bites of food and seemed to shake violently when he drank fluids .

Users should take the drug only occasionally, eat and rest before taking it, and drink plenty of fluids .

He was admitted to hospital and encouraged to drink 4-5 litres of fluid daily with careful monitoring of renal function.

Make sure he drinks enough fluids , but not too much tea or coffee.


Be sure and drink plenty of fluids.

Brake fluid was leaking out from under my car.

brake fluid

In extreme heat your body will lose fluid and salt.

The HIV virus is transmitted though body fluids, during sexual intercourse.


Each part was cushioned by synovial fluid .

Ensure that manufacturers' recommendations about fluids are followed.

In the latter conditions, the cerebrospinal fluid has a cell count ranging from only a few to hundreds.

Manipulators, fed by red veins of hydraulic fluid , fold elbows-up beside her cheeks like legs of a praying mantis.

Spray on woodworm fluid following the manufacturer's advice, and replace the boards and then spray the top surface.

Suspended in amniotic fluid , the fetus is also weightless.

They left the fluids overnight to get rid of the air bubbles trapped inside.

II. adjective




The quantitative effects of the drugs were related to the rate of fluid secretion or absorption.

Both drugs significantly reduced fluid secretion or increased fluid absorption.

In Brunssons's experiments, hexamethonium often turned fluid secretion into fluid absorption.

The effect was more pronounced the lower the rate of fluid absorption or the higher the rate of fluid secretion .


a fluid guitar solo

Clark throws with a fluid motion.

Our plans for the project are still somewhat fluid .

The sculptures are admired for their round shapes and fluid lines.


Almost every effect of fluid motion must at some time have been tried as a means of measuring velocities.

As markets become more fluid and global, leaders must be more careful about alienating investors.

In three other experiments fluid transport in the jejunum was nil.

Man beats back the jungle, the vines and fluid spong trees inexorably overwhelm the masonry.

They have also been regarded as a topic distinctive to fluid dynamics.

This was not the fluid , precise canvas of the Cal victory.

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