Meaning of GATE in English




a departure gate (= an exit from an airport to get a particular flight )

It was a long walk with all our luggage to the departure gate.

an entrance gate/door

Soldiers were guarding the entrance gate.

gated community

pearly gates

starting gate

the factory gates (= the entrance to a factory )

A crowd of protesters had gathered outside the factory gates.

the garden gate (= the gate between a garden and the street )

Martin was waiting by the garden gate.

wicket gate




We left by the back gate of the manor following a trackway through a wood.

The back gate was raised, the canvas flaps lowered, and we were on our way.

We deployed on to the cold, deserted streets, two teams from the back gate and one from the front.

I got in through the back gate without being challenged.

She entered the kitchen from the back gate closing the door on the small yard with a click of finality.

He opened the little back gate and peered around in the dark for the shelter.

I can open the back gate at midnight.


In autumn a rowan tree at the front gate was showered with berries.

They locked the front gates of their Seoul home, my residence, and would not let me out.

At the front gate , I paused.

Every day seeing her husband and her boys approach the front gate .

Motor cycles will roar away from the front gates and, later, cars.

Even more daunting is a flight of 5 steps to her front gate .

Once we had arrived at my place I parked the car and led Amanda through my front gate and up to the flat.


Corbett asked the others to stay at the great gate whilst he went across the open square.

Wherever it was, the entrance to it was a great gate of clouds kept by the Seasons.

In this wall was a great wrought-iron gate of eighteenth-century workmanship.

The seven great gates which were the Thebans' pride remained closed, and famine drew near to the citizens.

Cranston and Athelstan pushed by him and hammered at the great gate .

The white buildings of the cortijo, with its great gate and tower, still dominated the yellow landscape.

They manned the towers and bastions and the great gates were shut fast.

A small postern door in the great gate opened.


Faintly disappointed, she emptied her lungs and resumed the walk which would bring her to the main gate .

Two months after I had driven through the main gates , I finally got to the flight line.

A boy has come off his motor-cycle at the roundabout outside the main gates .

Most visitors to the preserve now park their cars outside the main gate and either hike, bike or ride horses in.

It was originally the main town gate , built by Matej Rejsek in 1475-:83, and decorated in a marvellously intricate style.

Once inside the main gate you could see how hard the designers were working to make it neat.

The ride begins at 10.30am outside the main gates to Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

Selkirk and four soldiers, well-armed, carrying picks and shovels, were waiting rather self-consciously near the main gate .


Jimmy, entering through the open gates , stared at the motorcar, a sign of real riches.

Several women and a man stand before the open wooden gates of the courtyard of the church.

A late crow said a word as her entry through the open drive gate disturbed his first sleep.

So he threw open the gates and welcomed all baptized persons into full church membership.

They ran, on rubbery legs, through an open gate and across a dirt yard towards the lit window.

I pushed open the creaking gate and ventured inside.

The tall man had been leaning against the stable's open gates , but straightened up as Lucille appeared from the house.

We mounted and rode across the darkened causeway, past the sentry, half-sleeping at the open gates and on to the trackway.


And it's five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates .

St Peter had opened the pearly gates and St John Ogilvie had prodded home the penalty.


A brief moon between clouds outside sharpened the lines of boxwood that led to the wooden gate .

They led us through the narrow streets to the tall wooden gate of the ryokan.

She paused to stare at a wooden gate swinging crazily on its hinges.

Several women and a man stand before the open wooden gates of the courtyard of the church.

Tom carefully opened a sagging wooden gate and went up a stone path that led around the side of the house.

A few pointed inquiries brought me to an old wooden gate that was in need of repair.

They pushed open the long wooden gate where he sat.

A narrow weaving crazy path Leads to a wooden gate , While cats slink along the wall From dusk until I wake.



It has a rich and colourful history, which can still be traced in its fortifications, towers and old city gates .

The bride was too tall, and riding into the city could not fit under the city gate .

There are towers at intervals for reinforcement and there are eight fortified city gates which were originally richly decorated with sculptural work.

The two neatly fit under the city gate , and the groom counted a third fool to himself.

The main roads within the city gates are paved with dark local stone and have pavements and kerbstones.

He had ordered the opening of the city gates and capitulation.

The King had decided I would stay in the largest available building, just outside the city gates .


The old citadel remains; a fortified entrance gate , a ruined keep, some fine slabs of wall.

Three Miramar entrance gates -- main, north and west -- will be open for visitors.

The Usher Art Gallery decided that it needed to replace its imposing main entrance gates which were taken away in the war.

The single entrance gate bears a lock from the age of dungeons.

However, those who passed through the entrance gates where Hades stood might never return to the mortal world.

The windows overlooked the long drive to distant entrance gates .


People must turn up at the proverbial factory gates fresh, fit and ready to toil.

Mr Peters asks the highly relevant question: why do so many workers leave their talents at the factory gate ?

The second order relates to the banning of meetings in the vicinity of the factory gates .

The danger of an upturn in inflation was highlighted today in figures showing the price of goods leaving the factory gate .

Cars were pouring out of the factory gates when he reached them and two buses added to the congestion.

City economists also worried that factory gate price inflation was proving difficult to curb.


Those with milking herds had a ready market for farm gate sales of butter and cheese.

The tractor ruts led straight on to a farm gate .

And here, barring the road, was the familiar old farm gate still in place.


Why did his knees creak like a garden gate when he sat down beside her?

Walking home, he goes through one large garden gate , only to see the other one fall down.

These are the Buddhist counterparts of the cherubim stationed by Yahweh at the garden gate .

Once, I remember, she even lay down by the garden gate .

Gates gone: Tyneside police are investigating a spate of thefts of wrought iron garden gates .

The wherry pulled in and we disembarked at the great garden gate .

An elderly couple were leaning over their garden gate .


Within a dozen yards, I came to a set of iron gates closing off the steps east of the high altar.

An ornate iron gate presided over its entrance.

They walked towards the tall iron gates of the school.

The wrought iron gate , as usual, was open and he parked in front of the house.

Each house had an iron gate and a short tiled path up to the front door.

I awoke to find myself still standing before the water-colour painting of the curled iron gate .

Decorative projecting bricks, alcoves, wrought iron gates , and so on, are a security risk.

At the entrance to the driveway were large iron gates .


The rising water, filling the channel, meant that it was not difficult to reach Simon from the Lock gates .

The jarrah timbers from the tracks were gradually used in the repair of lock gates .

He sat astride the Lock gates and began to pull himself out along the top of them.

Leakage at the lock gates and sluices. 4.

I took the dinghy as far as we could go, right up near to the lock gates .

They are used mainly for inspection of foundations, assessing the condition of lock gates and checking the progress of repair work.

He began to run towards the Lock gates .

Then she saw him, hanging on to one of the many bracing beams that ran horizontally across the Lock gates .


Official attendance at Windsor Park was 6,500 but gate receipts for the international reflected a crowd of 9,000!

They used to keep the gate receipts in a brown paper bag.

Recently relegated to the first division, the projected loss of Premier League gate receipts meant a further deficit of £400,000.

We get our revenue from two sources, gate receipts and television.

Even membership subscriptions and gate receipts held up.

The gate receipts are going down faster than the guys who step into the ring against him.

Leave popular players out of your side and gate receipts could drop.

Unless Anderson has come up with a new math, the restriction means a $ 250, 000 reduction in gate receipts .


I took the steps in big bounds and pelted across the asphalt to the school gates .

When she reached the school gate she discovered that there was no-one there.

Mummies don't chair board meetings, mummies are the people who wait at the school gate in the rain.

More significant than these are the phrases which imply that teachers have a responsibility which extends beyond the school gates .

There were three or four cars lined up outside the junior school gates .

I know that in Beirut I simply took my child through the checkpoints and delivered her at the school gates .

They have to sort out the problem before the caretaker locks the school gates .

The fight at the school gates has for ever been a staple of playground life.


Turn left into Bleak Terrace and go back on to the Fell through the wicket gate to the village boundary wall.

The huddled figure shambled alongside the yew hedge towards the wicket gate .

Cranston pulled at the bell and they were allowed through a wicket gate built into the ponderous door.

He went up through the wicket gate and into the cemetery, a quiet, surprisingly well-kept plot.

Outside the wicket gate he paused for a moment before setting off along the Backs in the direction of the town centre.

The Co-operative also had double doors with a wicket gate leading into a cobbled yard.

We brought her in, four of us carrying her on a wicket gate .

But the rector was opening the wicket gate at the side of the public house, and vanished from sight.



In 1963, the Bureau closed the gates of Glen Canyon Dam.

Once I was outside, I left the engine running and ran back to close the gate .

Development, so denied, often results in closed gates , bad affect, boredom, and mindlessness among students and teachers.

The Rifleman ducked under the arch, then waited as Harper closed the two heavy gates .

The closed gate suddenly seemed miles away.

They could close the gates and have him bottled up.

Affect is the gatekeeper and determines whether the gates are open or closed .


I pulled out of the eight, stamped the accelerator down through the floor and drove for a gate .

Two months after I had driven through the main gates , I finally got to the flight line.

They drove through the gates and up the avenue of ancient lime trees.

He hid his face as his gray sedan drove through the prison gates .

I couldn't leave, not if we drove past my gate .

As Miller related it to his mates later, they were both asleep when they drove through the gates .

I drove through the main gate .


Jimmy, entering through the open gates , stared at the motorcar, a sign of real riches.

I enter the fiery gates at noon.

This is the first piece of fantasy that greets you when you enter the gates of the Studios.

A pleasant-looking woman with a pleasing Seoul accent greeted my father as he entered the gate .

From this you may form some idea of their distress, and the holy violence used in entering the strait gate .

They were all pleased to enter the great gates of Holy Rood Abbey though Corbett sensed there was something wrong.

From here cross the road and enter the church gate .

Although entrance is free we have to lay aside everything to enter through the narrow gate , so that it costs us everything.


Two green glazed lions guarded the gates to keep evil spirits at bay.

Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from inside.

Hence, there are now two uniformed security guards at the gate to Treasure Island at all times, Florin said.


A brief moon between clouds outside sharpened the lines of boxwood that led to the wooden gate .

Near the edge of town she surprised me by taking my hand and leading me to the gates of the cemetery.

He led us through a gate and into a perfect little rose garden.

He walked up to the main court and took the path that led to the gate nearest his street.

Pass through this and follow the wall on your left which leads to another kissing gate .

A stilted walkway led through a gate to the sand.

She led her to the gate .


We left by the back gate of the manor following a trackway through a wood.

His campaign never even left the starting gate .

He left a gate open and Mr Cod wandered off, never to be seen again.

There were too many thieves in the village to leave it outside the gate .

The danger of an upturn in inflation was highlighted today in figures showing the price of goods leaving the factory gate .

The answer lies in those muttering organelles left behind at the gate when the sperm entered the egg.


After he passed the gate , only toe prints could be seen.

If any of the rabble attempt to pass the palace gates , blast them out of existence.

Enter farmyard, turn right and keep right, to pass through gate and on to road.

Every day refugees pulling carts passed the gates of the Institution.

Soon he was cannoning off lime trees and, as they passed the second gates , crashed into the left-hand gatepost.

We heard a suppressed murmuring and smelled rotting rags and old urine as we passed the gate .

As they passed through the gate , Vasilissa took one of the skulls.

They passed through two gates , one of horn through which true dreams went, one of ivory for false dreams.


Norman reached the allotment gates and peered around.

They looked back once more when they reached the gate .

Pass through this and cross the meadow to reach a metal gate with a stone stile at the side of it.

We reached the border gate at half past four and when we did, the bus came to an abrupt stop.

In the fourth where the track to the farm bears right, keep walking on the grass until you reach a gate .

He reached a gate and turned from the road.

After a short distance you reach a gate with a gap at the side.

When they reached the lower gate everyone was watching the mill, the strikers, the loggers, the blackshirts.


She was on call to open and shut the gates at any hour, in any weather.

Water managers have already shut a gate north of the crash site to reduce the southerly flow of water.

He shut the gate behind Willie and the wetness from the top splashed into his face.

If it shut the gate at night, the traffic would cease.

He shut the gate then just ran straight out on to the road.

But the town remained steadfastly loyal to the Old King and shut its gates against him.

Others were fighting to shut the gate , pushing against the sheer bodyweight of the beasts in the gateway.

She glanced back as she shut the gate behind her.


Three days ago on our way up here we passed a field with two horses standing at a five-bar gate .

A small army of men toting machine guns stood at the gate , which slowly swung open in front of us.

Then she was standing at the church gates and looking down Lyra Street; looking, but not understanding.

Hairy Back was smoking his pipe and laughing with a neighbour as he stood at his gate .

I stood before the gate awhile and looked into the courtyard, breathing in garbage and sewer odors and another indescribable smell.

In the film they stood at the gates of a temple.

I just stood outside the gates and watched.


Pete is also about to start renovating the gates for Bathurst Park in Cirencester.

His campaign never even left the starting gate .

An important Hollywood Park race is run at the wrong distance after the starting gate is positioned incorrectly.

If your horse didn't make it to the starting gate , sorry, there's no refund.


As he stopped at the gate of the field, Bathsheba looked up and noticed him.

What if you guys had been stopped at the gate ?

Late one night, he stopped at the gates of a Franciscan monastery to seek shelter.

But for Gingrich, politics never stopped at the campus gate .

Although there is a growing literature on prisons, prison research arbitrarily stops at the prison gates .

I stopped beside a gate and examined my shoe but found nothing wrong with it.

Square buses stop by the gate and laugh to themselves.

Everything went according to plan and at noon the steward was stopped at the gate .


The two cars swing out of the palace gates , and disappear down the avenue.

Tom swung the graveyard gate to one side and Sammy shot through jumping and barking in the puddles.

The jeep swung towards the gates of the sports ground, where more crowds were in place to cheer him.


She turned at the gate and waved to me.

She didn't turn into the gates , although they were open.

They looked perfectly ordinary, and they turned in through the gates and went up the drive.

He'd turned back towards the gates when a noise made him whip round.

Reluctantly Theodora turned towards the gate to walk back to the Julians' and the interrogatory telephone.

It turned in at the gate and came chuntering up the track to pull up beside them.

It was ten o'clock when he turned in between the lodge gates and guided the Porsche down the winding drive to Tavey Grange.

Blanche Arbuthnot turned in through the gates of her old home.


At the house of the Chief Scribe, Reni's major domo was waiting at the gate to meet them.

Peach waited by the gate to the villa, searching the dark road anxiously for the lights of the car.

Most days, Debon accompanies her and is waiting outside the gate when the final bell rings.

I wait by the gate as they pick their way down to the slimy bottom of the dip.

More often than not she would give it to a starving family waiting at the gate .

Mummies don't chair board meetings, mummies are the people who wait at the school gate in the rain.

We know that he kept away from the moor, so it's unlikely that he waited at the moor gate every evening.


They walked by a large gate and an enormous, neatly-kept garden.

He could hear him as he walked on towards the gate .

Few know when they may see their husbands, or what to expect when they walk through the gates .

She walked up to the gate at the end of Kee's garden and waited.

Kiah and Rilla walked to the gate .

He was smiling as he walked through the hospital gates .

In a while I saw Heathcliff walking through the gate .

Slowly she walked back towards the gates of the Hall.


like a bull at a gate

They may fight like a lion or go at something like a bull at a gate.

the pearly gates


a garden gate

The new Disney movie took a gate of $4.6 million.

This game should get the biggest gate ever.


Enter farmyard, turn right and keep right, to pass through gate and on to road.

Gritz and his team immediately drove in a recreational vehicle to the gate at Justus Township, Smith said.

Next morning the sun rose to see a variety of signs hanging, not always squarely, on the battered quarry gate .

On the next day the old king hid at the gate and observed it all.

They walked towards the tall iron gates of the school.

With the gates yet to come down, there is little agreement on how deregulation might shake out in the industry.

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