Meaning of GATE in English


I. gate 1 S2 W2 /ɡeɪt/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: geat ]

1 . [countable] the part of a fence or outside wall that you can open and close so that you can enter or leave a place ⇨ door :

We went through the gate into the orchard.

the wrought-iron gates of the palace

open/close/shut a gate

I left the engine running and ran back to close the gate.

front/back/main gate

Make sure that the back gate is locked, please.

garden/farm/school gate

The children poured out of the school gates.

2 . [countable] the place where you leave an airport building to get on a plane:

Air France flight 76 leaves from gate 6A.

3 .

a) [countable] British English the number of people who go in to see a sports event, especially a football match

b) [uncountable] British English ( also gate money ) the amount of money that these people pay

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■ verbs

▪ open a gate

He heard Jack open the gate.

▪ close/shut a gate

Please close the gate.

▪ lock/padlock a gate (=close it with a key/a special lock)

She locked the gate behind her.

▪ go through a gate

They went through the gate into the orchard.

▪ leave the gate open

Someone left the gate open, and the dog got out.


▪ the front/back gate (=the gate in front of or at the back of a building)

She stood outside the front gate of the cottage.

▪ the entrance gate

Derek met us at the entrance gate.

▪ the main gate (=where most people go in)

Soldiers were guarding the main gate.

▪ a garden gate

Ellie ran down the path towards the garden gate.

▪ a farm/factory/school etc gate

I carefully shut the farm gate behind me.


Lots of parents were waiting outside the school gate.

▪ a wooden/iron/wrought-iron gate

Their way was barred by huge wrought-iron gates.

II. gate 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive]

British English to prevent a student from leaving a school as a punishment for behaving badly

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