Meaning of GEAR in English


I. noun


camping gear/equipment

camping gear such as a sleeping bag, tent, and backpack

combat gear (= clothes worn in battles by the armed forces )

a group of soldiers in combat gear

differential gear

first gear

gear lever

gear shift

gear stick

landing gear

low gear

reverse gear

riot gear (= special clothing worn by police dealing with a riot )

Almost 1,000 officers, many in riot gear, were needed to restore order.

shift gear American English (= change what you are doing )

It’s hard to shift gear when you come home after a busy day at work.

top gear

The car will cruise at 80 mph in top gear.




The insects that bats prey upon have a comparable battery of sophisticated electronic and acoustic gear .

As usual they were lavishly equipped, bristling with the latest electronic gear , and kept in immaculate condition.


In London the chaos took three seconds to get into full gear .

Legal troubles are piling up for President and Mrs Clinton just as his campaign for re-election is shifting into full gear .

Behind her she could hear Jack calmly telling everyone to go and shower and change and come back in full barrier gear .

Fortunately he was dressed in full ocean racing gear and sufficiently padded not to be hurt.

A full rack of gear should be carried.

All the firefighters were ready, dressed in full gear in case they were needed.

They wore fatigues or business suits, and several came in full combat, gear .


BThe valet parkers are now in high gear .

Ever since, though, the work on her characters' background has shifted into high gear and stayed there.

More than sufficient to ensure spectacular acceleration, even in high gear .

At about that time, the gardening boom started kicking into high gear .

In fact, the serious exploration of the surface was just shifting into a higher gear .

A National Book Award nomination did nothing to kick the book into a higher gear .

Unlike previous Zetor gearboxes, which only had synchromesh on higher gears , the new tractor is all synchro.


He never left a low gear yet when I glanced over my shoulder he was miles clear.

Glover stayed in low gear for the crawl into town.

The only other downside I noticed was that the car tended to be a little ponderous in lower gears around town.

The driver shifted into a lower gear as they began to climb Ooah Mountain, the engine a wounded wheeze.

My problem is one of gearing - basically it is too low in all gears.

The machinery in the walls whistles, sighs, drops into a lower gear .

The grade was manageable in the lowest of 18 gears , but it was like riding an exercise cycle in a sauna.

Allow for greater braking distances with a loaded trailer and always use the lower gears going down steep hills.


The machine has no reverse gear .

Engage forward and reverse gears and shunt backwards and forwards, listening for unusual transmission noises.

Thus the movement, seen from close by, appears to go into reverse gear .

After some time, he finally started the engine and crunched into reverse gear .


Quins had started in top gear with Will Carling ripping through the Rugby midfield for the opening try.

It was ready to move into top gear at very short notice.

It was downhill in top gear now.

He just had to adjust to the wide outside and Bones's new top gear , hitherto unsuspected.

Accelerate smartly so that you can get into top gear as quickly as possible.

Even in non-turbo form, the 1.9-litre pulls strongly from low speeds, climbing considerable hills in top or fourth gears .

With a 34-0 lead, top gear was no longer required.



Theft from truck: A gear box was stolen from a breakdown truck in Anchorage Lane, Northallerton.

The tail-rotor gear box was hanging by mechanical tendons.

I was expected to double de-clutch, better for the gear box , and to talk my way through signs and observations.


Voice over For a world class decathlete it's something of a gear change .

The heavy clutch and cumbersome gear change remain the worst feature.

About all the exercise you get is pressing the button on your automatic gear change .

The transmission has 16 gears and the gear change is effected simply through pressure on the pedals.

There's always the button gear change above the steering wheel spoke.

The gear change is slick and rapid.

As ever: the gear change and clutch are heavy; the throttle response terrific.


Whipping round, he found himself facing four figures in black military style combat gear and carrying guns and flashlights.

Then a group of paras in full combat gear and blackened faces began firing at us.


Tube-fixing clips are usually supplied with the control gear .

The lamp is separated from its control gear , although the Starter is in the lamp circuit.

It seems that the lamp and control gear industries are at odds with each other.


The Dowty group will provide twenty five million pounds worth of fuel systems and landing gear for the Tornado.

They entered service with engraved foil type recorders, usually fitted in the landing gear bay.

Boxes of new T-6 main landing gears and P-40 tail wheel assemblies were located and utilised in the mock-ups.

The landing gear is also a touch fighter-style - tall, thin and hard.

Was the landing gear up or down, or was one leg out of phase with the other?

Fibreglass wheel pants were moulded and fitted to the landing gears and fake cowl flaps were attached to a re-worked AT-6 cowling.


Through the middle-of-the-night streets, seem to have forgotten how to drive, is this the gear lever ?

No palm print on the gear lever , for instance.

It'd take all of you to shift the gear lever .

But the group selector, like the main gear lever , does ask for more than average effort from its user.

The high-low button on the gear lever is a pleasure to work with; so is the forward-reverse selector.

Vasili glanced over his shoulder, his foot already on the brake and his hand dipping towards the gear lever .

He let Lily steer and work the gear lever and promised to teach her how to drive.

The gear lever also chatters in its plastic cup, if it has not been replaced try that.


It is extremely light and has a sensible gear ratio of 4:1.

The gear ratios are tight so you can always find the right gear for any corner.

Lower gear ratios are likely to be suitable when the motor's speed capability is restricted.


A team in riot gear went into Glentworth House, Netherfields, on Wednesday night to arrest a 29-year-old man.

Police in riot gear in turn fired. 37-caliber rubber bullets and beanbag weapons.

Warders in riot gear stormed the room after four hours and marched the 12 protesters to a segregation block.

Police, many in riot gear , later separated the gangs.

Almost 1,000 officers, many in riot gear , were needed to restore order.

Police equipped with riot gear were called to the scene.

Police, with riot gear on standby, were called in just after 1am this morning.

Two dozen boys in blue arrive in full riot gear .


Her gear shifts sounded like twenty cooks pushing trays of silverware into an industrial-strength garbage disposal.


And between us, the bloody Rugby World Cup kept falling through the seats to knock my hand from the gear stick .

Donna grabbed the gear stick , simultaneously pressing hard on the brake.

In desperation the Minister leaned forward and grabbed the automatic gear stick , throwing it into reverse.


Nothing is more conducive to inducing mains spikes than heavy duty switch gear .

What caused the switch gear to fail is still being investigated.


There are sealed for life bearings all over the valve gear and coupling rods.

The main gasoline engine can be turned and its valve gear operates.

I have been told it could be an oil feed problem to the valve gear , but the pipe is clear.

In its simplest form, with piston-covered transfer and exhaust ports, it also does away with a four-stroke's valve gear .



Over-extended, that's what they were, too many orders and not enough money to buy the gear .

Only way I can get the plane I need is you lend e the money to buy the other landing gear .

No-one else can afford to buy stolen gear , really.


There are about twenty of us altogether, including half a dozen constables carrying the gear .

Only poor artisans, likewise, carried all their gear on their backs and wandered through towns and countryside looking for work.

A mixed rack should be carried and any in-situ gear , particularly old pegs, should be treated with great caution.

Engines were shut down, and the pilots jumped out, carrying their gear .

Of course we don't carry sub-aqua gear to check out these features before fishing: we can only discover them through practice.

Others have optional add-on pockets and accessory straps for carrying extra gear on the outside of the sack.


Refreshments would be served in the salon, while the combatants donned their battle gear for the fray in the changing room.

Next he dons diving gear to break into the estate, and learns that it actually is a prison for illegal immigrants.

Kate dons mountain-climbing gear over her wedding dress.


All the firefighters were ready, dressed in full gear in case they were needed.

Seconds later, a security team dressed in protective gear arrived.


Massenga closed the doors then climbed into the cab beside the driver who engaged the gears and pulled out into the road.


He managed to get the cab in gear and then he was away, really fast.

Remember how long it took for the car to get into each gear ?

In London the chaos took three seconds to get into full gear .

Mark's idea of getting her to change gear was to slip on a nurse's uniform.

On this the debate got into high gear and rolled along for two weeks.

Then I got into gear and headed for friendly territory.

The ship was going back to the States after it dropped us off, and they could get more gear there.


A truck, far off, grinds gears and whines, coming slowly closer.

On Capitol Hill, the Republican revolution seems to be grinding its gears .


I tell him if he harbours any ideas about staying with me, he'd better kick the gear .

At about that time, the gardening boom started kicking into high gear .

The drug trade was starting to kick into high gear .

The part that coveted love kicked into gear .


The result was a mild crash; as they hit the ground, the propeller broke and the landing gear gave way.

That report was filed after the landing gear failed a latch check and unsafe lights were on when the gear was retracted.

Only way I can get the plane I need is you lend e the money to buy the other landing gear .

The left landing gear went into an unplowed area of the taxiway.


It was ready to move into top gear at very short notice.

You need to be able to move swiftly, changing gears and learning new skills without complaining.

It is among several which fear possible closure within months unless the new assessment and funding procedures move up several gears .

The Edinburgh side needed to move up a gear to jolt Celtic out of their rhythm.

We decided to move up a gear .

Instead of moving all the gear around, he said, how about if I borrow your bass cabinet?


Your dad was packing his gear up.

I want you down at the track as soon as possible. Pack up my gear as well as your own.


Come on girls, put on your Spear gear and let's have some fun!

She even waved and stepped back from the car as Lois put the car in gear .

You want to put your brain in gear before you open your trap, Garry.

We're told to get a tray to put our gear into.

Grinning and waving, he puts the car into gear and steps on the accelerator.

Sadly he convulsively jerked with sufficient violence to release the handbrake - always put your car in gear on a slope.

She put it in to gear and eased out of the space, willing herself not to rush, not to panic.

I put the car into gear and drive back to Jamie's flat.


I slipped gears and moved out.

The Jeep fired up and he slipped it into gear , released the clutch and edged it forward.

She slipped into her Village gear , a black ribbed dress, fishnet tights, pale lipstick, boots.


But United stepped up a gear and regained the lead four minutes later.

Coleraine, out of touch in midfield, stepped up a gear and created several good chances.

The Melrose pack were able to step up a gear when they wanted, especially with Gala's entire front row absent.

The visitors heeded the warning and stepped up a gear .


Top goalkeepers can earn up to £50,000-a-year from manufacturers for wearing their gear , including built-in bonuses for Cup runs and television appearances.

There were retro-outfit types rubbing elbows with people wearing the original gear .

Volunteers working on this and future projects will also be required to wear the appropriate safety gear .

For some voters, concerns were increased where poll workers allegedly wore 49ers gear .

When did you ever see a student wearing that Manc gear ?

I always wear up-to-date gear , usually from the shop.

Free sparring 1: kungfu students take part in tournaments wearing protective gear .

She wore sensible walking gear but an air of not quite belonging.


bottom gear

Erosion had sharpened its edges and although the drivers trundled gently in bottom gear, there were two punctures.

camping gear/equipment

move/get into top gear

Accelerate smartly so that you can get into top gear as quickly as possible.

It was ready to move into top gear at very short notice.

Meanwhile Pistol Packer was getting into top gear on the stands side, and Caro and Arlequino were not done with.


At 8.30 we loaded all our gear into the boat, and cruised out to a spot a few miles offshore.

camping gear

Did you pack my hiking gear ?

Have you got all your football gear ?

Now that I've got all the gear , I'm ready to come out riding with you.

The soldiers were wearing heavy combat gear and travelling in convoys.


Everywhere you went, you'd meet a mate who had some gear .

Police, with riot gear on standby, were called in just after 1am this morning.

Russell wrote, adding that he was on his way to trade the weapons for scuba gear .

The 12, 000 pounds of gear required for the two-day flight test relies on the interactions of 18 computers.

The drive is transmitted into the adjacent mill building which houses two complete sets of grinding gear and allied crushers, etc.

The truck, in first gear again, was heading through a forest of small thin jack pine.

There are bellends at either end and both are big enough to store a couple of rucksacks and cooking gear .

Those with the most modern gear can land in zero visibility.

II. verb




Training was geared more to general fitness than particular skills, and centred on running and skipping to improve speed and stamina.

His talents are more geared to getting him into the residence than getting him out.

While his program also analyses word types and their use, it is geared more towards the analysis of sentence construction.

Ardrossan harbour, still small and geared more to handling cargo, had to cope with large-scale passenger traffic.

One trend is toward a climatology geared more closely to the soil-water balance and the availability of soil water to plants.


Because of this, authorities have found it hard to justify expenditure on services geared specifically to the needs of young women.

But he was right about one thing, she says: There were no guide books specifically geared to female computer users.

The pop music and fashion industries were geared specifically towards the young and magazines flourished in order to promote these trends.

Others have programs geared specifically toward helping boys avoid dropping out of school.

Others were with the resource specialist working on literacy materials geared specifically to their varying reading levels.


Everything would be geared to quite ruthless war operations.

Traditionally, life insurance policies have been geared to either protection or investment, rarely to both.


Hanson is said to be gearing up for a further full-scale foray into our industrial base.

This fight-or-flight response may have helped our ancestors gear up and either get away from danger or fight it off.

Most City firms are gearing up now for a big awareness campaign, with conferences, newsletters, and direct one-to-one programmes.

Meanwhile, the Perot organization is gearing up for petition drives in other states starting Feb. 1.

Nomatterwhat the project, we're geared up to help you achieve your objectives.

Kristian: I was all geared up to be in school, actually.

Treachery from a party gearing up below White Slab - only to sneak on to Great/Bow ahead of the queue.

While obviously busy and gearing up for a big night, the servers here were ever mindful of their dining patrons.



The conference will seek to identify ways in which emerging technology can be more closely geared to end-user needs .

Much of this is possible because the curriculum is geared to the developmental needs of children.

Is it simply that our screening procedures, which are geared to human need , overlook their actual role?

The series is geared towards the needs of amateur painters starting out on the road to success.

One problem remains, however - how do you find training that is geared to the needs of the individuals?

Because of this, authorities have found it hard to justify expenditure on services geared specifically to the needs of young women.

Courses can even be geared towards the specific needs of an incoming industry.

Instead, the main ingredient of success appears to be that they have consistently geared themselves to the needs of international trade.


From that time onward, the Navy program was geared to this policy .


A three-week strike meant a four-week delay by the time everybody was geared up to return to work.

Clothes, styles, music, and movies, are all geared for their specific market and enjoyment.

Eliminate narrow job-training programs, those geared to low-wage, low-skill occupations, and those that do not reflect labor-market needs.

It will be gearing up this year, but is unlikely to repeat the 1991 rights issue.

Reward systems, promotions and a sense of identity are individually geared and generated.

The four speed gearbox seems to be very high geared.

This revamping is geared toward helping workers adapt to changing times.

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