Meaning of GEAR in English

I. ˈgir noun

Etymology: Middle English gere, from Old Norse gervi, gǫrvi; akin to Old English gearwe equipment, clothing, gearu ready — more at yare

Date: 14th century


a. : clothing , garments

b. : movable property : goods

2. : equipment , paraphernalia

fishing gear


a. : the rigging of a ship or boat

b. : the harness especially of horses

4. dialect chiefly British : absurd talk : nonsense

5. dialect chiefly British : doings



(1) : a mechanism that performs a specific function in a complete machine

steering gear

(2) : a toothed wheel

(3) : working relation, position, order, or adjustment

got her career in gear

(4) : a level or pace of functioning

kicked their performance into high gear

b. : one of two or more adjustments of a transmission (as of a bicycle or motor vehicle) that determine mechanical advantage, relative speed, and direction of travel

• gear·less -ləs adjective


G gear 6a(2)


II. verb

Date: 1851

transitive verb


a. : to provide (as machinery) with gearing

b. : to connect by gearing


a. : to make ready for effective operation

b. : to adjust so as to match, blend with, or satisfy something

gear ing wages to productivity

intransitive verb


a. British , of machinery : to be in gear : mesh

b. : shift 1c

gear down

2. : to become adjusted so as to match, blend, or harmonize

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