Meaning of GIFT in English



a gift from God

Life is a gift from God.

a gift tag (= a tag attached to a gift that says who it is from )

You can buy gift wrap with matching gift tags.

a gifted child (= extremely intelligent )

a special school for gifted children

a talented/gifted individual

He had taken a group of talented individuals and built a superb team.

a wedding present/gift

He gave them a painting as a wedding present.

accept a gift/present

Accepting presents from him made her feel uncomfortable.

free gift

There’s a special free gift with this month’s magazine.

gift certificate

gift shop

gift token

gift wrap


Her illness made her appreciate more the precious gift of life.

receive a prize/award/gift etc

He went up to receive his award from the mayor.

toy/pet/shoe/gift etc shop

Her brother runs a record shop in Chester.




Last year Golf Monthly gave one of these pitch repairers as a free gift which I still use regularly.

They want photo stories, tales of holiday romances, horoscopes and advice columns as well as free gifts of make-up and jewellery.

Hassall Homes, of Wakefield, Yorkshire, is even offering the normal five percent deposit as a free gift .

And our free gift this month is a recipe leaflet showing you how to create delicious calorie-reduced meals.

Polished performer Making the most of your free gift .

The Karimojong happily accepted these unexpected free gifts but have not been too enthusiastic about development projects introduced after the famine.

There's also a free gift wrapping service on any purchase over £10.


It looks forward to a greater gift in the future while stressing a real gift in the present.

He had squandered his great gifts of talent, intellect, and personal magnetism.

The gift of love is the greatest gift a man can give himself.

He understood that his playing skills were limited, that his greatest gift was the tenacity Laird Cowher had given him.

The shop - great gifts and souvenirs, superb specialists selection.

Professional counselors, psychiatrists, and psychiatric hospitals have great gifts to offer.

It is a state of exaltation of the individual, a great and rare gift of a great and rare invigorating dream.

The civic culture and the open polity, then, represent the great and problematic gifts of the West.


An ideal gift for any student is an adjustable desk lamp, the more flexible the better.

These will be on sale very soon and would make an ideal Christmas gift .

Net Set, available in matt black or 14K gold plate finish makes an ideal tennis gift .

Just the thing for thinking up excuses for sick days and an ideal gift for the hypochondriac in your life.


He bestowed a precious gift , Touching Mankind's soul world-wide.

How lucky we all were to be loved by such a woman; what a precious gift she was to us all!

After all, Tyler's son was the most precious gift of all.

All that wonderful time is still with us: memory is a precious gift .

University education was the precious gift they never had.

That wonderful love they had shared and which had given her the precious gift of a son.

It seemed to her a precious gift , far more than just an alleviation of present discomfort.


It is a state of exaltation of the individual, a great and rare gift of a great and rare invigorating dream.

He had a rare gift for casting presidential power in heroic terms.

Unfortunately skilled chairmanship is a rare gift .

Great Groups are made up of people with rare gifts working together as equals.

Hicks displays a rare gift of extracting informed humour from randomly assembled streams of bemused observation.

He is a writer of rare gifts , and among his gifts is a capacity to wound.

But Luke turned out to have the rare gift of making his subject not merely comprehensible, but absorbingly interesting.

But he was very systematic in his descriptions and had a rare gift for the significant detail.


Directors do not normally expect payment for their services though a small gift might be appropriate.

The holiday is also celebrated with small gifts for children and the distribution of meat to the needy.

Even small gifts could strain resources.

There is a certain woman that glows at the smallest gift .

Everyone who enters the competition will receive a small gift ..

Their constant bowing and gestures of gratitude over even a small gift , while charming on the surface, seemed basically artificial.

She told me that he just had time to wrap a small gift of appreciation.

When we gave our landlady even a small gift , she would bow half a dozen times and thank us for days.


According to Mensa, some parents resent their child's special ability and do little to encourage their offspring's special gifts .

Time to get out the tree, the ornaments, the special gift baskets and the ceramic figurines to decorate the house.

She had encouraged her and taken an interest in her special aptitudes and gifts .

Cheri has special gifts in fashion and design.

September 26 is also Grandparents Day - so while you are in Woolworths why not buy them a special card or gift ?

Molly receives a box of doggie goodies and the runners-up will receive, by post, a special gift .

The author of each issue's Letter of the Month will receive a special gift of art materials.

Treat some one special to a gift subscription which will last a whole year!


And the same process can be true of the other spiritual gifts .

Love, then, stands supreme as the more excellent motivation for the manifestation of spiritual gifts .

The celibacy that is accepted in the New Testament is one that comes as the result of a spiritual gift .



And there, framed in the open left-hand doorway of the stalls, was the T'ang's birthday gift to his son.

Joan has also 194 established policies for buying birthday gifts and so forth.

You can do one of two things when it comes to your subsequent birthday gifts .

I spent a half-hour recently putting together the ultimate birthday gift for my 5-year-old niece.


Show him you are sensitive to his needs with a gift certificate to that utopia of contraptions, Sharper Image.

Some readers sent department store gift certificates and money for food.

That includes Harley-Davidson sunglasses, leather biker clothing, bottles of wine and gift certificates .

Steve immediately sent Alice and her friend $ 50 gift certificates and long written apologies.

Members in three units receive gift certificates for meeting their goal four consecutive weeks.


These will be on sale very soon and would make an ideal Christmas gift .

Next they began accepting credit cards, running advertising, and promoting park permits as Christmas gifts .

Its new Web site offers one thousand items for sale, mostly targeted towards the Christmas gift market.

I got mine as a Christmas gift .

Of course, an attractively arranged selection of sweets also makes a lovely Christmas gift .

During December, people shop for Christmas gifts .


But never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I say, be gracious and accept this delightful offering.

That villain of a landlord was not the one to look a gift horse in the mouth.


As there was a tendency for it to rain outside this gift idea was doubly welcome!

A super gift idea is a sports movie video.

Unique gift ideas range from personalized quilts and cushions to covered baskets.

Time to Learn Here is another gift idea with the children in mind.

Then give your gift ideas a financial flavour.


The owners have built a gift shop and a tastefully laid out caravan site on the actual station area.

In the gift shop , a signature plastic vase by Gaetano Pesce had been placed on the floor inside the door.

Springer says the exhibition area will not include a museum, theater or gift shop .

Refreshment facilities, restaurant, picnic areas and gift shop .

There also is a gift shop and restaurant.

As we hadn't bought our wedding rings, we had to make do with cheap imitations from the hospital gift shop .

Sunday morning, Rice was in a hotel gift shop .


There is nothing wrong with ensuring that a benefiting nation spends its gift vouchers in our national shops.

A friendly hug and gift vouchers were her reward at her happy long service presentation.

Julian, together with a £10 gift voucher , is presented to the month's most successful business developer.

He scored an impressive 14 out of 15 correct answers and scooped gift vouchers as first prize.


The small heated swimming pool hidden from view near the rose walk was a wedding gift from the Army.

Yes, he would give Ebert the lookalike as an early wedding gift .

This was Nahum's wedding gift to his bride.


Give your gifts a special finishing touch by making this sparkly gift wrap .

Keep holiday gift wrap in good condition from year to year.



But Aurangzeb's troops forbade the holy man to accept the gift .

They must ask her, she told them, to show that she accepted the gift by wearing it at once.

It was Martha who finally made the decision to accept Harry's gift .

The official reason was that I accepted a gift from a vendor, something which I was told violated company policy.

S Teach them the dangers of talking to strangers and not to accept sweets or gifts .

More than 20 people accepted gifts .

He had also accepted the gift of a jet ski from a construction company seeking public works contracts.

The panel also cited Wright for accepting gifts and benefits from a Fort Worth developer.


Dawn brings a gift of spider webs flashing diamonds on sea-grey gorse.

We had Mike home for meals all the time, and Mike was always bringing gifts .

As he rose in the county bureaucracy, rich people brought him gifts to stay on his good side.

On this occasion Swift brought him a gift of £20 from Bolingbroke.

The woman had had the baby there a few months back and had returned to thank the nurses and bring them gifts .

Each guest, as was customary, brought a gift for the bride-to-be, except Perseus alone.

Each brought the gift of their presence, made more precious by the pain or awkwardness of its giving.


Postage stamps from the famed, tiny republic of San Marino are very often bought as souvenirs or gifts .

So we go on vacation and buy gifts for the other parents.

They hope families will succumb to the traditional last-minute dash to buy gifts .

Joan has also 194 established policies for buying birthday gifts and so forth.

Somewhere to treat yourself or buy that special gift .

She really puts a lot of thought into buying her gifts .

Online has launched an online shopping guide that gives advice to consumers who want to buy Christmas gifts over the Web.


Anpetuwi, which had given his family the gift of love, generation after generation.

Obviously, the person who gave you the gift wanted to.

He gave the only gift in his power and, removing his eyes from Eochaid's, dropped on one knee.

He gives her money, gifts , love.

Just 30 percent give a gift to clients.

This potential is a given , a gift , and has nothing to do with our own abilities or talents.

Two months' later, he gave Jessica a second gift .

Often, as he gave away his gifts , he closed his eyes and lifted his chin.


If taxpayers wish to make gifts to such trusts then they have to look for their exemptions elsewhere.

Its aim was to solve the agonizing agrarian problem by persuading landowners to make voluntary gifts of land.

Abolish the present inheritance tax and make recipients pay on gifts above a certain band as income.

But before we lose the spirit of Christmas, will you make one more gift of kindness?

It says, in effect, that people who invest in children will be making gifts to the system.

Space should always be made for the prophetic gifts of the Spirit as well as for preaching here.

A publican had to make sure that the gift was not too obvious.


Because no other catalogue offers such exciting gifts from all over the world - at such value for money prices.

It is never offered as a gift .

Lear pretends to be offering a gift , but is in fact extorting a bribe.

Easy - offer them a free gift .

But no; they wandered by him, offering themselves like gifts - pick, choose; pick, choose.

Tell him that a young lady who has read his story with interest and affection offers them as a gift .


Jo Heaton, from Formby, was presented with flowers and gifts .

She saw the odd -, ob boy taking Polaroids of the customers which Jack will present as gifts .

They arrive, having followed the star, and present their gifts to the child.

For the next two months, Puss continued to present the king with gifts from the marquis.

Some of them presented her with gifts that had been made in the centre's workshops.

Mr Wilkinson, patient care manager, will be presented with a leaving gift this afternoon.

At the reception the Mayor will be presenting a personal gift of a salver to the team.


Everyone who enters the competition will receive a small gift ..

But then in mid-June the protestors received an unexpected gift .

The author of each issue's Letter of the Month will receive a special gift of art materials.

I never learned why the Vanyas singled me out to receive this gift .

Demonstrators whoop and holler as colleagues receive gifts ... a Tupperware colander ... an Oriental rug.

Every child received a beautiful gift from the company.

Jacob must insist that Esau receives his gifts , because of what they represent.

Members in three units receive gift certificates for meeting their goal four consecutive weeks.


Please send your gift straight away.

Some readers sent department store gift certificates and money for food.

On his second mission to the west Zhang Qian was sent with massive gifts of cattle, sheep, silk and gold.

Otherwise, peer at your child through the window. Send gifts .

Even so, it was odd that he hadn't sent his son a gift .

Before leaving he sent General Smuts a gift of a pair of leather sandals he had made in prison.

She sent him letters and gifts .

I sent the gift 10 days after the wedding.


God's gift to sb/sth

John thinks he's God's gift to tennis.

a parting kiss/gift/glance etc

And every couple receives a case of Lygon Arms' dry white wine or claret as a parting gift.

Right: Jeff Lowe receives a parting gift from Chris Bonington.

They would send him home that very day and every man present would give him a parting gift to enrich him.

book/record/gift token

A £10 book token will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution opened on Thursday 7 March.


I'm going to go pick up a birthday gift for Uncle Warren, and then I'm going to go and see him.

I bought this CD as a gift for Jane, but she's already got it.

I got this jacket as a gift . I wouldn't have chosen this color myself.

In the hall was a magnificent vase, which was a gift from a Japanese businessman.

It was a gift to the US from the Chinese people.

The earrings were a gift for my birthday.

There's a gift shop in the hotel. They have jewelry and souvenirs and stuff.

These candlesticks would make a lovely gift .


Give your gifts a special finishing touch by making this sparkly gift wrap.

He had also built a reading room for the agricultural labourers and made other substantial gifts.

Just ask the organization if a gift qualifies as a tax deduction.

Look at some of these gifts, as devoted fans of his might call them.

She took the two gifts from her handbag and set them on the table.

The railroad land grants were a gift the size of California plus the major part of Montana.

They have been able to keep up stocks of medical supplies, largely due to gifts of money.

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