Meaning of GOLF in English



a boxing/tennis/golf etc champion

The show will be opened by the former world boxing champion, Chris Eubank.

a football/tennis/golf etc club

There’s a football club for the young people in the area.

a golf/swimming/tennis championship

the Women's Golf Championship

a tennis/cricket/golf/rugby etc ball

She was practising hitting golf balls.

crazy golf

golf ball

golf club

golf course

golf links

miniature golf




Other activities: Fishing, tennis, crazy golf are all available.


It is a must if you are to play good golf , and I suggest you learn it.

Stark made another swing, and I closed my eyes and listened for the sounds of good golf .

In fact, his colleagues know that if Levi is challenging, they had better play their best golf .

The best of your countrymen have become good golf robots, outstanding golf robots, all swinging the club the same way.

They have gone up somewhat since then, but Aberdovey still represents some of the best value golf in Britain.

Stick with that idea of hearing the lovely sounds of good golf .

If you would also like to play better golf then send for his brochure.

Yet it is equally ludicrous for a city to ask its taxpayers to subsidize a private good such as golf .


Seated on one of the barstools nearby was Mr Finlayson, the greenkeeper at the local golf course.

Both the north and south coasts can be reached for day trips. Local Amenities: golf , fishing, walking.

He helped to reorganize the local golf course so that students could play legally and cheaply.

Most in the occult would be at home in your local golf club.

Nearby, a local golf course offers special rates to course members.

For further details on the Wilson range for ladies, contact your local golf professional.


I grew up a connoisseur of pavilions and winter gardens and miniature golf courses.

Bill says on the last visit to her Outer Banks cottage, he and Ann played miniature golf and discussed biotechnology.

That's why they had torn down the children's hospital to make room for the miniature golf course.

The Gores and the Clintons played miniature golf .


Beautifully located on the seafront at Hythe with a resident professional and golf lessons available.

Almost every person who plays follows professional golf with something approaching befuddlement.

They have been learning that professional golf is primarily a numbers game.

My uncle, Ramon Sota, was playing professional golf and so were all my brothers.

When you play professional golf you lose the ability to play simply for fun.

He said professional golf was too financially-what word did he use?-insecure.

He always associated professional golf with money.


I played a round of golf in a group which included Prost and Mansell.

I meet him regularly at charity events and we have had many a round of golf together.

T: No, stay and have a round of golf !!!

But you just watch Nick Faldo play a round of golf in a Major, no-one does it better.

He enjoyed a round of golf and playing cricket for the village and that was about it.

I did a few odds and ends in the garden on Saturday, played a round of golf on Sunday morning.

However, one admiral arrived on the scene a little too early for a round of golf .



An integral elasticated cord and clip is provided to attach the NU-GRIP to your golf bag .

He looked at my golf bag .

So lugging a heavy golf bag around for hours and having to keep his mouth shut is doubly daunting for him.


But with being a keen golfer, I developed a keen eye for a golf ball and a distance.

A 3-ounce roll is the size of a golf ball .

Hernias vary in size from a golf ball to a football and can strike at any age.

I accept that a golf ball is inanimate.

Reunion Tower, a downtown landmark, looks like a giant, electric golf ball on 50-story tee.

It can detect a steel sphere half the size of a golf ball , at a range of 70 yards.

This is the finest turf on which I have ever struck a golf ball .


He arrives driving a golf cart with two personal assistants who will never leave his side.

They climbed into the car and she took off at maximum golf cart speed.

In many cases a golf cart is included, and some packages add a free beer after the round!

Whoever invented the golf cart deserves an honored place in the annals of sport.

He used to hate golf carts .

As far as we know, nobody ever pulled a drive-by shooting from a golf cart .

Bateman and his crew tried to herd the geese themselves, as if they were cowboys on golf carts .

Another problem is golfers are using golf carts , and they often must drive among the crowd between tees and greens.


Why do golf clubs not give pitch repairers away free?

And they could be rejected by fancy golf clubs .

What better forum for conspicuous consumption than the locker-room or the golf club car-park?

Club theft: Bishop Auckland police would like to hear from anyone offered golf clubs for sale following thefts over the weekend.

This is when they were first married, and my father went out and joined a golf club .

Wisley, which opened in September last year, claims to be Britain's first syndicated golf club .

Then another gendarme ran up and joined the attack, using a steel golf club .


There, the model home styles are named after lakes, springs and, more recently, famous golf courses .

We continued our drive, away from the golf course and to-ward the sea.

Environmentalists have declared war on the golf course .

Even the golf course , visible ahead, was a splendid sight.

Friends of the Earth want more protection, claiming golf courses distort the environment.

Here were the hazards a golf course ought to have: a sense of hazard itself, j sense of mortality.

A four-star hotel with its own championship golf course set in a hidden world of parkland, forest and lakes.

Replacing a viable watershed will serve this desert city better than creating another golf course or housing development.


He told her about Tommy and the weekly golf games .

I was happy with my golf game .

He needed a golf game , he needed Loulse.

This is the week it all started for Peter Jacobsen last year, when his golf game pulled up alongside his personality.


The status of the golf pro was elevated from serfdom to secular divinity in 20 years.

Seasoned golf pros have learned to adjust for abnormal strength when they are charged up.

Which is why the majority of golf pros insist on GORE-TEX fabric.

Something the wife of a golf pro would wear to a barbecue celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary.


Perhaps the most crucial part of the golf swing is the change of directions at the top of the backswing.

Because the instructors are experts in a narrow area, the golf swing .

Left forearm rotation does so many things in the golf swing .

Just as tension spoils the golf swing , the fear of losing our job becomes paralyzing and makes the loss more likely.

On the other hand, that is not an obvious conclusion from the dynamics of the golf swing .

A minute later, Harrick was showing off his golf swing .

Your first priority is to identify exactly what it is you are trying to achieve with your golf swing .

There are about 247 things you need to do correctly to execute a proper golf swing .


A golf tournament with royal patronage was too good an opportunity for a publicity-minded company to miss.

Fees to play in the golf tournament are $ 325 per person or $ 1, 300 per foursome, Bertino said.

The prized antlers were awarded to Sir Robin after a victory in the Treasury's golf tournament .

In Tucson, January golf tournaments do the trick.

I'd fight wherever there was a fairground booth near a golf tournament - and that was quite often.

Imagine a single golf tournament stretched over that time.

When Jack Nicklaus plays in a golf tournament , do you think he is playing under the same conditions as everybody else?

Wiggins raises the money with a charity golf tournament each June.



And if they build a golf course, it will use up to a million gallons of water a day.

San Diego has hosted fairs and festivals, built zoos and golf courses, preserved beaches and mountain refuges.

Do you build a golf course and make what could be one of the best courses in the world?

Included in the sale was the 90-acre amusement park with restaurant, hotel, conference building and golf course.


He is married with three young children and enjoys golf , football, gardening and the theatre.

Now 25, Jane does not pretend to have reached the point where she is back enjoying her golf .

He enjoyed a round of golf and playing cricket for the village and that was about it.


Has Anderson ever been hit by a golf ball?

When he hits an errant golf shot, or makes a mental error on the course, he gets aggravated.


As well as tennis, other recreations include riding, golf and squash.

Y., a range of activities, including golf , boating and fishing are offered in addition to horseback riding.

The event also includes a golf tournament, banquet and barbecue, all featuring the Olympians.

Her interests include golf , swimming and reading.

Other sports on offer include tennis, mini golf and horseriding.

Sporting and leisure facilities include golf , tennis, riding, restaurants, bars, nightclubs.

Roy is currently organising a day which will include golf and mountain biking in the Trossachs.


football/golf etc widow

My wife has been a golf widow for the last 30 years.

You've all heard of golf widows .

golf/opera etc nut

tennis/golf/swimming etc professional

Barry Wood reports Pam Shriver has always been one of the most colourful tennis professionals .

For further details on the Wilson range for ladies, contact your local golf professional .

From the inter-war years a small number of tennis professionals played tournaments in the United States.

He was, as golf professionals had been for a hundred years, a serf.


Adam Sandler stars as a hockey nut who becomes a professional golfer, turning golf tournaments into goof tournaments.

Hernias vary in size from a golf ball to a football and can strike at any age.

I made the putt for a birdie, the longest putt I had made in two weeks of golf .

Local Activities: walks, horse-riding, tennis, golf , cycling.

Other sporting activities available include: mini golf and bowling.

Planned during the boom years of the late 1980s, it was to be the golf development parexcellence.

So lugging a heavy golf bag around for hours and having to keep his mouth shut is doubly daunting for him.

They put the detention basin in the golf course.

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