Meaning of GOLF in English

n. & v.

--n. a game played on a course set in open country, in which a small hard ball is driven with clubs into a series of 18 or 9 holes with the fewest possible strokes.

--v.intr. play golf.

Phrases and idioms:

golf-bag a bag used for carrying clubs and balls. golf ball

1. a ball used in golf.

2 colloq. a small ball used in some electric typewriters to carry the type.

golf cart

1. a trolley used for carrying clubs in golf.

2 a motorized cart for golfers and equipment.

golf club

1. a club used in golf.

2 an association for playing golf.

3 the premises used by a golf club. golf-course (or -links) the course on which golf is played.

Etymology: 15th-c. Sc.: orig. unkn.

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