Meaning of GOLF in English

golf S2 W3 /ɡɒlf $ ɡɑːlf, ɡɒːlf/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Date: 1400-1500 ; Origin: Perhaps from Middle Dutch colf 'stick for hitting a ball' ]

a game in which the players hit a small white ball into holes in the ground with a set of golf clubs, using as few hits as possible:

He plays golf on Sundays.

a round of golf (=complete game of golf)

—golfer noun [countable]

—golfing noun [uncountable]

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■ verbs

▪ play golf

I play golf at the weekends.

▪ take up golf (=start playing golf)

He took up golf as a way of getting more exercise.

■ phrases

▪ a game of golf

Anybody fancy a game of golf this afternoon?

▪ a round of golf (=a complete game of golf)

He invited me to join him for a round of golf.

■ golf + NOUN

▪ a golf course (=an area of land designed for playing golf)

an 18-hole golf course

▪ a golf club/Club (=an organization that you join in order to use its golf course, or the building where members meet)

the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club


a party at the golf club

▪ a golf club (=a long thin metal stick used to hit the ball in golf)

He spent $2000 on a new set of golf clubs.

▪ a golf tournament/championship

She decided to enter the golf tournament.

▪ somebody's golf swing (=the way someone moves a golf club when hitting the ball)

Keith's been working on improving his golf swing.

▪ a golf bag (=that holds the clubs)

I put the golf bag over my shoulder.

▪ a golf cart (=a small car used on golf courses)

He used a golf cart to get around the course.

▪ a golf professional

Jack's hoping to become a golf professional.

▪ a golf lesson

I'm thinking of taking golf lessons.


▪ 18-hole/9-hole golf

Facilities include an 18-hole golf course.

▪ amateur/professional golf

The standard of women's amateur golf is certainly improving.

▪ tournament/championship golf

The course is suitable for modern world-class championship golf.

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