Meaning of GRAVEL in English




gravel/sand/chalk pit




It will grow well in plain aquarium coarse sand or fine gravel .

This was to prevent the fine gravel from finding its way through the undergravel plate.

Cultivation: Very indifferent as to its growing medium, it will even grow in fine gravel or unwashed sand.

Coarser gravel would not need it, but fine gravel is easier for plants to grow their roots through.

Jagged irregular vibrations up the line suggest gravel and stones, small regular vibes mean fine gravel or sand.

Cultivation: A medium of coarse sand or fine gravel on its own, or with some loam is sufficient.

They need well-oxygenated water, an absence of pollution and a fine gravel bottom for spawning.



Their boots crunched loudly on the frozen gravel drive .

Tim Skerritt emerged from the trees on to the gravel drive .

They went around the house by the gravel drive to the east.

A gravel drive swept between manicured lawns to the portico of the imposing Edwardian house.

Some of the cops have gone; there are only ten cars and vans on the gravel drive now.

It wasn't long before she heard Douglas's car draw up on the short gravel drive .

Crunching up the gravel drive past a clump of rhododendrons, she heard a scuffle in the undergrowth.


The camera followed the woman along a gravel path .

The giraffes were following gravel paths , were pausing to munch sugar pears from treetops.

We set off again along the gravel paths .

There were royal palms and banyan trees and shell and gravel paths across the shaded lawns.

We drove up a steep gravel path , and soon beheld the well, Tobernalt.

My footsteps made a satisfactory crunch on a gravel path and I was aware at once that the satyr's footsteps had halted.

Through the beating of the rain he thought that he could hear the Eel, feet scrabbling on the gravel path .

A gravel path wanders between them.


Some men pinched all the wages at the gravel pit .

Hand carts and horsedrawn carts wait to carry away building supplies brought from the gravel pits of Middlesex.

Not simply on Tring Reservoirs or the home counties gravel pits do men now sit for a ten pounder anymore.

The money he had stolen from the gravel pits reposed under his bunk in the houseboat.

Wet gravel pits are generally recognised as important habitats for wildlife, particularly in view of the increasing drainage of wetlands.

He crossed the road and went into the gravel pit .

A gravel pit search by divers was put off yesterday as experts continued checking the area.

Around Chichester there is an area of gravel and gravel pits of considerable economic importance.


Follow the road west and continue along the gravel road signposted to Askrigg.

By now we were close to my farm, coasting down off the ridge, the headlights turning the gravel road white.

He allowed the car to move slowly forward, the tyres crunching against the gravel road .

Jim Yellow Earring directed me from the gravel road to a one-lane dirt road.

But Joannides lost time to Yorkshire driver Brian Bell when the route moved on to the gravel roads .

Further along the gravel road we encountered two old men outside a farmhouse built of stone.



He allowed the car to move slowly forward, the tyres crunching against the gravel road.

Steps crunched on the roadside gravel as some one came around to the back.

It crunched round on the gravel in front of the house then sped off through the gates scattering white stones.


If you put the gravel under the cloth and wipe the car you get a great mark.

The other humans said something, and the box was cautiously put down on the gravel a few feet from Masklin.

Don't put gravel in the base of the pool.


U Undergravel filtration uses the gravel as filter medium.

Gentlemen, you could very well be using this gravel strip as an emergency landing field for huge bombers.


a spray of bullets/gravel etc


a gravel driveway


A gravel substrate will also help, using a fine grade to avoid the fry getting stuck.

Allow for an inch or so of small gravel underneath to help drain moisture from under the block.

Every major site needs a constant supply of this slurry of cement, stones, gravel , and water.

His voice sounded like chains being dragged through gravel .

It grows successfully in silty gravel or a rich mixture of clay or peat with sand or gravel.

Leased a gravel lot for $ 15 a month and sold used cars.

The path around the pavilion, which had been mud only weeks before, was now crunchy gravel .

We set off again along the gravel paths.

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