Meaning of HANGING in English




a hanging basket (= for putting plants in and hanging outside )

All the shops had hanging baskets outside their doors.

hanging basket

hanging limply

His arms were hanging limply .




She was wiped off and left hanging by branches.

He reportedly found it very hard and was left hanging from his axes as both crampon placements broke loose nearing the top.

One curtain was still left hanging there - a rich brocade, stiff with dust and age.

And some of the nuances are lost on us, or left hanging as possibilities.


Another of Gran's memories was witnessing the last public hanging in Salisbury when she was twelve.



Elizabethan wall hangings and Jacobean plasterwork are to be found inside.

Platters can sometimes make great temporary wall hangings .

The Skopos Challenge exhibits 150 contemporary works selected by leading quilters, showing bed and cot quilts and wall hangings .

The walls are decorated with black wall hangings and tapestries depicting skeletal forms rising from crude graves.



She found a similar cushion hanging in front of her place, sewn in neat wool stitches.

They found Lucifer's tail hanging in a tree and the donkey's head jammed on a gatepost.

On one occasion, Valenzuela arrived in a torture room to find Gallardo hanging by handcuffs from a hook and whimpering.

In there she found her husband hanging from a beam.

She was disconsolate in consequence, and seemed to find time hanging heavily on her hands.

He's surprised to find such jokes hanging on hospital walls.


She left the pickup door hanging open to examine the first line of trees.

Her black eyes were bright, her lips curled back in a fearsome snarl that dribbled saliva and left her tongue hanging .


Eventually he remembered - he'd seen her hanging out with Jim Hendrix in the sixties.

In a sort of aperture she saw a white baby hanging upside down from a nail of light.

Adam saw the machine-gunner hanging out of the open door of the Jet Ranger.

Male speaker I saw the cat hanging from a tree and a man beating it with a stick.

The first thing he saw was his helmet hanging from the branch of a tree near his hide.

Through the open door I could see Harry hanging on to the horse's head and staring at me with frightened eyes.


hanging/shooting etc is too good for sb

leave sth hanging in the air


wall hangings


Athelstan glimpsed the blackened, twisted face of Pike the ditcher hanging by the neck.

Her eyes were drawn, as they so often were, to his portrait hanging just outside the Director's office.

I noticed her hanging around the bar, staring through its window, while I ate my fish and potatoes.

I was getting some drawing prep once and what I was actually told to draw was a towel hanging over a chair.

One wall was covered by a black velvet hanging .

There's noticeably less equipment hanging from a scrambler, but pound for pound there will be more fleecy material visible.

There is an urge to recapture the missing person in some way by hanging on to memories, and treasures.

With fatigue hanging in lead weights from her shoulders, she remembered the telephone number Robert Urquhart had dialled.

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