Meaning of HANGING in English


I. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from hangen to hang + -ing — more at hang


a. : the act of suspending something

requested that the entire exhibition committee be at the hanging to assist in positioning the pictures

b. : a killing or execution in which a noose at the end of a suspended rope is placed around a person's neck and then the support under him quickly removed so that he drops or swings free and dies from a broken neck or from asphyxiation

sentenced to hanging

— see gallows ; compare gibbet 1

2. : something hung: as

a. : curtain — usually used in plural

b. : a covering (as a tapestry or wallpaper) for a wall — usually used in plural

3. : a downward slope or inclination : declivity

the hanging of a ship's deck

4. : hang 5

II. adjective

1. : situated or lying on steeply sloping ground

a hanging meadow on the mountainside

or on top of some high place (as a wall or roof)

a fine hanging garden aloft on breezy inaccessible heights — John Muir †1914


a. : leaning over or downward : drooping or jutting out and downward : overhanging

a hanging rock

hanging wood

b. : suspended , pendent

c. : supported only by the wall on one side

a hanging staircase

a hanging balcony

d. : situated at or having a discordant junction

a hanging cirque

3. obsolete : being in suspense or abeyance

4. archaic : downcast or dejected in appearance

5. : adapted for sustaining a hanging object


a. : deserving, likely to cause, or prone to inflict death by hanging

a hanging crime

a hanging judge

b. : being of great moment or significance

not disposed to make a hanging matter of it — Manchester Guardian Weekly

7. of a chess pawn : connected and abreast

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