Meaning of HARSH in English



a severe/stiff/heavy/tough/harsh penalty

There were calls for stiffer penalties for killers of police officers.

an inhospitable/harsh environment (= one where the conditions make life difficult )

The freezing climate makes this one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet.

cold/harsh (= light that seems slightly blue )

the cold light of the moon

fierce/bitter/harsh/sharp criticism (= involving angry feelings )

The prison system has been the object of fierce criticism.

harsh ( also inhospitable formal ) (= uncomfortable and difficult to live in )

The climate of the Siberian steppes is harsh.


The court decided the original punishment was too severe.

severe/hard/harsh (= very cold )

In a hard winter, many birds starve.

the harsh/grim/stark reality (= conditions that are really very bad )

We want to protect our children from the harsh reality of our violent world.




It is a region where people's lives are as harsh as the landscape.

This is a spotlight that is as harsh and cruel to the loser as it is flattering to the victor.

The ground itself is not as harsh as the words I felt beneath me for that one curious moment at the Treasury.


He advocated less harsh methods of training, and the use of kindness rather than force.


Out in the villages conditions were much harsher .

But fate could have something much harsher in store.

The position of those out of work in Britain then was much harsher than it is today.

Women would be much harsher in determining who should lose their right to own a gun.

Graduate student organizers at other campuses say the sanctions threatened by Yale are much harsher than any they have faced.


Those persecuted for their religious beliefs were singled out for particularly harsh treatment.

The measures were felt to be particularly harsh by those catholic parents who were getting involved with the All Children Together movement.


The brick walls and paving of the front garden are clean and tidy, but rather harsh .


Rodman was disciplined for that incident too, which is why Stern nailed him with so harsh a punishment this time.


Some of the 250 people in the audience told the Post they believed the jokes were too harsh .

Twenty-six Republicans and two Democrats voted against the punishment, mostly because they thought the penalty too harsh .

Perhaps he had been a little too harsh with her.

Well, maybe hard is too harsh a word.

Spot reduction Don't be too harsh on spots!

He said that perhaps he would be accused of being too harsh .

Others who have been in permanent employment as nurses have found the restrictions of poor pay and stringent working conditions too harsh .

Such pragmatic exculpation is both too harsh on Mr Museveni and too generous.


Orange and bright yellow, which would look very harsh with pink, is limited to the odd splash.

This decision seems very harsh , but this is a value-judgment with which others could reasonably disagree.

The weather this winter has been very harsh with a lot of snow and wind.

Darken the eyebrows with dark brown or black powder - pencil gives a very harsh look.



Employees posted to areas with a harsh climate generally receive greater amounts of leave than those in less severe climates.

The other vital factor for banks' profitability in today's harsh climate is cost control.


A harsher critic would have gone for the jugular and claimed that this was a blunt reiteration of those dormant adolescent prejudices.

They have been among the United Nations' harshest critics and loudest advocates of reform.

The harshest critics would say that while top executives tried to manage the acquisitions, they forgot to run their companies.

Raoul, for example, had often ended up in the role of unavailable, harsh critic .


A harsh criticism , perhaps, since Laura was no longer running the factories on a daily basis.

She too endured harsh criticism and partisan pressure for becoming openly involved in public affairs.

That is a harsh criticism since the Employment Secretary is a woman.

It is odd that these harsh criticisms were issued before the guidelines were completed and publicly declared.

Timmy says much the same thing but with less diplomacy, writing that harsh criticism and negativity are pulling the team apart.

He knew that most people respond better to encouragement than to harsh criticism .


And also they wanted harsh decisions to be taken in respect of their effects on industry.

It looked a harsh decision , especially when the referee allowed late tackles to go unpunished.

Video re-runs hinted that Dowie had impeded a defender thus giving Quinn the necessary space but it seemed a harsh decision .


Many could successfully survive in a harsh environment , and their bodies enabled them to evolve into larger and more diverse creatures.

The river banks were frequently lined with curious onlookers who struggle to eke out an existence in this harsh environment .

It will protect computers used in harsh environments against dust, oil, water, rough handling, vibration and tampering.

On the whole, though, triticale is hardier than wheat and can be cultivated more easily in harsh environments .


But it was not long before the harsh facts of economic and social life exerted their pressure.

The harsh fact is that families suffering from unemployment are barely any better off.

They no longer have any time for politicians who try to gloss over the harsh facts of life.

Please don't wait to find out these harsh facts the hard way.


The harsh lights that the photographers had used still glared down on the scene.

In the harsh light , its most notable feature is a small metal grate over a drain in the very center.

The space underneath was filled with a harsh light of burnished gold.

The refugees stumbled toward military buses, blinking at the harsh lights .

The presence of Jen was like a harsh light in his eyes.

In 1980 a series of events occurred which forced us to look at ourselves in a new and harsh light .


The sun sets and the harsh lines of sun and shadow dissolve into blurred shapes and muted colours.

A stream, at first made of smooth pebbles, flows between granite rocks whose harsh lines are softened by prostrate conifers.

In fact, his features seemed to tighten into even harsher lines .

She saw the lines scoring Gran's face - the same harsh lines that came when the rheumatism was at its worst.


Imprisonment is a harsh measure that should be used only when every other reasonable avenue has failed.

Likewise, harsh measures to discourage illegitimacy will also have effect.

The harsh measures of the transitory period are expected to lower the standard of living for about 20 percent of the population.

The incident played into the hands of advocates of harsher measures of control.

The incident also appeared to provide a pretext for the government to institute harsher measures against the student demonstrators.


Eastleigh replied with two goals from well taken corner-kicks and a harsh penalty award against Lee West.

The initiative also calls for harsher penalties for possessing false documents, making it a Class 3 felony.


The law and order lobby, in contrast, focuses on deterring the offender with ever harsher punishments .

On the other side, the authorities handed out harsh punishments to anyone even suspected of those acts.

Instead he was given 11 1 / 2 years -- an extremely harsh punishment for a relatively small, first-time offense.

They criticized the president for punishing both the innocent and the guilty and for exacting such harsh punishment .

This would be harsh punishment , but fitting.


And in that instant the harsh reality of her task hit Isabel like a blow to the head.

One of the harsh realities about the electronic media is that it chews up its stars as fast as it creates them.

Soldiers now face the harsh reality of their mercy mission in the barren country.

Dennis Sherman learned that harsh reality over the winter when he came across two large groups of illegal immigrants atop Mount Laguna.

Faces were stripped of pretence by the pitiless bombardment of harsh reality .

Acknowledging the sometimes harsh realities of our own history should not be cause for self-flagellation and blame.

There was a different harsh reality waiting in the lodge: I stood with chums, amazed at what looked like Som.

Being shackled to one epoch meant it had to change and adapt but try to reconcile this with harsh realities .


Current anxiety about crime no doubt deepens support for harsher sentences .


In soft passages the effect can be quite beautiful, but with loud and harsh tones the dissonances can be very forceful.

An owner's anger at some feline misdeed usually involves harsh tones and fixed staring.


Furthermore, the harsh treatment of slaves was fully supported by the legal system.

In the civil case, the plaintiffs sought to shield him from such harsh treatment by limiting the scope of his testimony.

Ending in harsh treatment and pain, and a lingering scar.

Yet the trend towards harsher treatment for young offenders continues.

Those persecuted for their religious beliefs were singled out for particularly harsh treatment .

When let out to private contractors, corruption and harsh treatment of the paupers was too often added to failure.

They prefer not to break the beast's spirit with harsh treatment .

There a barren woman is a potential witch and punished with low status and harsh treatment .


But before proceeding to optimism I have to introduce some harsh truths .

The harsh truth is that the sanctions, in addition to inflicting suffering on millions, have made many very rich.

Sorry, Colin, but you learned the hard way about the harsh truths of the boxing world.


What if the fortune-teller was destroying her hope and joy with that strange, harsh voice .

As he did so, he heard Angel One's harsh voice shout something unintelligible.

Concealed amongst the coats, Frankie listened to the grunts of the animals and the low harsh voices of the men.


In winter it's a wildlife haven; even in the harshest weather it affords a rarely failing food source.

Autumn was here, the countryside was fading under the colder, harsher weather .

Protect your skin from harsh weather .


Some people are looking forward to less harsh winters and longer, hotter summers.

I count the bare spots in the flower beds, where tender plants have been killed by the harsh winter .

Your plants will need time to become really well established to give them a better chance of surviving a harsh winter .

Had they been creeping south with the harsher winters ?

Small mammals avoid the harshest winter conditions by living within or under the snow.

With limited exceptions, shops and lodging facilities are shuttered during the harsh winters .


He has harsh words to say about eclecticism.

I should put aside the harsh words that had been said, I should try to make the best of everything.

It may mean heated arguments, harsh words and hurt feelings, but once the air is cleared everyone will feel better.

Lee attended both games in Houston, however, and not a harsh word was spoken between them.

Forgery is a harsh word to use.

She had only a few harsh words , mostly for Hollywood and its denizens.

Their brisk assimilation, and their steady success, caused some harsh words to be spoken.

He planted trees, raised cattle, married, and had seven children, and seldom spoke a harsh word .


This new kind of educational institute was to be not merely a school but also a shelter from a harsh world .

Hasn't it occurred to you that in today's harsh world it's every girl for herself?

Perhaps Lagerfeld was trying to remind us that we live in a harsh world .

Often they preferred a harsh world to a sweeter one.

Nuclear power still attracts massive subsidies while coal mining is expected to compete in a harsh world market.


a harsh/a cross/an angry etc word


"You'll do what I tell you," he said, his voice harsh in her ear.

a harsh military regime

a harsh voice

Cheap loudspeakers often produce a harsh metallic tone.

Her reaction to the child's bad behaviour was unnecessarily harsh .

In the harsh light of the street lamps Michelle looked tired and old.

It may seem harsh to punish him, but he has to learn that this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

the harsh Canadian winters

The government has brought in harsh measures to combat the rioting taking place in many cities.

The lighting in these offices is so harsh , it gives me a headache.

The movie has received harsh criticism from the press.

The stage lighting is harsh .

The wind made a harsh wailing sound in the trees.

They suspended him? That seems pretty harsh .

War toys make children less sensitive to the harsh realities of war.


Faces were stripped of pretence by the pitiless bombardment of harsh reality.

Flight from reality, especially harsh , unpleasant reality.

It revived concern over the harsh army round-ups in captured towns and villages.

Since the building of that dam his terrain had been harsh , brutal and bad.

The refugees stumbled toward military buses, blinking at the harsh lights.

These myths serve as justification for the harsh views toward this segment of the population and consequently their punitive treatment.

Wondering this, I knew it would be harsh of me to blame him.

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