Meaning of HARSH in English

/ hɑːʃ; NAmE hɑːrʃ/ adjective ( harsh·er , harsh·est )


cruel, severe and unkind :

The punishment was harsh and unfair.

The minister received some harsh criticism .

the harsh treatment of slaves

He regretted his harsh words.

We had to face up to the harsh realities of life sooner or later.


( of weather or living conditions ) very difficult and unpleasant to live in :

a harsh winter / wind / climate

the harsh conditions of poverty which existed for most people at that time


too strong and bright; ugly or unpleasant to look at :

harsh colours

She was caught in the harsh glare of the headlights.

the harsh lines of concrete buildings

OPP soft


unpleasant to listen to :

a harsh voice


too strong and rough and likely to damage sth :

harsh detergents

►  harsh·ly adverb :

She was treated very harshly.

Alec laughed harshly.

►  harsh·ness noun [ U ]



Middle English : from Middle Low German harsch rough, literally hairy, from haer hair.

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