Meaning of HARSH in English

harsh /hɑːʃ $ hɑːrʃ/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language ]

1 . CONDITIONS harsh conditions are difficult to live in and very uncomfortable SYN severe :

The hostages are being held in harsh conditions.

harsh winter/weather/climate

the harsh Canadian winters

a young girl suddenly exposed to the harsh realities of life

2 . TREATMENT/CRITICISM severe, cruel, or unkind

harsh criticism/treatment/punishment etc

His theory met with harsh criticism from colleagues.

the harsh measures taken against the protesters

‘She’s an idiot!’ ‘Aren’t you being a bit harsh?’

a harsh authoritarian regime

He had harsh words (=severe criticism) for the Government.

3 . SOUND unpleasantly loud and rough OPP soft

harsh voice/laugh/tone etc

His voice was harsh and menacing.

4 . LIGHT/COLOUR unpleasantly bright OPP soft :

She stood outside, blinking in the harsh sunlight.

5 . LINES/SHAPES ETC ugly and unpleasant to look at:

the harsh outline of the factories against the sky

6 . CLEANING SUBSTANCE too strong and likely to damage the thing you are cleaning:

My skin is quite sensitive and I find some soaps too harsh.

—harshly adverb :

‘Shut up,’ Boris said harshly.

—harshness noun [uncountable]

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