Meaning of HOOK in English


I. noun


a coat hook (= for hanging a coat on a wall )

He hung his jacket on a coat hook in the hall.

a hooked nose (= one that curves down at the end )

an old man with a hooked nose

be/get hooked on drugs informal (= be/get addicted )

She got hooked on drugs, and ended up homeless.

boat hook

curtain hook

curtain hooks (= for attaching curtains to a rail )

The curtain has loops, so you don't need curtain hooks.

hook and eye

let sb off the hook (= allow someone to escape punishment or criticism )

He’d decided to make Sandra wait before letting her off the hook.

the phone is off the hook (= it cannot be used because it is not connected or is already being used )

On Friday nights we just take the phone off the hook and relax.




Sharp took an eight count after taking a hard left hook .

About the time this outcry was gathering momentum, a curve ball landed like a left hook .

The bout ended 20 seconds later with a left hook .

It was a sort of left hook .

He just leaned on me and when he caught me with a left hook I was given a standing count.


Though not the most powerful punch ever thrown, Stretch's right hook was delivered with perfect timing.

He got preoccupied with my left hand and the right hook came in over his shoulder.

Left and right hooks followed each other until the frightened tailor sank to the floor.

Advance with a swift right hook .



He glanced at the bird gloves hanging on their hooks .

There were rows of them hanging on hooks , and stacks of them leaning against one another on the floor.

It was a long, black, rubber-encased one, hanging from a hook by the back door.

All hang on hooks in Icahn's trophy room.

This statue was shrivelled inside its suit, hanging from a hook in its chest.

She stood up and shrugged the sheepskin coat from her shoulders, hanging it from the hook behind the door.

Chamber 7e is dominated by a man-size iron cage which hangs from a ceiling hook .

He was tugging at a length of chain that was hanging from a hook in the wall.


Melanie hung cups on hooks on the dresser; her arm went up and down, up and down.

Jozia untied her apron and hung it on the hook by the door.

We got a bamboo-wallah to build them two cages and hung them from hooks on the veranda.

Kip had found the nightgown hung on the hook of the bathroom door.

A tin with one side cut out of it hung from a hook at the back.

We peeled off our khaki overalls and hung them on hooks .

They hung him to the hook anyway and moved away.

The Strap was a thick leather belt, about 3 inches wide, which hung on a hook .


I must have left it off the hook this morning.

I threw two left hooks , one uppercut and a straight right.

Wall-mount your phone to save it from being kicked or left off the hook .

In the third, Tyson initiated an unanswered barrage with two left hooks and finished it with the right uppercut.

Jab-jab, left hook , my opening left hands moving him to the right, to meet my right cross.


Secondly, the companies that have already spent money on cleaning up are reluctant to see others let off the hook .

Poverty was let off the hook .

Home striker Paul Crimmen let them off the hook on a number of occasions and Horsham had two goals disallowed.

Social injustices were let off the hook .

He wasn't even let off the hook when it was all over.

Why, she wondered, when she had effectively let him off the hook ?

Lousy schools and dysfunctional teachers were let off the hook .


Forget it, I said, For a moment I thought he was going to tell me to sling my hook .


sling your hook

Forget it, I said, For a moment I thought he was going to tell me to sling my hook.


a fish hook

Jackson knocked Cooper down with a left hook to the body.

The helmet hung from a hook next to Turner's jersey.

You have to find a hook to sell a new show.


Apologising for ourselves Apologising and being self-deprecating can let you off the hook .

Hanging from hooks on the wall were sets of wire-pulling devices, complete with chain winch and gripper.

I took off my coat and shoes, and walked into the sea with the hooks and ropes in my hands.

Lacing uses conventional D-rings and hooks.

Parents were let off the hook .

This was the first place I ever caught fish on a hook and line.

When no one deserves to get the hook , what criteria can we use to determine who does?

II. verb




She set her lips and dragged Adam out of the fire, hooking one of his arms round her neck.

Pat waited a moment, then sighed and hooked his arm .

But Jeanie would just turn away, hunch her shoulder and hook her arm , covering the page.

The satellite was hooked to the arm for about an hour before it was slowly returned to its cradle and latched down.

All tribes would hook arms in brotherhood and unite.


But those who have actually hooked a fish , regardless of size, will know the thrill.

I hooked and lost a fish at 12.30p.m. and that was the only fish to feel steel.

How dreadful it would be if you hooked a big fish only to lose it through poking around with an inadequate net.


He hooks his thumbs in his pockets and tips back and one-eyes that clock up on the wall.

He sank back into the pillows, hooked his thumbs in his belt.


All the computers in the office are hooked together.

Banks used to give away toasters and stuff to hook new customers.

Gorman stood there holding his hat, his umbrella hooked on his wrist.

I hooked a 14-inch rainbow trout.

Only one strap of his overalls was hooked.

The ball just hooked a little bit to the left.


A young man sat slumped there, his index finger hooked down into his water glass, stirring the ice cubes around.

Alvin and I just sort of hooked up.

Clients who are truly hooked will go to any length to meet their dealers' demands.

He reached out with his umbrella and hooked the hat back.

I believe it was the fact that the preaching was truly expository that hooked him.

While there he begged a look around a semi-derelict Dakota and realised he was hooked on propliners!

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