Meaning of HURDLE in English


I. noun


hurdle rate




BHis biggest hurdle , however, may come when he applies for a job.

Making the correct change was a big hurdle for my father.

Scientists are beginning to argue that psychological fitness could be the biggest hurdle to a Mars mission.

The biggest hurdle is breaking the addiction.

Choosing the typeface and style to produce the document in is the next biggest hurdle .


Only after surmounting this final hurdle were they given permanent appointments.

Yet the queasy feeling persists among Democrats and Republicans that the accident-prone challenger may still collapse before reaching that final hurdle .


The major hurdle , however, is entry into secondary school.

This is one of two major hurdles the Cougars must overcome if they want to reach their first Rose Bowl since 1931.

Another major hurdle for the Model School is to encourage parents to participate in their children's education.

Of those, two are said to be major hurdles that could scuttle the deal, sources said.

Firms said that tax complexity and administrative problems were the major hurdles in the path of extending freedom of choice.

The wind speed and direction, and the cloud height and type were major hurdles to be overcome each hour.



David, Grant and Stuart are due to complete their studies towards the end of 1995 but have already cleared the first hurdle .

But first, the idea must clear several hurdles in early 1996.

To clear this last hurdle I was forced to queue up outside a shed with a number of soldiers.

I., has declined, insisting that the $ 5. 2 billion merger would never clear government antitrust hurdles .

The transaction also must clear certain regulatory hurdles .


The telecommunications bill still faces a few hurdles .

Once I got there, of course, I found myself faced with formidable new hurdles .

But the administration faces two high hurdles in efforts to get the treaty ratified.


It is worth noting that of the course proposals which fell at this hurdle most were of a very high standard.

This is a test case for him and he's fallen at the first hurdle .


You haven't even got over the first hurdle yet and you're ready to quit!


However, a number of big names seem to have overcome this hurdle .

Just to get this far, Agouron has overcome significant hurdles .

Put this way, the claim helps B overcome another admissibility hurdle .

I think attending an evening class in life drawing helped me overcome this hurdle .

No wonder the main effect of the restrictions is later and riskier abortions for those who can overcome the hurdles .

They are hoping to enlist the minister's help in overcoming the financial hurdles .


Requiring school uniforms can be a financial hurdle for the poor.

The bill has cleared all the hurdles before it and will soon become law.

The main hurdle at present is getting the council's permission.

There are lots of bureaucratic hurdles to deal with when adopting a child.

Women face a lot of legal hurdles trying to prove sexual harassment.


Analysts estimate sales could reach $ 300 million a year once regulatory hurdles are cleared and full marketing gets under way.

But admission is merely the first hurdle a student must clear in higher education.

Devising an evocative name is only the first hurdle .

Gunnell gave herself the perfect wedding present when she unwrapped an Olympic gold medal in the 400metres hurdles.

Scientists are beginning to argue that psychological fitness could be the biggest hurdle to a Mars mission.

The telecommunications bill still faces a few hurdles.

They constituted an impossible hurdle to trade between the two superpowers.

To clear this last hurdle I was forced to queue up outside a shed with a number of soldiers.

II. verb


Barrett hurdled the fence and ran down the street.


As the bell sounded to denote my last lap, I decided to hurdle the barriers.

But it was Lieutenant Harvey who was still leading the charge as he hurdled elegantly over the wire and into no-man's-land.

Christie, involved in an angry bust-up with reporters and photographers on Friday, hurdled two steel barriers to avoid questions afterwards.

He even hurdled Garrett at the Cowboys' 20-yard line.

Ronald Reagan, born 35 years before Clinton, had different obstacles to hurdle .

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