Meaning of HURDLE in English


I. ˈhər-d ə l noun

Etymology: Middle English hurdel, from Old English hyrdel; akin to Old High German hurt hurdle, Latin cratis wickerwork, hurdle

Date: before 12th century


a. : a portable panel usually of wattled withes and stakes used especially for enclosing land or livestock

b. : a frame or sled formerly used in England for dragging traitors to execution


a. : an artificial barrier over which racers must leap

b. plural : any of various track events in which a series of hurdles must be surmounted

3. : barrier , obstacle


hurdle 2a


II. transitive verb

( hur·dled ; hur·dling ˈhərd-liŋ, ˈhər-d ə l-iŋ)

Date: 1896

1. : to leap over especially while running (as in a sporting competition)

2. : overcome , surmount

• hur·dler ˈhərd-lər, ˈhər-d ə l-ər noun

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