Meaning of JEWEL in English




a car/jewel etc thief

be dripping with jewels/gems/pearls etc

All the princes were dripping with gems.

crown jewel

Innsbruck’s crown jewel is the old town centre.

jewel case




However hopeless things were he was rejoicing because of Benedicta's words which he hugged to himself as if they were precious jewels .

This cave is absolutely stashed With gorgeous gleaming precious jewels !

We should tend the mind as a precious jewel box and factory that makes intangible but immortal gems.

She shimmered and shone like a precious jewel , a princess.

You know the power of the daydream to transform the lumber-room's contents into precious jewels .



A guest requests that you accept a jewel box and a bundle of notes for safe-keeping.

Turning, she hobbled back to her room as fast as she could and took her jewel box out of the drawer.

Unfortunately, it made software manufacturers quake in their jewel boxes .

Again, she had kept the lid securely shut on her jewel box .

It will make you want to visit this jewel box of a museum housed in a Fifth Avenue Manhattan mansion.

We should tend the mind as a precious jewel box and factory that makes intangible but immortal gems.

They often found their way around the Gulf, worked out of recognition, into coffee pots, jewel boxes and jewellery.


The clip she had in her jewel case was the same one that appeared in the doge's portrait.


Such objects were probably made by goldsmiths working for chieftains, as with the crown jewels of more advanced polities.

The petrochemical division of Pemex was seen as the crown jewel of the privatization frenzy.

What price, one day, even the old crown jewels of News International?

But the crown jewel of the disk is the 25-minute Clarinet Concerto, by Richard Faith.

So it's the smaller independent companies who are now the crown jewels in many a major label's portfolio.

This from a man who would stoop to any level, psychological gamesmanship included, to retain the crown jewels .


Ah, a glamorous jewel thief .

The Wall Street Journal once described him as looking like an international jewel thief .



One night a thief broke into the church to steal jewels from the Madonna on the High Altar.

Also, he seemed to remember reading about stolen jewels .

An armed gang has stolen jewels worth more than five million pounds from London's Hatton Garden.

He gave her stolen jewels and she knighted him.

Of course, robbers got in and stole his jewels !


be set with gems/jewels etc

the crown jewels


He assessed her as if he was looking for flaws in a jewel .

His eyes burned like red jewels.

It had very few jewels in its crown.

They compared jewels from the various swords and wondered why some knights had better jewels than others.

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