Meaning of JEWEL in English


I. ˈjü]əl, ˈju̇] also ]l, chiefly Brit ](ˌ)il noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English juel, jowel, jewel, from Old French juel, joel, joiel, diminutive of ju, jo, jeu game, play — more at jeopardy

1. archaic : an article with intrinsic value usually used for adornment

here, wear this jewel for me; 'tis my picture — Shakespeare


a. : a precious stone ; especially : a stone cut and polished for use as an ornament

they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep — Shakespeare


(1) : one that is highly esteemed or prized

had our prince, jewel of children, seen this hour — Shakespeare

(2) : something that resembles a jewel

this lake — a jewel nestling amid mountains — H.J.Laski

presenting the jewel of truth in a pleasing setting — R.A.Hall b.1911


a. : an ornament of precious metal usually gold or silver, often set with stones or finished with enamel work and now usually worn as an accessory of dress or as the badge of an order

b. : an article of costume jewelry


a. : a bearing for a pivot in a watch or a delicate instrument (as a compass) made of a crystal or a precious stone (as a ruby or sapphire) or of glass

b. : a lining of brass or other soft metal for a bearing (as on a railroad car)

5. : an ornamental boss of colored glass

II. transitive verb

( jeweled or jewelled ; jeweled or jewelled ; jeweling or jewelling ; jewels )


a. : to adorn with jewels

you are as well jeweled as any of them — Ben Jonson

the kings go by with jeweled crowns — John Masefield

b. : to equip with jewels

company sells more jeweled watches than any other in the U.S. — Time

building precision jeweled engines by mass-production methods — Newsweek

c. : to trim with jeweling

lacy white wool … heavily jeweled with iridescent sequins — Women's Wear Daily

2. : to give beauty or perfection to as if by adorning with jewels

the still swamp water was dark … but in open patches it was jeweled with reflected stars — Myrtle R. White

jeweling all this outer zone of the marsh are the little birds — D.C.Peattie

a dazzling blaze of jeweled words and flashing images — Times Literary Supplement

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