Meaning of LIME in English


I. noun


lime green




His lower body is lime green with a rich shading of deep red across the upper half.

By flaking off successive layers, the tree displays a bark of beige, cinnamon, lime green and slate blue.

The contrast between the lime green and the rose pink was striking.

Twachtman puts his lime green in the sky instead of on saguaros, the pale blue on a rock.

The window frames had been painted lime green approximately seventy-four years ago.

Walls were painted lime green and lilac.

Possibilities remaining were pink, lime green , orange and mauve.


You can substitute lime juice for lemon juice in a recipe.

Stir in fish sauce, coconut milk, sugar, and lime juice and bring to a simmer.

Witness the vogue for lime juice and lime zest.

Drizzle with the coffee liqueur and then the lime juice , turning to coat.

Use lime juice or zest rather than lemon.

The beef, although dried, was remarkably succulent, seasoned with lime juice , garlic and green chiles.

The lime juice myth was so firmly entrenched that it is still commonly believed.

Place in a medium bowl and stir in onion, cilantro, salt and lime juice .


They drove through the gates and up the avenue of ancient lime trees .

The house was a neat Victorian villa in a row with lime trees outside.

Soon he was cannoning off lime trees and, as they passed the second gates, crashed into the left-hand gatepost.

Protestors had climbed lime trees in a desperate bid to stop them being destroyed.

Also look for hawk-moth caterpillars on apple, poplar and lime trees .

Suddenly a small group of deer moves past the lime trees quietly.

Across the street the topmost branches of the lime trees were tossing and swaying.

In the middle of the quad is a smooth lawn, planted with small lime trees , and a restored well.


squeeze of lemon/lime etc

Ad a little finely chopped onion, a few black olives, fruity olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

Coming unstuck: when boiling rice, stop the grains from sticking by adding a squeeze of lemon juice to the water.

Or, you could just try a squeeze of lemon.

To whiten and add elasticity to icing for piping purposes, a squeeze of lemon juice is used.


Apple or lime , pine or pistachio.

Calcium permanent hardness requires the more expensive sodium carbonate, whereas magnesium permanent hardness requires both lime and sodium carbonate.

Serve on individual plates, garnished with lollo rosso and a wedge of lime .

Some have occurred as a result of lime and fertiliser applications coupled with more intensive grazing of livestock.

The lime was mixed with flowers of sulphur so that the walls would give off sulphurous fumes when they got warm.

II. verb


Individuals can be removed with tweezers, but to prevent re-infestation, the pond will have to be drained and limed.

Made from solid oak with veneered interiors, the wood has been limed to enhance the grain.

When liming the soil choose magnesian limestone to correct the problem.

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