Meaning of LOCAL in English


I. adjective


a local call

Local calls are free at weekends.

a local charity (= one that operates near the place where you live )

All the money raised goes to local charities.

a local clinic

She's involved in health care education at a local clinic.

a local company

The new development will bring more business to local companies.

a local craft

local crafts such as glass blowing and leather work

a local custom

We were unfamiliar with the local customs.

a local firm

The equipment was supplied by a local firm.

a local hero

Richards was a local hero, a star of the football club.

a local landmark

This oddly shaped rock is a well-known local landmark.

a local legend

According to a local legend, the tree was planted by a wizard.

a local library

This information is available at your local library.

a local newspaper

The store advertises in the local newspaper.

a local paper

You could try putting an advert in the local paper.

a local politician

The plan is strongly supported by local politicians.

a local school (= a school near where someone lives )

They sent their kids to the local school.

a local tradition

The villagers are all keen to preserve local traditions.

a local/national/statewide etc poll

Local polls show him leading by only two or three points.

a local/regional election

The Green Party increased its share of the vote in the French regional elections.

local anaesthetic (= one that only affects a particular area of your body )

Eye surgery is often performed using a local anaesthetic .

local area network

Local Authority

local authority

Central government is trying to stop local authorities overspending.

local call

local colour

His description of the smells from the market added a touch of local color.

local council

local culture

The local culture of the island has much to interest visitors.

local dialect

the local dialect

local government

local history (= the history of events in a particular local area )

The building is now a museum of local history.

local history

local independence

The new constitution aims to strengthen local independence.

local opposition

It took three years to overcome local opposition from environmentalists.

local paper

local politics

Ann is very active in local politics.

local produce

Local produce is used wherever possible.

local radio

Jobs may be advertised in local newspapers or on local radio.

local radio

local rag

local rag

He writes for the local rag .

local stockists

Call us to order or to get details of local stockists .

local time

We’ll arrive in Boston at 4 o'clock local time.

local traffic

There is quite a lot of local traffic.

local vernacular (= language spoken in a particular area )

He lapsed into the local vernacular .

local/national importance

Crime is an issue of national importance.

local/national/international coverage (= provided by local, national etc media )

Bangladesh doesn't get much international coverage.

local/regional office

The agency has a network of regional offices.

local/state/city government

The interference in local government by central government is not just financial, but political.

national/local expenditure (= money spent by national or local government )

There have been cuts in local expenditure on education.

sb’s local doctor (= working near where you live )

You should go and see your local doctor.

small/local trader

a small trader who sells hats in Oxford

the local area

He quickly made friends in the local area.

the local church (= the one in a particular area, or near where you live )

The local church dates from the 12th century.

the local community

Our school is the centre of the local community.

the local jail

The suspects were taken to the local jail.

the local population

The local population gave them a warm welcome.

the local press

Evening classes are advertised in the local press.

the local/national currency (= the type of money that a particular country uses )

The local currency of Zambia is the 'kwacha'.

the local/national/domestic economy (= in one particular country or area )

The new factory has given a massive boost to the local economy.

the national/local media

The case received enormous publicity in the national media.




Graphics: Methods of transmitting broadcast quality vision through a digital local area network.

You will have to buy this directly or indirectly from one of the telephone companies serving your local area .

Many primary teachers start investigations of the past by working out from the history of the school, village or local area .

Programs of study closely related to the needs of the local area , and geared to its socioeconomic modernization. 2.

National and international events are covered when they affect the local area .

Really sophisticated users may like to invest in the ultimate communications link between the two systems, a local area network.

Clearly our valuable training input to the local area has not featured as a priority on the local Labour Party agenda.


The local authority obtained an emergency protection order and placed the girl with foster parents.

However, should any local authority disagree with this position, would you please advise me immediately.

Some local authorities have been very effective at this - in Greenwich, people who registered were entered in a prize draw.

Yet the two local authority community workers know the sharper side of Muriel's tongue.

The family proceedings court made care orders in favour of the local authority in respect of both children.

The total is then distributed among local authorities on the basis of the number of people listed on the Poll Tax register.

The event is backed by all five Merseyside local authorities and the Sports Council.

He is right to draw attention to the hypocrisy of those local authorities , as he has described it.


At another level, there is the question of who should determine major decisions which affect local communities .

Table V. i summarizes the responses we received as to the role individuals should play within their local community .

The problem is that the burden to oppose a development falls upon local communities .

I got her a catalogue from the local community college, and we started talking about courses.

Contact your local community health council by letter or telephone and ask to be put in touch with whoever is responsible for your area.

To that end, its project supervisors hold regular meetings with local community leaders.

These are not peripheral issues; they are key issues to individuals, families and local communities .

Its vigour and vitality attest to a popular piety deeply rooted in the everyday life of the local community .


Local councils Wobbly Could a local council go bust?

For many years, he had been on the local council .

With local councils deadlocked, King must decide.

At 63, he works at the Open University and is another member of the local council .

Friday I organised a petition to the local council for a safe play area.

Then a Private Members' Bill established a trust to protect it, consisting of representatives from five local councils .

They say they're only doing what the local council would do if it was allowed.

A lot of local councils and a lot of private industry under deregulation are now turning to the buses.


These are combined to give an overall requirement which is grossed up for tax and converted into the local currency .

In local currencies , sales rose 11 percent.

Devaluation will increase the local currency costs of servicing foreign currency-denominated debt.

Credit cards or local currency accepted.

Prices are set in local currencies .


The index is designed to measure the performance of the local economy .

A three year programme of four linked projects will investigate small services sector firms in five types of local economy in Britain.

Louis area that is designed to represent the local economy .

Tourism is also of particular importance in some regions and may dominate the local economy .

The local economy exploded, fueled by thousands of new auto workers.

Both were piecemeal efforts, too far from the city centre, whose shops and businesses drive the local economy .

And the local economy in Sucumbios is suffering.


Information about local authority policy and arrangements is clearly intended to provoke public awareness and discussion of local education policy generally.

On education he applauded the Conservatives for taking school budgets out of control of local education authorities.

All schools will be free to manage their day-to-day budgets, with local education authorities given a new strategic role.

The many drafts of the report on Birmingham local education authority showed inconsistencies.

Mr. Eggar I hope that the local education authority will encourage schools to go grant maintained.

A local education authority is to build a new school gymnasium.

As we have seen, these three parties are united by a fourth, the local education authority.


Candidates in local elections can expect their followers not only to vote for them but to campaign for them as well.

This is occasionally true in local elections , where the margin between candidates can be rather small.

The ruling countered moves in both Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein to enfranchise certain categories of foreigners in local elections .

There were hints before the local elections , rumours of some sort of relaunch of the Left.

With local elections due in April 1991, the party knew that its candidates would be clamouring for lots of vote-winning enticements.

It is, of course, conceivable that the community charge will have a bigger direct effect on local elections in future years.

Since then, grass-roots groups have been supporting Communist candidates in local elections across the country.

Labour took 11 seats from the Tories in the 1990 local elections .


Thus we can talk of a local government system which is different from a central government system but nevertheless interacts with it.

All agreed that new state and local government workers should be brought under the system, assuring new revenues.

This conclusion needs to be modified in the light of the changes in local government .

Executives point to increased regulatory pressures as well as scrawny profit margins on underwriting new state and local government issues.

The correct interpretation is to regard local government services as simply those services provided by local government in Particular circumstances.

Second, economic expansion and diversification have provided a solid fiscal base for local government .

According to the new law local parliaments would be empowered to conduct inspection and auditing of local governments .

They were also expected to meet in Sarajevo with officials from international lending institutions and local government officials.


Sources for local history Document sources are indispensible for most local history studies.

Those visiting the current exhibit will learn that black churches and their leaders played key roles in local history .

Sometimes amateur film has a value for local history .

This has the great advantage of allowing local history materials to be used.

It is one of those nice little problems of local history .

And I began to discover some recent local history as I delved deeper into this pit of hell.

Not on Sunday. museum of local history , illustrating the life of Edinburgh from early times.


The idea is that community standards could be more closely applied on a local level .

That fact alone is reason enough to return authority to the local level .

Much will depend on how local managers and clinicians implement the reforms at local level .

Decisions will be made at the local level .

At the local level it was expressed by a shared set of values and policies, operating within a welfare state consensus.

These men had strong territorial roots, but at local level .

Such issues can only be resolved at local level .

Only at the close of the summer did things improve at the central, though not yet at the local level .


The restructuring will enable it to focus better on the two areas of its expertise in both wide area and local networks .

Tom is connected to a local network , which serves about 1000 users.

Client-server applications are becoming a reality with performance problems being addressed by faster computers, faster local network speeds and improving software.

The two companies have also announced an agreement to co-operate on local network management technologies.

As a result, he expects to see a wireless local network launched before the end of the year.

The final pressure reduction is to about 50 millibars to supply the local network , which then takes gas to individual properties.

It is also claimed to provide a high degree of flexibility for connecting different types of data terminals and local networks .

Modular, diverse and dispersed small-scale generating facilities using local renewable energy sources would support the local network .


A local news agency said gangs paraded several severed heads around the town.

On any given weekday night, around thirty-eight million people are watching the network news , with millions more watching local news.

Weekly newspapers - the local story Weeklies are concerned with local news and events.

The jovial anchorman on the local news reaches into the pocket of his blazer and extracts a fortune cookie.

Make sure that all the local news people have the appropriate office and home phone numbers.

The staid and once-serious network news has begun to look like glitzy local news operations.

On the local news on the radio. poor old bloke!

You know, the twenty-four-hour local news channel.


So disillusioned and grumpy is he that he writes a local newspaper column on the subject.

I noticed a caption in my local newspaper the other day, identifying a group of high school cheerleaders.

The Bolton Area Health Authority was forced to reveal his identity after he was named in local newspapers .

Each week, sometimes twice weekly, food stores advertise their specials in the local newspapers .

Advertisements should be placed in local newspapers and other public places seeking contact from nurses who are not in employment.

He got a photograph of himself and his restaurant on the front page of the local newspaper .


Others practice their faiths more openly in unauthorized churches or temples, hoping local officials will turn a blind eye.

Alameda County Supervisor Mary King hastily organized a briefing for local officials next week.

The only ones with a steady income were teachers, storekeepers and local officials .

Currently, 40 governors, legislators in 21 states and more than 17, 000 local officials are subject to various limits.

In reality guerrilla action was largely indiscriminate with sporadic attacks on the occasional landlord, local official , or police post.

But aides to Lungren have said that nothing local officials do will let them skirt state laws.

For new applicants, different councils' rules and regulations on allocations may be more or less strictly enforced by local officials .

Many local officials are still unaware that the state has granted them the powers to set boating laws for their local waters.


She would have to look at the local papers .

Down the block the neighborhood dead-ended in abandoned farmland that Mami read in the local paper the developers were negotiating to buy.

Turn to the business page in your local paper .

My keen enemy from the local paper was there.

Gossip columnists from the local papers wrote about them.

At 13 she took a weekend job with a local paper and promptly demanded a pay rise.

With that new black Schwinn Racer, I contracted with our local paper for a delivery route.


As we walked around this pretty little island we were charmed by the friendliness of the local people .

At the same time we expose local people to new developments that may be beneficial to cultural activities.

But the Gypsies say they just want to get on with the local people .

Money could then be ploughed into smaller projects which create jobs, meet the needs of local people and conserve the environment.

Nevertheless, it's worried and surprised local people and politicians.

Some churches are closed against the will of local people to fit in with diocesan pastoral plans.


They say he may strike again and they're appealing to anyone who recognises this picture to contact their local police station.

Anti-crime efforts including federal aid for hiring 100, 000 new local police officers.

At the other extreme, they can not long do the job of a local police force.

Community-oriented policing turns the local police officer into their ally.

There are moves to have the chief constables of the new forces appointed directly by the Home Secretary instead of local police authorities.

The local police frequently arrested students for exceeding the speed limit or other minor infractions of the law.

After the local police were alerted, a man was apprehended suspected to be disturbing the terns and collecting their eggs.

On May 13, Birmingham was quiet; threatened with intervention, local police decided they could keep order.


What form would you expect such local politics to take?

Dole, raised in a Democratic family, registered as a Republican because the party dominated local politics .

What significance do you think Cockburn and Dearlove would attach to local politics in explaining the changes of the early 1970s?

The recall made them pay for that mistake and sent out a terrible message about making an error in local politics .

The nationalization of local politics arose from a specific combination of economic, social and political processes which no longer applies.

It is to the development of this particular type of local politics that we now turn.

In the case of local politics , should this mean more than just the local implementation of national policy?

The homogeneity of local politics in the 1950s and early 1960s was the exception rather than the rule.


In conjunction with our radio broadcasts, we often run the campaign in the local press and Evening News.

When it comes to advertising, more use could be made of diocesan newspapers in addition to parish magazines and the local press .

By February the local press had got wind of the affair.

If so, then this will be advised in the local press .

A current entertainments page from the local press . 26.

Despite advertising in the local press , only two people appeared to have arrived.

The hunt can do without a report like that in the local press .

If relevant let local press and media know what you are running.


The evacuation followed a warning to a local radio station at 12.50am.

Those in local radio believe that the Church should put more resources into encouraging and developing modern music and musicians.

Medium-sized local radio stations in cities could find themselves competing for revenue with the newcomer, it added.

In the last few weeks she became a local radio presenter.

The band will also record public service announcements for local radio stations, urging petitions to protest the arrest.

There was a street petition and coverage on local radio and in the local newspaper.

Local radio Here is your golden media opportunity for local radio is an expanding market place for public relations.

The 21 independent local radio stations all over the Republic claim they are getting audiences of up to three million listeners each week.


One local resident explained the factors behind the agreement: The agreement when it was signed was full of loopholes.

At the meetings local residents discussed their fears and their experiences; the police are supposed to respond proactively.

The local residents were bitterly disappointed with the decision.

Kabera said local residents helped soldiers pursue the group, and 11 of them were slain.

In time, the natural succession of plants turned this into an informal landscape which became very popular with the local residents .

Lawrence River, where she takes samples from polluted water and instructs local residents in environmental sciences.

There had been opposition from local residents .

Schapira raised four points: the artist was chosen without being subjected to a competition; local residents were not consulted.


A number depend upon special arrangements with one or more local schools , in either the state or the independent sector.

One of the most widely available resources are adult-education classes run by local school districts or community colleges.

Will the Secretary of State now admit that he intends to privatise part of the local schools inspectorate?

When local schools start this fall, the museum will offer tours for students, he added.

They will then be able to offer advice and first hand experience when parents inquire about good local schools .

State law, however, gives control of instruction to local school boards.

The travellers paid eighteen thousand pounds for the site and had hoped to settle down and send their children to local schools .

But as oil reserves dwindled over the past decade, local school property taxes doubled to help make up the difference.


Some courts have a specialist probation officer who promptly channels those suspected of having mental health problems into the local service .

Illiterates have no hope at all of calculating the expense of local service , let alone long-distance calls.

Your local health authority will be able to give you advice on local services or your doctor can advise you.

Other for-sale-by-owner Internet firms only provided local service , he said.

The need for specialised local services is very dependent upon provision by other groups in the area.

Tourist offices can suggest local services .

P.S. Enclosed is an important leaflet highlighting local service telephone numbers for use during normal working hours.

These councils would assess local needs, contribute to local service plans within the overall strategic plan and monitor local service provision.


at local/state/national etc level

Bureaucracy, long absent from the country, was making a rapid return, both at central and at local levels .

Even the left-wing parties that may yet form the government have a record of economic reform at state level .

First, of course, there really does need to be a range of choices available at local level .

He believes everyone has ideas worthy of attention and that earth-saving decisions are best made at local level .

In keeping with the rank-and-file strength of the movement, however, pressure was applied most effectively at local level .

It has also highlighted the differential at local level .

The decision has generated sheafs of proposed new abortion legislation, pro and anti, at state level .

city/local/country boy

For a local boy to come home, this is truly as good as it gets.

Gary Boyce is a local boy who made it big.

It was then that she noticed a tall blond man busy coaching some young local boys in football.

Joseph must have been a country boy .

Julie was a rich kid who loved to associate with the tougher, more daring local boys .

Once a happy, handsome country boy , Inman has become hardened, cynical, burned out.

They went wild with jubilation as they paid homage to the local boy who made President.


a local anesthetic

Government control was primarily local until the early part of the century.

Polzeath is our local beach, but there are better surfing beaches further away.

The fire was reported in the local newspaper.

Volunteers like Joyce go round local schools helping children with their reading problems.

You can find all these books in your local library.


Actual speed will vary not only with altitudes but also with local terrain.

Another local mill was known as Furnace Mill.

Ask at your local Social Security office.

It is built of the typical pale Yorkshire brick with local stone dressings.

Some victims of police abuse received compensation in local civil trials.

The food is freshly cooked using local ingredients.

The richest local personality was Dmitrii Alekseevich D'iakov.

These developments often failed because of the limited scale of the local social and economic infrastructure.

II. noun


Local 54 of the Hotel Employees' Union

Denver International Airport was built in an area that locals call "Tornado Alley."

If you get lost just ask one of the locals for directions.

The new theaters are attracting crowds of tourists and locals alike.


But the locals aren't giving up yet.

I began to defend the locals we represented.

Such a day was Saturday, 22 June 1929, Black Saturday to the locals - the day of the influx.

The locals got together with Light Motion for a Sunday workshop and have been in rehearsals all week.

This made it easier for absentee owners to vote than for locals, since locals had to get to the polling station.

With tourist traffic plunging at famous museums and monuments, the locals have lots of newfound elbow room.

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