Meaning of LOCAL in English


I. ˈlōkəl adjective

Etymology: Middle English localle, from Middle French local, from Late Latin localis, from Latin locus place (from Old Latin stlocus ) + -alis -al — more at stall

1. : characterized by or relating to position in space : having a definite spatial form or location

a local body

a local heaven and hell

give to airy nothing a local habitation and a name — Shakespeare

2. : characterized by, relating to, or occupying a particular place : characteristic of or confined to a particular place : not general or widespread

local politics

a local custom

3. : relating to what is local : not broad or general

a person of local ideas

a local point of view

4. : current only in a particular section of a country — used of words or expressions whether dialect or standard (as you-all, down East, the food is all )


a. : primarily serving the needs of a particular limited district, often a community or minor political subdivision

all-weather local roads

a local bus line

b. : applicable in or relating to such a district only

local transportation costs

local taxes

c. of a public conveyance : making all the stops on its run

a local train

— compare express

d. of an act, law, statute : limited in operation to only part of the territory subject to the legislative power (as a town, district, county)

6. : involving or affecting only a restricted area or portion of the organism : not general

a local ailment

local anesthesia

II. noun

( -s )

: a local person or thing

found the locals somewhat dour and unfriendly


a. : a local train, elevator, or other public conveyance

b. : a local or particular branch, lodge, or chapter of an organization (as a labor union or a college fraternity)

c. : a local company or team (as of ballplayers) — usually used in plural

the locals play tomorrow


(1) : a newspaper story or item of interest mainly to readers who live in the town or city where the paper is published

(2) : a radio or television program sent out from one station only


(1) : a stamp for paying postage within a restricted area

(2) : a carrier's stamp issued by a private carrier

(3) : a precanceled stamp precanceled in the city where it is used — compare bureau

f. Britain : a nearby or neighborhood pub


(1) : local anesthesia

(2) : local anesthetic

III. transitive verb

( localed or localled ; localed or localled ; localing or localling ; locals )

Scots law : to impose as a local charge ; specifically : to assign to the landholders of a parish their individual shares in the payment of (the parish minister's stipend)

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