Meaning of LOCAL in English


adj. & n.


1. belonging to or existing in a particular place or places.

2 peculiar to or only encountered in a particular place or places.

3 of or belonging to the neighbourhood (the local doctor).

4 of or affecting a part and not the whole, esp. of the body (local pain; a local anaesthetic).

5 in regard to place.

--n. a local person or thing, esp.:

1. an inhabitant of a particular place regarded with reference to that place.

2 a local train, bus, etc.

3 (often prec. by the) Brit. colloq. a local public house.

4 a local anaesthetic.

5 US a local branch of a trade union.

Phrases and idioms:

local authority Brit. an administrative body in local government. local Derby see DERBY. local government a system of administration of a county, district, parish, etc., by the elected representatives of those who live there. local option (or veto) esp. US a system whereby the inhabitants of a district may prohibit the sale of alcoholic liquor there. local preacher a Methodist lay person authorized to conduct services in a particular circuit. local time

1. time measured from the sun's transit over the meridian of a place.

2 the time as reckoned in a particular place, esp. with reference to an event recorded there. local train a train stopping at all the stations on its route.


locally adv. localness n.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. LL localis f. L locus place

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