Meaning of LOCAL in English


— localness , n.

/loh"keuhl/ , adj.

1. pertaining to or characterized by place or position in space; spatial.

2. pertaining to, characteristic of, or restricted to a particular place or particular places: a local custom.

3. pertaining to a city, town, or small district rather than an entire state or country: local transportation.

4. stopping at most or all stations: a local train.

5. pertaining to or affecting a particular part or particular parts, as of a physical system or organism: a local disease.

6. Med. (of anesthesia or an anesthetic) affecting only a particular part or area of the body, without concomitant loss of consciousness, as distinguished from general anesthesia.


7. a local train, bus, etc.

8. a newspaper item of local interest.

9. a local branch of a union, fraternity, etc.

10. a local anesthetic.

11. Often, locals .

a. a local person or resident: primarily of interest to locals.

b. a local athletic team: the locals versus the state champions.

12. stamp (def. 22).

13. Brit. Informal. a neighborhood pub.


14. Informal. to travel by or take a local train or the like.

[ 1400-50; late ME localis. See LOCUS, -AL 1 ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .