Meaning of METHOD in English



a cooking method

Adjust your cooking methods for healthy eating.

a form/method/system of communication (= something you use to exchange information )

At university, lectures are the main form of communication.

a form/mode/method/means of travel

I find the train a more comfortable mode of travel.

a systematic approach/way/method

a systematic approach to solving the problem

a systematic way of organizing your work

alternative ways/approach/methods etc

alternative approaches to learning

Have you any alternative suggestions ?

an effective method

Exams are not the most effective method of assessing students’ abilities.

an efficient method

The railways used to provide a cheap efficient method of travel.

analytical method/techniques/approach/skills

During the course, students will develop their analytical skills.

assessment methods/techniques

We recommend using a variety of assessment methods.

barrier method

devise a method/way

Our aim is to devise a way to improve quality and reduce costs.

direct method

employ a method/technique/tactic etc

The report examines teaching methods employed in the classroom.

novel idea/approach/method etc

What a novel idea!

quantitative analysis/methods/data etc

We need to do a proper quantitative analysis of this problem.

rhythm method

teaching methods

Our teaching methods are quite traditional.




Distribution - Setting up agency agreements while avoiding possible conflicts of interest; drafting franchise agreements as an alternative distribution method .

It may be that under certain circumstances one of the alternative methods of valuation is the most appropriate.

Incineration An alternative method of disposing of waste is to burn it.

These are not necessarily alternative methods of management; success is probably most likely where both are utilized.

Each member is encouraged to speculate on alternative methods of performing the functions at lower cost.

In creating one she has inadvertently made a move towards alternative methods of selling that could have great significance for organic farming.

The three alternative methods of connecting four windings are shown in Fig. 1.4.

This study will also take into account choices between alternative methods and the selection of topics and sites for investigation.


They offer contrasts both in the dynamical basis of rhythmicity and in the analytical methods that have been used to examine them.

A fundamentally different analytical method is to use the concept of bibliographical coupling to construct clusters of co-citing journals.

In another analytical method , neutron activation, an atomic reactor is used to bombard the mineral with fast-moving neutrons.

It is one of the most useful texts for communicating to the reader an understanding of an analytical method and its potential.

Tests to confirm that the analytical methods used in stability testing are in fact stability-indicating should be conducted.

All analytical methods should be validated in respect of accuracy, precision, linearity and specificity.

The emphasis on analytical methods in these final chapters is also out of date.


I'd already noted the very different methods of the four who had assembled.

To guard against this mishap he devised several different methods of deceleration.

The development of different methods of handling land transfer, especially inter-generational land transfer, introduced further variations within the cultural mosaic.

Since the respective philosophies involve different methods and aims, the differences in results are quite understandable.

These are separate problems and require different methods .

However, others - minorities, but none the less important for that - prefer different payment methods .

List the different methods by which this modification value could be specified, and discuss their relative advantages and disadvantages. 3.12.

Different counsellors can use different methods in similar situations with equal success.


As such it can be an indirect as well as direct method of exporting, depending upon the arrangement.

When using the direct serum method , pigmented specimens may cause the appearance of false end-points resulting in positive errors.

Indeed the Post Office is believed to be the first major organisation to provide the details by the direct method .

The most direct methods to achieve political objectives involve some form of political action.

Such direct methods were hardly possible except with the backing of military power.

Venus has no satellite and so this less direct method had to be used.

Particularly useful in drawing and design, the two button pen provides the user with a very direct method of control.


This has been shown to be an effective and rapid method of training but it does require intensive supervision from an adult.

The rewrite rule is an effective method of representing the rules of a generative grammar.

Or, in an established school where they may not be using the most effective language teaching methods .

Thus computed tomography remains the most effective method for diagnosing small pulmonary metastases.

Since company reorganisation, perhaps the most effective method would be a combination of Regional and District input.

This was an effective method of recognition, but it is generally agreed that the method works only for highly constrained tasks.

Both are more refreshing than a toner - and more effective methods of removing the last traces of make-up and oil.

He approach should be a cheap, highly effective method of reducing human exposure to the deadly pathogen, they say.


The best method is to swathe the injury in crêpe bandage and secure it with tape, not a pin.

One of the best methods for determining significance of change is the technique of graphing.

It's reckoned to be the best method yet devised of keeping the body in good condition.

The best rewriting method in this case is the simplest: by correcting one problem you chip away at the others.

Indeed, it may well have had the indirect, beneficial effect of encouraging the search for better methods .

The first concerns the best method of allocating the scarce foreign exchange currently available.

This is a good method of starting a small group of boards without a race organiser and is commonly used in training.

It does not make lure fishing better than other methods .


The usual modern method is to use the vertical length of the head as a unit of measurement.

In his take-away, Teravainen defies the modern method , for he does not fan the club face open.

Already many of the remaining noble landowners were developing modern capitalist methods of farming their estates.

They say that the extra energy would be unnecessary if modern conservation methods were adopted.

How did people in the past clean this room, and are old-fashioned methods or modern methods better?

Disposable workers Modern methods of super-exploitation, tried and tested in the Third World, are coming home to industrialized countries.

To observe modern methods , come aboard this red monster, which, if new, would cost about £25,000.

Pupils look at modern computerised methods of printing and prepare their own news-sheet on computer using a simple newspaper software package.


Here each film shows a different junction so it is necessary to use a new method of dividing the data.

This is a new method and is being developed further with some optimism.

Now the police have developed a new method , which is used at 60 percent of fires where arson is suspected.

This is one of the ways in which this new method differs from diets of the past.


They can be used in a variety of ways, combined with other methods of instruction such as lectures and programmed learning.

It is therefore necessary to consider other methods of analysing spontaneous speech samples.

It will be based on computer literature searches, previous data collected at Templeton College, and other methods .

There are many other methods including capsules, poultices and oils.

No other sporting method does that.

It is probably better to use an agency in addition to the other methods available.

Fig. 3.11 Checking the entity model Entity modelling has documentation aids like other methods of systems analysis.

The other methods listed have been used much less.


The project makes extensive use of quantitative methods and also analyses institutional and organisational changes.

Geophysics: study of the Earth by quantitative physical methods .

Chapter 6 deals with strikes and industrial conflict, an area where more specific hypothesis-testing via quantitative methods is possible.

The qualitative methods provide them with feminist validity, while the quantitative methods ensure the reliability which psychology values.

Third, some are comfortable using quantitative methods while others are not.

A mixture of qualitative and quantitative research methods will be employed to collect evidence about the efficacy and impact of the Plans.

It is proposed to investigate these relationships in historical context applying comparative and quantitative methods .

But feminists often use quantitative methods as well.


The scientific method may sometimes mislead.

Let us briefly consider how you might analyze this claim by means of the scientific method .

It could reinforce prescriptions for an appropriate scientific method .

A fourth criticism faults the scientific method , because it does not help answer the crucial normative questions of politics.

But for many, scientific methods of dating are still very expensive in relation to the resources available.

The scientific method has provided standards for research.

The main differences between specialists studying different types of finds is in the scientific methods of analysis available.

Most contemporary political scientists attempt to use the scientific method to establish shared knowledge about the political world.


The association between echographic measurement and visual scales is a simple method of evaluating the relationship between the stomach and appetite.

Where patients were brought in unconscious, and therefore unable to disclose their faith, a simple method was followed.

The simple construction method allows the company to build an AP1-88 in nine to ten months.

These ownership forms are generally reflected by a simpler method of presentation of the equity section.

A simple problem-orientated method of assessment can facilitate both management and communication between start members.

Meditation is profoundly simple in method .

Payback Payback is a very simple and useful method , and hence it is popular.

There's a perfectly simple method of proving this.


This is in essence a chapter on basic statistical methods with some basic definitions in the beginning.

The neural network approach requires fewer resources than conventional statistical methods , and further, can process data in real time.

They point out that bottom-up statistical methods are efficient from a computational point of view, but exhibit poor error correcting capabilities.

This type of learning, a statistical mechanics method for solving complex optimization problems, has its basis in physics.

The response to that entry by the dominant firms via the advertising variable is being modelled using statistical ie econometric methods .

Comparisons to other technologies, such as statistical methods and expert systems, comprise the bulk of chapter 6.

A case-study can be carried out, using almost any method of research, though the less statistical methods are usual.

Your statistical method is, in the absence of any other published sales information, not unreasonable.


Traditional producers proudly maintain their commitment to traditional methods and whole hops.

Most have relied upon traditional methods for analyzing jobs, by breaking them down into long lists of discrete skills.

By using traditional disposal methods , only 25 percent of an average car is salvaged and re-used.

Consistent and reliable. Traditional baking methods .

Landfill has been the traditional method of catalyst disposal.

The page layout software and the laser printer make the big difference compared with traditional methods .

As a former schoolmaster, he has always been outspoken on education issues and a firm supporter of traditional learning methods .

Fish is very popular and it is still preserved and smoked by traditional methods .


The other 5 percent of deaths were caused by various weapons and methods , including burning.

They evaluate various construction methods and determine the most cost-effective plan and schedule.

It has also made clear that these problems are embedded in the overall trade-offs between the various methods of comparison.

Another difficulty is that the various methods of measuring the lag are subject to severe criticisms.

There are various methods of training these and they can provide as much fruit as larger trees in a much shorter time.

To reduce these security threats, various protection methods are used.

This approach leads directly to various methods for generating further exact solutions.

Preventive measures include data encryption using various cryptographic methods .



But quantitative and qualitative research methods will be used to gather data.

Too many students write far too little about their research methods in the proposal as well as the final research report.

The research methods will include classroom observation, interviews with teachers and analysis of curriculum documents and of other support.

The department contributes to the programme of courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences in different aspects of research methods training.

A mixture of qualitative and quantitative research methods will be employed to collect evidence about the efficacy and impact of the Plans.

Next it is a history of developing research methods , employing those ideas and investigating those questions.

The research will draw on a number of research methods .

Used on their own as a research method they have limitations but, within these, much can be achieved.


Or, in an established school where they may not be using the most effective language teaching methods .

Embedded in the teaching method employed by Betty is the transmission model of learning referred to earlier.

It occurred to her that her inability to contemplate changing her teaching methods might mask an actual inability to change them.

Well, clearly she must give thought to how she could change her teaching methods .

The first consisted of an analysis of curriculum content and teaching methods conducted by questionnaire.

It has sought to avoid the narrow dogmatism of the latter, combining a radical analysis with democratic participatory teaching methods .

The teaching method will be implicit.

These changes in assessment procedures had evident consequences for the teaching methods adopted.



The Society was substantially unsuccessful in its aim of persuading other charities to adopt the same methods .

Having to adopt the fast-track method made life difficult for all three.

After all, one does not have to adopt a Marxist method in order to make statements about poverty, injustice or exploitation.

Only two judges have been turned out of office since Wyoming adopted this method of judicial selection nearly twenty years ago.

There had been no pressure brought by the employers to adopt that method of working.

Small companies are also beginning to see the benefits of adopting the same methods .

My decision to adopt this method is not an arbitrary one.

Without the advantage of mobile clearinghouse personnel, the majority of clearinghouses have no option but to adopt this method .


There is, however, considerable pressure in many parts of the world to apply these methods as screening tests.

Quality assurance must be an ongoing improvement activity applying multiple methods most suited to content. 5.

The Survey's ability to apply vector electromagnetic methods to hydrogeological and other near-surface site-investigation work was studied.

Not everyone agrees that it is appropriate and desirable to apply the scientific method to politics.

The same suggestion applies to methods of establishing the existence and contents of bill of lading telecommunications.

It applied the methods of Kent campus to imaginary grievances in a divided, or divisible, community in Northern Ireland.

In order to apply this method to large-scale problems, we must find the tree T B using the pointers available.

But there is large-scale agreement that the aim is explanation by applying the methods of natural science.


Before describing each of the methods in greater detail, one further point can be made about them as a whole.

Walton, using audio clips for illustration, describes some popular methods of representing bird song.

Randi describes their methods in detail, except where some professional magicians' secret would otherwise be exposed.

It could be described as the Fordist method of international political regulation.

In the next section we will describe a method for finding all efficient tableaux.

The first two volumes describe methods used in microscopy.

It describes the methods by which the integrity and stability of the system can be maintained.


It has to incorporate a wide range of factors and develop methods of investigation other than laboratory experiments.

Students therefore have developed their own methods of dealing with the issue.

Now the police have developed a new method , which is used at 60 percent of fires where arson is suspected.

He was assigned four years ago to develop packaging and storage methods that could beat such problems as the carrot coating.

This chapter describes the research project that was carried out to develop the method .

They have developed accounting methods that force politicians to maintain the programs and infrastructure they build.

They've developed a method to help putt by pulling back the club every inch for every foot.


To guard against this mishap he devised several different methods of deceleration.

Jim McWhir, working with Ray Ansell, devised an extremely efficient method for doing this.

Now he had to devise a method by which workmen and supplies could shuttle back and forth across the gorge.

Perhaps the best approach is to devise methods by which patients conclude for themselves that smoking is harmful and undesirable.

On the third day I devise a foolproof method: stomp them to death.

So Galileo set out to devise a method of considerable precision.

It is almost impossible to devise a method of ensuring that all the firms involved obtain an equal share of the cake.


Viewpoints such as these are challenged by teachers who employ more traditional methods .

Bankinter has a reputation for employing conservative accounting methods .

I began to employ the list method for other things, planning my weekends for instance.

Guthrie, on the other hand, employs a method designed to draw a composite.

In order to do this, we have to employ a method of understanding rooted in scientific principles that are universally accepted.

The complaint states that Asarco employed unsafe mining methods to increase the company's profit.

Three research groups, employing three different methods , are now on the case.

It is foolish and unnatural to employ teaching methods that enforce and seem to advocate their quiet passivity.


They provide a cheap method of short-term borrowing for bank customers.

The amendment provides no method for resolving such an impasse and it could well end up being decided by the courts.

Instruction is provided in research methods and analysis from first year; and training is provided in the use of computers.

This also provides a method of categorising new driving protocols as central or peripheral with respect to risk.

The Administration of Estates Act 1925 has provided a uniform method for the administration of all the property of a deceased person.

Elections provide a more stable method of succession, especially in liberal democracies.

Paul Tukey in particular provides new methods for exploratory data analysis, and his work is an excellent start for the curious.


She can advise on ward objectives, teaching content and methods of presentation.

University professors can not be mandated to work with high schools or employers or to change their teaching methods .

There are also extensive entries on classroom practice, teaching methods , the language laboratory and the psychology of learning.

Those who pay for education, for example, may lose touch with what is taught and with the methods used.

The faculty was undistinguished, teaching methods uninspired, and the attrition rate, of course, appalling.

Given the class size of more than 60 it's hardly surprising that the teaching methods have to be quite traditional.

And their dull appearance is often accompanied by teaching methods that consist mostly of scribbling graphs on a blackboard.


He must understand the technique being used , along with methods of eliminating possible interference effects by using classical chemical separation techniques.

When I started psychotherapy work with people with cancer, I used the methods and concepts with which I had been trained.

Anchor Organic, produced using natural farming methods , is the perfect choice for any meal.

When using the direct serum method , pigmented specimens may cause the appearance of false end-points resulting in positive errors.

Hubble was forced, therefore, to use indirect methods to measure the distances.

As with any difficult action, we split up in stages, using the method of successive approximations.

Here each film shows a different junction so it is necessary to use a new method of dividing the data.

The protocol was accepted by proponents of provocation testing, and clinicians who used this method participated in the study.


high-pressure sales/selling methods etc

strong-arm tactics/methods etc

A case's merit should not have to depend on strong-arm tactics.

Also rumoured they used strong-arm tactics during one of Buckmaster's many takeover bids to build up his conglomerate.

In this game strong-arm tactics were deployed by both sides to kill five ends and force replays.

Others were furious at what they said were government strong-arm tactics over the vote.

Strachan believes they can do it - provided dangerman Lee Chapman gets proper protection against Stuttgart's strong-arm tactics.

The prefect at the time, Dominique Vian, could see the advantages of Bena's strong-arm tactics.

the scientific method

A fourth criticism faults the scientific method, because it does not help answer the crucial normative questions of politics.

A third criticism is that the analysis of politics can not be objective in the way assumed by the scientific method.

As criticism is the backbone of the scientific method, this accounts for the indentations permanently sunk into my chest.

It might be argued that this problem regarding interpersonal differences underscores the virtue of the scientific method, at least in theory.

Let us briefly consider how you might analyze this claim by means of the scientific method.

Minerva should take the scientific methods used in papers into consideration.

The main differences between specialists studying different types of finds is in the scientific methods of analysis available.

They solved them by the scientific method.

working practices/methods

But it will coincide with political pressure for doctors to accept fundamental changes in their working practices.

However, only 44% had changed their working practices.

New working practices would be introduced once passenger services were privatised which would be more flexible.

The accident happened because of a culture in which working practices were not checked, Whitehaven magistrates heard.

The courses, examinations and working practices have been based on their perceptions.

Their work allowed them to identify working methods and the characteristics of particular ateliers.

Those familiar with the work and working methods of Frank Auerbach may find all this oddly familiar.


an environmentally-friendly method for treating household waste

He didn't seem to have any method in the way he approached the problem.

In this school, staff are given complete freedom in their choice of language teaching methods.

Make a list of the different methods you could use in conducting a survey.

Medical science has not yet found a satisfactory method of treating cholera.

Printing methods have changed completely in the last twenty years.

You can choose whichever method of payment you prefer.


A really pro-active job-search campaign must include all three methods.

But what students gain from this method is how to be individualists, not individuals.

Excellent reader on the main theories and methods of political science.

Expand the use of Sentinel Surveillance Networks to complement other surveillance methods for detecting and monitoring emerging infections.

He had found a method of neutralising MacDonald's most effective political quality - his inspirational personal presence.

In a sense we have already gone too far with the boy, exposed too many of our methods.

One of the preferred methods for estimating usual dietary intakes of individuals is the diet history questionnaire.

The flow accompanying this method is illustrated in figure 3 opposite.

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