Meaning of MINE in English


I. pronoun


a friend of mine/yours/Bill’s etc

A friend of mine is going to Tokyo next week.

a mining community

She was brought up in a small mining community in North Wales.

coal mine

data mining

mine/elevator/ventilation etc shaft

a 300-foot elevator shaft

strip mine


your guess is as good as mine

"When's the next bus coming?" "Your guess is as good as mine."

"Who do you think will win the World Cup?" "Your guess is as good as mine."

II. noun




A count of women and children at copper mines in 1787 suggests that then women workers may have numbered around 1,500.

Economic unrest Workers at coal and copper mines went on strike during late July, demanding wage rises and improved conditions.

Among the worst culprits, the report says, are copper mines .

Male speaker I worked in a copper mine for nearly three years, 18 hours a day, seven days a week.


The deeper mines filled easily with water but, unlike coal mines, they were safe from roof collapse.

It recommends halving opencast within five years and subsidising deep mines by over £5 per tonne to produce the coal instead of us!

This is only partly because digging and operating deep mines is, in itself, extremely difficult.

The implication of that for Nottinghamshire's deep mines is catastrophic.

Here the National Coal Board is investing Government money to sink new deep mines , each costing about £50 million.

The move could see the company operating golf courses and industrial estates along with deep and opencast mines .

Ffoss Las is the deepest opencast mine going to a depth of 650 feet.


Her experience, I reasoned, would have been so different from mine .

And his family was very different from mine .

His thought processes are entirely different from mine .

MotherRisk's view is different from mine .

I stipulated that it had to be different from mine .

Their lives were very different from mine .


We'd found a gold mine .

A gold mine may be coming into Lincoln one day.

Security Man in the gold mines .

And ultimately, that could be its real gold mine .

It is even possible to sow plants on gold mines to reap their treasure.

Behind him is the abyss, the gaping cavern of the gold mine , down and down into the earth.

Six months were spent in a gold mine as a geological assistant.

It would be so easy to believe that the Raiders had finally tunneled through, finding their own gold mine of talent.


Authorities encourage large pit-mines, pointing to the employment they create.

The world price for tin is high and so companies have been opening new larger mines in Cornwall.

Broken Hill has a large new platinum mine there.

In a 1952 revolution they overthrew a military regime and won nationalization of the large mines under workers' co-management.

Why are the new large mines much deeper?


Some old mine buildings in the distance, some gravel pits.

Exploring old mines and ghost towns.

Some environmentalists have expressed concern that using old mines as waste dumps could be both dangerous and expensive.

After examining the wreck, we continue along the faint remains of the old mine road, just west of Mescal Peak.

This small working is another of these old mines which was dug open and entered by the writer years ago.

We follow the old mine road back to the truck.

Deeper still nameless horrors crawled into the old Dwarf mines and settled in the long-abandoned depths.

Many of the hillsides are honeycombed with old mine tunnels.


These are by Platzer of 1759 and serve as a reminder of the wealth of the silver mines in Bohemia and Silesia.

I walked on that box for three months till I got work in a silver mine .


The Montagne is dotted with small lignite mines , many deserted, which have traditionally supplied the Champagne grower.

APCs were vulnerable to smaller mines , and trucks or jeeps were obviously in even more danger.

Undoubtedly this is the small mine up in the head of Red Dell.

It was interested in taking over a small mine called Wheal Concord but pulled out because financial prospects were poor.

Local producers can, depending on transportation costs, more readily locate refining and smelting units near small mines .

Within 2 days of the start, an explosion had wrecked a drilling machine at a small non-union mine .



I worked in the coal mines for three years to obtain my colliery manager's certificate.

The cars are usually air-conditioned, but the platforms are as comfy as coal mines .

The cleft stick plight which is his current political position is displayed most vividly over Mr Heseltine's coal mine dilemma.

Instead you want to work in the coal mines with the rest of them.

Other co-products include calcium chloride, with applications ranging from the oil and chemical industries to dust-laying in coal mines .

These tough animals, who live on the moors year round, were once used extensively in the coal mines .

The deeper mines filled easily with water but, unlike coal mines, they were safe from roof collapse.


We'd been providing cover for the convoy, when a vehicle went over a land mine .

The story deals with the aftermath of warfare, particularly the devastation wreaked by land mines .

To deplore children being crippled by land mines is not really at the pinnacle of human courage, is it?

Rifle grenades, land mines , dynamite, antitank guns, mortar shells.

Ferric had land mines stacked in his kitchen.

The driver let the blade down and detonated a land mine .

Only the simpler, uglier land mine has shed more blood.


He was in a lead mine when the bomb went off, and escaped damage.

The remains of eighteenth-century lead mines on the Pennines are preserved.

Old lead mines in the Pennine Hills were being closed.

Better than the lead mines of Yakutsia.


Miners saw their employers, the mine owners , as wicked and morally corrupt.

Fortunes were made by some mine owners and millions of pounds'-worth of lead was taken.


He invented the Cornish engine, a beam engine of Brobdingnagian proportions used mainly for pumping water out of tin mines .

Why were most of the tin mines in Cornwall closed earlier this century?

The expanding copper and tin mines of west Cornwall depended on mule trains until the second quarter of the nineteenth century.

Producing tin mine with co-product zinc and by-product copper and silver.

In the late nineteenth century a succession of small lines had been built to connect the Malayan tin mines to the coast.

At one time there were 400 tin mines in Cornwall alone.



Yeb's big hand closes around mine , and we wait in strangled silence to be delivered.

Even before they closed the mine we knew that once they retired my husband we'd have to move.

I suppose once we didn't need the coal so badly they closed the mine down, then the railway.

I felt their arms on my shoulders and their ripe, expectant, human faces very close to mine .


They lay mine fields or clear them up, provide demolitions and surprisingly provide the water source for units in action.

After the men were down, soldiers from each position would lay out claymore mines .

We were taught about hand grenades and explosives, and how to set ambushes and lay mines in the most effective pattern.

There were also ten 21-inch torpedo tubes, and it possessed the ability to lay up to 240 mines .


I worked in the coal mines for three years to obtain my colliery manager's certificate.

And from Sonoma men rode or walked north to work the mines of the southern Sierra.

The interrogators were quietly sacked and sent to work in the coal mines .

The guys who work the Rosemont mine will just be the guys who move over from the Mission unit.

For the next ten years he travelled the world, visiting and working in mines and quarries in every continent.

He and some friends were working the mine , digging out turquoise.

John Blackwall now reappears, five years after first expressing his interest in working Sir Daniel's mines .

Ainslie spent at least five years working in mines before becoming a federal inspector about 13 years ago, Hansen said.


an old gold mine

Before World War I more than a million workers labored in the coal mines of Great Britain.


But Wheal Jane, Cornwall's biggest mine , has announced that it wants to extend its workings.

Deliberately he walked into the minefield, triggering off every mine and thus absorbing in his own body the entire explosion.

He was scarcely out of school before he had patented a rock-boring machine for coal mines.

In it are the different specimens of salt which are found in the mine , some of the red and white crystals.

Nothing has yet happened in the mines.

The barrier between the mines could be tunnelled through and an escape route created.

The world price for tin is high and so companies have been opening new larger mines in Cornwall.

III. verb




For centuries small amounts of coal had been mined from shallow pits.

Poor, ignorant people in coal mines and steel mills?

Later they changed to steam power, using the coal which was mined locally.

There is something about coal mining that seems to brutalize a place.

In Britain in 1690 three million tons of coal were mined .

Much of the coal mined , however, may have been consumed domestically, or used for iron-smelting or lime-burning.


Turquoise, originally considered a mere by-product of copper mining , was vigorously promoted by Waddell's father, B.C.

Salt Lake City decided in the 1970s to add high-technology development to its copper mining based economy.

Endless pollution from deep within a mountain side Iron Mountain is riddled with abandoned copper mines .

They mine the copper in the mining districts and they direct the trading stations...


The growth of data mining has led many to worry about invasions of privacy by overzealous marketers.


The file contained a gold mine .


The two cleanly scrubbed grunts had made a final discovery: land mines last and last.

Every 22 minutes a man, woman or child is killed or maimed by a land mine .

Her stance on the question of land mines has been apolitical throughout.

There are an estimated 100 million land mines in 60 countries.


Lead has been mined in this area for hundreds of years.

Most of the new settlers came here to mine for gold.

Simon mines his childhood experiences for his plays.

The border is heavily mined.

The church was built by Don Jose de la Borda, who made his fortune mining silver.


The Chechen rebels can still mount hit-and-run attacks, mining roads and ambushing convoys.

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