Meaning of MINE in English




1. the one or ones belonging to or associated with me (it is mine; mine are over there).

2 (attrib. before a vowel) archaic MY (mine eyes have seen; mine host).

Phrases and idioms:

of mine of or belonging to me (a friend of mine).

Etymology: OE min f. Gmc 2. n. & v.


1. an excavation in the earth for extracting metal, coal, salt, etc.

2 an abundant source (of information etc.).

3 a receptacle filled with explosive and placed in the ground or in the water for destroying enemy personnel, ships, etc.

4 a a subterranean gallery in which explosive is placed to blow up fortifications. b hist. a subterranean passage under the wall of a besieged fortress.

1. obtain (metal, coal, etc.) from a mine.

2 (also absol., often foll. by for) dig in (the earth etc.) for ore etc.

3 a dig or burrow in (usu. the earth). b make (a hole, passage, etc.) underground.

4 lay explosive mines under or in.


Phrases and idioms:

mine-detector an instrument for detecting the presence of mines.


mining n.

Etymology: ME f. OF mine, miner, perh. f. Celt.

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