Meaning of MOTION in English

I. noun


motion picture

the motion picture industry

motion sickness

perpetual motion

propose a motion/amendment/resolution etc

The resolution was proposed by the chairman of the International Committee.

second a motion/proposal/amendment etc

slow motion

Let’s see that goal again in slow motion.

time and motion study

travel/motion/car/sea etc sickness (= sickness that some people get while travelling )




When considering circular motion it is often easier to work in terms of the angular velocity rather than ordinary linear velocity.

In fact, each individual drop of water is describing a circular motion which takes it nowhere overall.

Why then does the sun appear to set and to have a circular motion around the Earth?

It lacks the qualities associated with the perfection of the celestial sphere: circular motion , elemental purity, immutability.

He made a circular motion with closed fingers.

Thus the poem has a circular motion corresponding to the circular shape of the object it describes.

Knead the fondant or marzipan thoroughly, using a circular motion to spread the colour evenly.

With shoes off, make a circular motion with the feet to the count of 10, Levi suggested.


The particles in a liquid, like those in a gas, are in a state of constant motion .

The constant motion of the crowds continued to stir the dust.

Though the movements are gentle and slow, each part of the body is in constant motion .

One man said his feet and eyes were in constant motion .

Leaves and small twigs in constant motion .

Loose eggs will hatch if vigorous aeration keeps them in constant motion .


The melodious sound and the forward motion ceased, and he was floating in a hazy limbo of silence, listening intently.

The train staggers into forward motion , then settles into a slow, heavy glide of about five miles per hour.


In the case of full motion video, the need for very fast information retrieval is acute.

Is full frame, full motion video really important?

First, is between 12 and 15 frames per second full motion ?

This is the rate of data transfer needed to produce television quality video in full motion on a full screen.

Using this process, full motion , full frame video can be delivered together with the full range of other media types.

It can not deliver full frame, full motion video although this may be available in later models.


The brash internet entrepreneurs of a year ago seemed to think they had discovered the financial equivalent of perpetual motion .

Then, my dear Summerlee, it is that most wonderful of devices: a perpetual motion machine!

It was in perpetual motion up to and including the moment they all sat in each other's seats.

The cyclical exchange of payments for factors of production and payments for final goods becomes a perpetual motion machine.

Within the Boundless, which is in perpetual motion , worlds, including our world, come into being and pass away.

Earthquakes line the borders of the tectonic plates and are symptoms of the perpetual motion inside our planet.

I can only trace them in their perpetual slow motion upward.

And you were accusing me of being a perpetual motion merchant.


Do the postures continuously, in graceful slow motion with each exercise leading into the next.

There also were beetles crawling on the ice in slow motion .

As he neared me his steps became more deliberate until he was in slow motion .

Everything seemed to proceed in slow motion .

The ball continues its slow but dogged motion , brakes at a patch of dust, trickles on, and mockingly drops.

He ate his tiny ration of cereal in mournful slow motion , to illustrate his unhappiness.

Most would agree, with hindsight, that everything seemed to happen in slow motion , during and after the murder.

He felt as if everyone else, the whole street, the whole afternoon, went into slow motion .



His concern was justified when the no confidence motion was defeated by only 447 votes to 412.

Defeat on a confidence motion would prompt an early general election.

He remains Prime Minister until he chooses to resign or is defeated on a confidence motion in the House.

Later on Nov. 23 the no confidence motion was defeated by 201 votes to 159, with six abstentions.

Kohl, like Brandt in 1972, engineered the vote by deliberately losing a confidence motion in the Bundestag.


Three guillotine motions were tabled for discussion of the Bill that became the Education Reform Act 1988.

A guillotine motion was carried and, after amendment, the bills were accepted.

Mr. Foot Hon. Members will not be able to have a proper debate on a guillotine motion without me.

If this guillotine motion goes through, what do I do about the thousand or so letters that I have downstairs?

Before the guillotine motion , the longest speech in those proceedings was by the then Minister of State.

It is shocking that a guillotine motion should be produced in such circumstances.

There is no doubt about it - he knows perfectly well the reason why he is introducing this guillotine motion .

Not only are guillotine motions being introduced with phenomenal frequency; they are being introduced at a very early stage.


What had to be done was that motion pictures had to be made respectable.

Those who invest with him get the motion picture -- meaning his ongoing judgment, including when to sell.

Meanwhile I was developing a liking for the motion picture business with Miss Hellen Semmens as a central point of interest.

As per above, but for motion pictures .

On a motion picture I have a team of anywhere from one hundred to two hundred people.

Creativity is required, then, for the banker as well as the motion picture director.

The revolution began with the invention of motion picture film early in the twentieth century.

She became adept at filming with a motion picture camera as well as still camera.


They were useful for treating allergic disorders and also as sedatives and remedies for motion sickness .

By manipulating how the virtual scene moves with your body movements, we may be able to help people with motion sickness .

We are investigating the possibility that motion sickness may be a factor in the unpleasantness of transportation.

They were able to read without the usual motion sickness they frequently get riding in a car.

In fact, some players report motion sickness .


In the case of full motion video , the need for very fast information retrieval is acute.

As far as motion video , in particular, is concerned, the constraints of available technology force multimedia into a seemingly impossible situation.

Full motion video is not quite within the reach of us mortals, despite the protestations of the add men.

Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 is included and adds enhanced audio, basic image and software motion video playback capabilities.

Is full frame, full motion video really important?

Now let us look at television information and gain some sense of the amount of data needed to represent motion video .

They claim that the dial up approach cuts the cost of two-way motion video by up to 90 percent.

It can not deliver full frame, full motion video although this may be available in later models.



We owe them that and I think that the House should approve the guillotine motion .


The University Labour Federation failed to carry its motion to reject the report.

He carried his motion by 44 votes to 1.


Eloquence alone was sufficient to defeat the motion .

I do not know if Nico is looking for more time, or trying to defeat the motion .

He remains Prime Minister until he chooses to resign or is defeated on a confidence motion in the House.

Earlier yesterday the government had defeated an opposition censure motion in the lower house of parliament.


Gen Jaruzelski's defence lawyers first filed a motion requesting more evidence from prosecutors before charges were laid.

So far this year, it has filed two motions for injunctions against a planned federal inquest on sects and cults.

When Acevedo refused to provide names, the city filed a motion to terminate her workers' compensation benefits.

The law requires courts to hold up most discovery proceedings until companies can file a motion to dismiss a suit.


Still others go through the motions but without any real desire to improve the relationship.

We fool ourselves by thinking we can go on automatic pilot, that we can survive by going through the motions .

The choice that is left is to go through the motions either with counterfeit conviction, or with subversion and disdain.

I could see the rounds hitting the water close to me, and everything went in slow motion .

The next moment Mrs Taxos gave a mighty yell and slapped the donkey's rump and they went into motion .

They begin to go through motions of dancing, holding on to the steel poles that support the ceiling, jerking mechanically.

But even they seemed to be going through the motions , quite without conviction.

He felt as if everyone else, the whole street, the whole afternoon, went into slow motion .


I therefore move the motion with a glass of privatised water ready to hand.

When he moves , his motions appear uncontrived.

The characters in the bar seemed to be moving with slow jarring motions .

That has continually happened when other hon. Members have sought to move the carry-over motion .

He was moving in slow motion when Jimmy let off a sudden burst that sent chunks of sidewalk flying everywhere.


Bowel training showed less social class difference possibly because there are clearer anticipating signs of passing a motion .

He passes quickly on our motions for production.

At that time there was a widespread practice of holding the child over a newspaper for passing a motion .

After hearing from about a dozen pissed-off citizens, they passed the motion 3-0.

Later the child is encouraged to pass motions while in the bathroom or lavatory.

Once this is well established the sticker is only awarded for passing a motion into the lavatory.

Luke, a 4-year-old boy, would sit on his heels in order not to pass a motion .

He refused to pass motions in the toilet and had phases of extreme stomach-ache and lethargy due to his extreme constipation.


In March 1922 Steel-Maitland proposed a strong motion of confidence in Younger that was a clear rebuke to his critics.

It would be a formality for a representative of the Assembly to ask the Archon to propose the opening motion .


I shower in lukewarm water and decide on thick white running shorts and matching top which I put on in slow motion .

The President would lose the right to put down a motion for the government's dismissal.

In July and August the process of selling the 99 separate state-owned forests was put in motion .

There was no desperate urgency, I said, but wheels should be put in motion .

Coun Peter Jones has put forward a special motion to the next full council meeting on March 26.

Mr Trimble's opponents within unionism say they will put forward a motion to exclude Sinn Fein from government.


He sat down to applause and was followed by H B Beale from Gloucestershire who seconded the motion .


The programme had lost the man responsible for setting it in motion .

A weight suspended on the end of a piece of string and then set in motion acts as a pendulum.

Once set in motion this requires only the periodic visit to negotiate such matters as price changes.

Life should do more than spin on like an idiotic top some one had set in motion but could no longer stop.

The wheels have already been set in motion .

In any case, an irresponsible control program has been set in motion without sufficient information as to its future effects.

When the glass was touched, the mechanism was set in motion .


I did not support the timetable motion and believe that my decision was right.

He could not support the motion in its entirety.

Unions supporting the motion included the transport workers, shop workers and public employees.

I hope that the House will support the motion .

We must have the proposals in it, so I hope that all my hon. Friends will support the motion .

There is no way that I will support the guillotine motion .


Mr. Renton I know that the hon. Gentleman tabled an early-day motion on the subject a short time ago.

The move came after a vote by regents indefinitely tabling a motion to rescind their July 20 vote revising admissions policies.


They wanted them to vote against a motion to ban hunting on all county council owned land.

I will be voting for the motion .

And he carried that Conservative generation to vote a motion which preferred Liberalism to Conservatism as the better future for the country.

Many councillors said they felt compelled to vote against the motion because they believed in the tenant farmers freedom of choice.

Many Opposition Members who will obey the three-line Whip and vote against the motion will do so with a heavy heart.

I was not shown as voting for the Government motion in Division 15.

The players are sure to vote in favour of the motion to play for the honour and not the cash.


put down a motion/an amendment

set the wheels in motion/set the wheels turning

table a proposal/question/motion etc

Baldwin tabled proposals which involved payments of £34 million a year.

Even our own wets will summon up the courage to table a question or two.

He has tabled a question on the issue for tomorrow's council meeting.

If the hon. Gentleman wants to table a question or write to me, I shall be glad to enlarge upon that.

The move came after a vote by regents indefinitely tabling a motion to rescind their July 20 vote revising admissions policies.

The Umpires' Association had planned to table a motion giving an official vote of support for Lamb.

vote of no-confidence/no-confidence vote/motion of no-confidence etc


a smooth throwing motion

For any exercise with a bending motion , the knees must be slightly bent.

the gentle rolling motion of the ship


All motion is of course relative.

Geometry, then, is concerned with the production of figures by various motions.

I look forward to smoother graphs of pendulum motion !

Immediately after the motion was read on the floor, it was tabled by a near-party line vote.

It takes a day at least for me to become accustomed to the motion of the ship.

Its motion can be detected - for example, by deflecting a laser beam that bounces off a mirror attached to the needle.

Older men and women are running motion offense drills, practicing low post moves.

Slow at first, the motion gathered speed until it was too dazzling for the eye to follow.

II. verb




Jane said , motioning her away.

Larwood said Jardine motioned the field to the leg side.


Assets abroad were frozen by the U. N. These events set into motion the erasure of the middle class.


set the wheels in motion/set the wheels turning

vote of no-confidence/no-confidence vote/motion of no-confidence etc


Kemp started to object, but I motioned him to be quiet.

Neil finished his meal, and then motioned to the waitress.

Seeing Bert in the doorway, I motioned for him to come in.


Dunne motioned to the bartender, who refilled their glasses again.

He motioned to the barman to refill their glasses, a feeling of satisfaction running through him.

I motioned to her to sit down and we started on the mail.

Mrs Vanya turned on a weak light, and motioned for me to sit.

The gun motions for John to rise.

The oldest daughter motioned to the third daughter, who tiptoed into the circle the women had made around the old man.

The Sheikh motioned us to sit down, left his men outside, and picked up the phone on the table.

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