Meaning of NATIONAL in English

I. adjective


a general/national election (= one in which the whole country votes to elect a government )

Labour’s victory in the general election gave them a huge majority.

a local/national/statewide etc poll

Local polls show him leading by only two or three points.

a national characteristic (= typical of the people of a country )

Organization is often seen as a German national characteristic.

a national celebration

The flag flies for a national celebration.

a national centre for/of sth

The gardens are a national centre for botanical research.

a national champion

At 16, Gallois is France's youngest national champion.

a national charity (= one that operates throughout a country )

Help the Aged is a national charity representing older people.

a national coach (= for a team that represents a whole country )

Davies was the national coach up to the 1995 World Cup.

a national collection

France has many national art collections.

a national conference

Brazil’s national conference on health

a national dance

The Tango is Argentina’s national dance.

a national disaster

The Labour Party called the new government 'a national disaster'.

a national hero

They regard Aung San as a national hero and martyr.

a national newspaper

The story was in all the national newspapers.

a national obsession (= an obsession that the whole country has )

In Britain, the weather is a national obsession.

a national paper

The story had been in all the national papers.

a national quota

Five countries maintained national quotas on imports of Japanese cars.

a national resource

High-quality agricultural land is a national resource.

a national survey

A national survey revealed that one in four 15-year-olds smokes regularly.

a national/federal commission

the National Commission on Terrorism

a national/international/European etc competition

Her oldest daughter has taken part in national competitions.

a national/nationwide campaign

The walk was part of a national campaign to raise £900,000.

a national/nationwide chain

He was head of a national chain of grocery stores.

a national/nationwide strike (= all over the country )

In April 1984 the National Union of Mineworkers called a national strike.

a national/world shortage

There is likely to be a world shortage of timber in the future.

be national/international/global in scope (= include a whole country, several countries, or the whole world )

Some markets are local while others are national or international in scope.

central/national government (= that deals with national rather than local things )

Funding will continue to be available from central government for further education for adults.

gross national product

local/national importance

Crime is an issue of national importance.

local/national/international coverage (= provided by local, national etc media )

Bangladesh doesn't get much international coverage.

national anthem

national concern

The lack of good cheap public transport is a matter of national concern.

national costume

The dancers were in national costume .

national costume

folk dancers in national costume

national culture

Sport is a major part of our national culture.

National Curriculum

national debate (= one that involves everyone in a country )

It is time to start a national debate on the future of the health service.

national debt

The government taxed fuel highly in order to finance the national debt.

national dress

national emblem

The national emblem of Canada is a maple leaf.

national fame

Her oil paintings won her national fame.

national grid (= the electricity supply in a country )

the national grid

National Grid

National Guard

National Health Service, the

national honour

For him this is a matter of both personal and national honour.

national independence

The struggle for national independence lasted over 20 years.

National Insurance

national legislation

National legislation defines the powers of local authorities.

national loyalty

National loyalties can be a cause of conflict between countries.

national monument

national park

Yosemite National Park

national politics

Mark had always been keen to have a career in national politics.

national pride (= pride in your country )

A flag is a symbol of national pride.

national publicity

Candidates aim to get national publicity during election campaigns.

national radio

He even went on national radio to defend himself and his players.

national register

Police want a national register of DNA samples.

national security

The number of people who join the army is so low that it is beginning to threaten national security.

national service

national statistics

National statistics greatly underestimate levels of heroin use.

national stereotypes

Such cartoons show how persistent national stereotypes are.

national television

The President went on national television to appeal for calm.

national/international consensus

There was no international consensus on how to deal with the situation.

national/international headlines

The story made national headlines.

national/international/worldwide recognition

Like many pianists, he first achieved international recognition by winning a competition.

national/local expenditure (= money spent by national or local government )

There have been cuts in local expenditure on education.

national/state boundaries (= boundaries between countries or states )

Big companies usually aim to expand outside national boundaries.

national/state lottery

national/state security (= security of a country )

Did the article contain any information that is damaging to national security?

national/state/county park

the Lake District National Park

of world/international/national stature

Armstrong was a musician of world stature.

on a national scale (= involving the whole country )

The survey was carried out on a national scale.

state/national/federal etc legislature

the state legislature of Virginia

the local/national currency (= the type of money that a particular country uses )

The local currency of Zambia is the 'kwacha'.

the local/national/domestic economy (= in one particular country or area )

The new factory has given a massive boost to the local economy.

the national average

The murder rate in the city has risen to four times the national average .

the national championship

the Canadian National Championship

the National Curriculum (= the curriculum set by the government for schools in England and Wales )

the national debt (= the total amount that is owed by the government of a country )

Their national debt is the third largest in the world.

the national gallery (= owned by the country )

Edinburgh has three national galleries.

the national income (= the income of a country )

A large proportion of the national income comes from food exports.

the national press

There was very little about the incident in the national press.

the national scene

The magazine gives an overview of the national music scene.

the national team

He coached the Italian national team.

the national trend

Crime rates in Manchester bucked the national trend.

the national/federal/state budget

He has a plan to balance the federal budget.

the national/local media

The case received enormous publicity in the national media.

the public/national mood (= the mood of the people in a country )

The public mood was one of anger and frustration.




One of its first actions was to endorse Putin's idea of restoring the Soviet national anthem written for Joseph Stalin.

Jeffrey Osborne will come back to sing the national anthem .

More and more countries compete, as nations fragment: the bands at Atlanta need the music for 197 national anthems .

And the national anthem will be played by...

She too held her head high as they announced the fight and played the national anthems .

Some memorable moments also have come during the singing of the national anthem .

When people sing our national anthem , they raise their fists and then the battle-cry is echoed: Amandla Ngawethu!

It addresses everything from how players should stand during the national anthem to how long their hair is.


However, with a higher age structure, compared with the national average , demand continues to outstrip supply.

The national average was $ 18, 778.

Car ownership rates are higher in rural areas than the national average .

In the same period, the national average dropped from 19 percent to 18 percent.

In that way, people can see how effective the organisation is against other providers or against a regional or national average .

It's more than ten percent down on the national average .

By 1981, unemployment for those living in the cities was 50 percent higher than the national average .

It used to have less unemployment than the regional or national average .


There were many other large new deals, mergers and alliances both within nations and across national boundaries .

International marketing is an expensive proposition, since tastes differ across national boundaries .

Economic transnational practices Economic transnational practices are economic practices that transcend national boundaries .

Teams form over national boundaries and across multiple time zones.

Variations of definitions and standard coding schemes across national boundaries or through time are a particular problem.

For thousands of years their people knew no national boundaries .

Basically it emphasised not the state, but class solidarity across frontiers and dismissed national boundaries as comparatively unimportant.

United Kingdom will show leadership in financing the consolidation of industries across national boundaries .


He won the national championship in one season and finished fairly high in another season.

Last year, Florida rode Mike Miller's miracle against Butler to a berth in the national championship game.

Another way of getting yourself noticed is in the national championships organised by your governing body.

Sixty-two points in the national championship game, Jack.

However, he shows great commitment to the crew's development from novices to contenders for the national championships .

For winning back-to-back national championships , the Huskers were rather matter-of-fact about it all Tuesday night.

I was in a kind of athletic limbo, in between national championship class and true international standard.

Our goals include winning the national championship , and the Big Ten and beating Michigan.


At a national conference I met a woman convenor of a local group of refuse collectors; she had ten children.

The soldiers had demanded the resumption of the national conference .

The question of whether a national conference should be held was reportedly also under discussion.

The change of policy was decided at a national conference in Cologne.

Wolff announced his move at the national conference of Age Concern on Monday.

The first national conference of the Cooperative Party set the agenda.

The first national conference for lesbians and gays with disabilities is currently being organized to take place early in 1988.

The government, however, refused to countenance demands for a sovereign national conference .


The advent of a national curriculum in this country may change this situation.

Boggle Junior will complement the national curriculum .

Why have we decided to relate the responsibility and the duty to the national curriculum ?

What could I tell the parents about the national curriculum ?

Although teachers flinch at such international comparisons, most of them are surprisingly enthusiastic about the national curriculum .

Moreover, continental experience of a national curriculum suggests that once it is in place, achieving change is extremely difficult.

Most of the time the new national curriculum will itself prevent controversy arising.

Tests, boycotts, national curriculum , funding.


The other reality-national debt too low and government spending departments chronically unable to raise investment-will be forgotten.

On that same day, the Treasury Department will run out of money to pay off the national debt .

They could buy out national debts , hold governments to ransom, close down whole economies if they wanted to.

Third, it would seriously increase the risk of default on our national debt .

The recession has deepened, the huge national debt has increased, the people's lot worsened.

The result was the ballooning national debt .

The implications for one major question of dynamic incidence - the burden of the national debt - are developed in Section 8-5.

Joseph Harker To whom do we owe the national debt ?


The growth of rural manufacturing and commercial dealings served to reinforce the integration of both into a single national economy .

On the downside, all say the slowing national economy will hinder Texas growth.

The world economic system is as blind, irrational and without subject as was the former system of national economy .

But now, with the national economy leaner and personal budgets tighter, an energized public is demanding more accountability.

Moreover, throughout all these swings, London has retained a peculiar importance within the national economy as a whole.

Dayton embodies all of the contradictory elements of a national economy in transition.

With the current trend of services contribution and manufacturing to the national economy , services outweigh manufacturing by far.

A larger problem is that the flat tax would work havoc in the national economy , and nobody knows what to expect.


Participation is measured using voter turnout, or the percentage of the eligible voters who actually voted in national elections .

In national elections each candidate usually had the backing of one or more of the leading papers.

The arrangement sprang out of Compaq winning a contract to supply hardware, which was used to manage the 1991 national elections .

The essential characteristics of national elections in the United States and Britain are contrasted in Table 5.1.

S.-brokered peace agreement in Bosnia as 2. 9 million people prepare to vote in national elections scheduled Saturday.

Two recent polls showed he would draw more than 20 percent of the vote in a national election .

Even for the last remaining superpower, domestic issues, not foreign matters, dominate national elections .


Although Mrs Thatcher insists that accountability should exclusively be through national governments to national parliaments, this is not favoured by others.

With internationalization, national governments lose many of their traditional levers of economic control.

Walid Jumblatt represents their political demands and their claim to a seat in the national government .

Representative David Bard of Pennsylvania proposed that the national government levy a tax on each slave imported.

Clearly, controlling such organisations is beyond the regulatory capacity of national governments .

The national government under the Articles had neither the authority nor the force to suppress domestic disturbances.

Indeed, the years since 1979 have witnessed a continuing struggle between local and national government .

They expected the national government to provide them with some protection against intimidation and violence, but no assistance was forthcoming.


Some people are very committed to the belief that weight loss is a national health problem.

The position, as the Government have repeatedly made clear, is that trusts will remain part of the national health service.

Yet his policies on everything from national health care to defense have lacked the details that voters usually demand.

Yarborough advocated national health care and workplace safety and preserving nature for everybody to enjoy.

On two days out of three in 1988 the air exceeded national health standards.


He was a national hero and now he had the leverage to change golf.

His exploits on the Colorado River had made him a national hero , the most celebrated adventurer since Lewis and Clark.

This boy is a celebrity here, a national hero .

Brave, adventurous, single-minded, he died a national hero .

Charismatic, charming, he'd become a national hero .

At Silverstone, Hunt was the national hero .

Punjabis are now with the police, and Mr Gill is a national hero .


Previously, our research has been conducted in contexts where there was usually a willingness to claim a national identity .

Try problems involving differences in gender, race, religion, political persuasion, national identity , or the like...

At the same time it also indicates a polarisation of national identities .

For it is a conflict that goes to the core of our national identity .

Orthodoxy and national identity were inextricably intertwined, and religious leaders became the spokesmen of national revolt.

For Christians it defined a national identity from which they were excluded.

It's just like the old national identity card argument.

They have largely vindicated his belief in the tenacity of national identities and the superficiality of ideological systems.


Thus, the higher the Gini coefficient, the more unequal is the distribution of national income .

That means that the ratio of our debt to our national income is coming down.

Between 1850 and 1914 population doubled, urban population tripled and national income more than tripled.

Hence an adjustment should be based on labor income only, not on national income per worker.

There are two other possible uses of the national income figures that we should mention.

Column 3 shows in both absolute and relative terms the portion of the national income originating in the various industries.

The third-round effect of the increase in government expenditure will be a further increase of £16 million in national income .

In the remainder of the book, we follow convention and use the term national income .


It is interesting to note that they come from the same stable that brought us the national insurance surcharge.

Can the right hon. Gentleman explain how the costs of extending national insurance or raising taxation will help employment?

It is the national insurance contributions that have become the second largest element, with 17 percent of the total.

It is the Labour party which wants to increase tax by extending national insurance .

Many women have now moved voluntarily to paying the full national insurance contribution.

We now know that the Opposition's approach to national insurance would mean a something-for-nothing society.

Such an approach ensures that those who are poor gain the full national insurance benefit increases.

The sum remaining from his fees will be subject to further deductions for income tax, national insurance and national insurance self-employed tax.


The national interest lies in all the nation's resources being put to the most advantageous use possible.

Other stations demanded that we cancel the show in the national interest .

Liberal policy was unpatriotic because it recognised other national interests and threatened dissolution of the empire.

Your game is disappearing from the radar screen of national interest at an alarming rate.

Mediating the differences between these groups and guiding them towards mutually agreed goals is the overriding notion of the national interest .

An official fails when he or she identifies the national interest too closely with the interests of his or her own constituency.

By the end of 1990, taking account of all national interests , thirty three companies are now involved in Eureka 90.

Internal problems Inevitably achieving general agreement on market completion involved a delicate balancing of national interests .


Although no longer a barren exchange, they do not represent outline agreements to be followed at the national level .

But on the national level they are novices, limited specialists or largely unknown quantities.

Altogether the reshuffle involved 12 officials at regional and national level .

Although no talks were scheduled locally over the weekend, negotiations continued on a national level in Detroit.

At the national level the concern is with the education system as a whole rather than with individual schools.

Nevertheless, on the national level 1980 turned out to be a politically devastating year.

However, there are problems in using it at national level .

Historically, party-switching at the national level has been relatively rare.


I agree with my hon. Friend about the usefulness of a national lottery .

To supply these funds he reestablished the national lottery which afforded the government about one hundred thousand duros a year.

Key elements of the new department will be the introduction of a national lottery and of a Millennium Fund.

The organisers of the pools believe that huge jackpots are their best weapon in fighting the threat posed by a national lottery .

A new national lottery to aid sport, the arts and the national heritage.

He will take over responsibility for broadcasting from the Home Office in addition to administering the new national lottery .

One of his tasks will be to bring in the national lottery .


Andy would like to see canoeing increasing a lot but it needs marketing outside the trade through the national media .

Its conspicuous lack of charm took two major hits in the national media in the last month alone.

Guidelines for making women visible in the national media will be developed and distributed to provincial offices and media organisations.

The basic principle of diversity of media ownership and freedom of entry should serve as an essential guideline for national media policy.

Particularly interesting will be how rivalries are both conceived of by fans themselves, and represented in local and national media .

The national media made her a heroine, status richly deserved, and the sympathy grew even more.

Many incidents go unreported in the national media .

The couple has been mindful of the national media attention.


A national network for those wanting to join the Men's Movement is another of his projects.

One of the shortcomings of cellular infrastructure has been the lack of a seamless national network .

It was to be broadcast over the national network every Saturday.

In 1940, Lewis could give a speech and all three national networks would carry it live.

Material which starts out at regional may also go on to be used on the national networks .

A national network television audience can judge for itself when the Suns visit the Lakers and attempt to break a two-game skid.

There are more than 65 local Protestant radio stations, many of which are linked through national networks .

Each country runs a national network that links to a host computer in a research institution that acts as a national hub.


Suddenly the Elsie McAndrew affair was in the national news headlines.

The fire se ted this flood from the dozen-or-so others that make national news every year.

The national news agency and the major publishing houses struck.

The national news magazines have never granted her a cover story or a frill appreciation.

Brian Flannery spoke on the national news reports from the festival site.

Petrolia had been on the national news .

Much important political or national news is likely to be announced over the radio.

A man saying the same makes national news .


Wednesday Morning Norman Fowler, the chairman of the Party, was awakened early by the delivery of the national newspapers .

A national newspaper claimed yesterday that the scheme had been abandoned due to a lack of government backing.

Shortly before the debate, a sensational attack on lesbian and gay Christians was published by a national newspaper .

Contemporary national newspapers display a number of different positions at all three levels.

Read in studio A former maid of the Princess Royal has won the right to sue a national newspaper .

Or as city editor of a national newspaper ?

One was reported in a national newspaper and one in a local newspaper.

The cost of 1,000 sample poll is around £50,000 which is eventually paid by readers of national newspapers .


Furthermore, these changes have spread to not only the more isolated areas but also to the protected landscapes of national parks .

Part of gate from the national parks ?

Many poor countries neglect their national parks .

Others volunteer in national parks in return for free camping.

Gemsbok national park is also rich in wildlife and is very popular with visitors.

The vast expanse of Exmoor national park starts at Combe Martin.

There is no relaxation of planning controls in national parks , areas of outstanding natural beauty and existing conservation areas.

Unlike national parks in some other countries, these are not supposed to be wilderness or isolated areas.


Its national policy has opened the door to the West: and that means Western food.

Scapegoating has become national policy in the United States.

Ethical guidelines are needed to undergird national policies for information.

Certainly national policy should upgrade and open education for the new economic times.

But the results are so late in arriving that they will have only a limited influence on national policies for coronary prevention.

And their influence on national policy has been pronounced.

Recommendations on appointing representatives from Aboriginal communities to various local and national policy boards have been implemented.

This very brief review of about ten conservation programmes can not make the case that all national policies fail.


For its part, Golkar met criticism of its ineffectual performance in national politics by adopting a more assertive image.

One of the strongest factors to be reckoned with in national politics was the press.

Dorset gentry were irritated at Dorchester folk's disregard of their social superiors; national politics brought disaster.

Occidental has long been active in local and national politics .

Only five years ago, Mrs Shephard - the new Employment Secretary - was unknown to national politics .

It involved both disease ideology and national politics .

Devoting his energies to national politics , Adenauer had become President of the Parliamentary Council in 1948-9.

For those afflicted with the notion that national politics is on the level and two-dimensional, the following yarn is logical.


As Table 6.1 shows, the national press kept a remarkably steady share, in the region of 16 - 19 percent.

It was the kind of scenario that, eventually, inevitably, would draw the national press like bees to honey.

We decided that for the Capital Guarantee Bond we would advertise in the national press .

But the national press has published nothing about the ambiguity surrounding the Milwaukee Project.

The initiative as a whole was criticised both by clients and the national press .

The national press can see him any time.

Yet this epidemic of self-inflicted slaughter seems to pass us by with little front page news in the national Press .


A purely national project, however, can give a country's astronomers more freedom of choice, and assuages national pride .

Those whose job it is to attract investment say the issue of national pride is an old one.

It's good to see such national pride .

First discovery of things astronomical has become a matter of national pride .

Still, there were moments when national pride asserted itself.


Gross national product fell 5.8 percent in January-February 1991 compared with the same period in 1990.

So, more marginally, has the competitive prestige that goes with expanding national product .

Spending on health has risen from 4.7 percent of the gross national product in 1979 to 5.7.

Net national product exceeds national income by the amount of indirect business taxes-sales and excise taxes, primarily.

Removal of technical barriers Technical barriers to trade arise from differing national product regulations and standards.

Gross and net national product for the United Kingdom, 1987.

Britain's gross national product weighs in at around £250 billion; that is, P£6250.


Paul had given public undertakings on national radio and television that it would.

Mather its advertising agency in charge of buying commercial spots on national radio networks.

Following the announcement of the revised schedule the premises of the national radio station were briefly occupied by a group of soldiers.

Soldiers again briefly took over the national radio station on Dec. 15 to broadcast their demands.

Thousands turn up for parties every weekend and tune in to the national radio show he does with Djaimin.

By writing for a national radio network, I would enjoy the best of both worlds.

Only national radio and television stations controlled by the military were broadcasting news.

This meant the end, in 1972, of the old system of regional variations on the national radio network.


Condoleezza Rice, as national security adviser, can supply both.

Deputy national security adviser Sandy Berger and deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes also are candidates.

An amnesty was also granted to a number of unidentified people being held for breach of national security .

Not only is it an urgent national security issue, it must be treated as such.

He gave his evidence in Tehran's revolutionary court, which deals with matters that threaten national security .

In a radio address to the nation a few days later, Rooseveltjustified lend-lease as essential to national security .


Jehovah's Witnesses' religious beliefs precludes them from undertaking compulsory national service .

Its pages brimmed with the idealism, patriotism, and commitment to national service that Groton instilled in its young charges.

He, in turn, said it was not; he merely regarded national service as a waste of time.

The defence that ministers offered for excluding national services was always hollow.

Other young men followed, some after national service in the Soviet army, or university training.

By contrast defence expenditure was cut, chiefly by reducing national service from 14 months to 12.

Other race groups are not required to do national service .

Maybe he'd joined a ship, he'd done his national service in the navy.


The Chief Executive also makes arrangement for an independent annual national survey of client satisfaction.

A 1995 national survey of more than 1, 000 restaurant and fast-food workers reflected the findings of Lewicki and his colleagues.

Unfortunately, these national surveys do not usually collect this type of information.

A recent national survey by the Families and Work Institute provides still more insight into employees' priorities.

However, the first national survey of Labour party members, conducted in 1989/90, suggested otherwise.

According to a national survey of 50 salons, requests for red hair outnumber those for blond for the first time.

Each of the four countries is to submit a report based on national surveys in March 1992.

The latest national survey for the Pew Research Center found a majority of those questioned tend to disbelieve Clinton.


Chapman's revolutionary ideas extended also to the running of the national team .

Several more emerging players joined the national team as the year progressed.

Yet the status accorded to the national team is grudging.

It was the first time that the national team had ever trained in a black area.

Only once since 1988 has the national team gone so long between matches.

Confidence is one of the key qualities you acquire from being on a national team .

That 10-year agreement is worth about $ 105m, and covers all the country's national teams , including junior and women.


Following a national television appeal, callers have phoned the police with details of connections in London and Cardiff.

But Mr Walesa had the perfect comeback: Taking to national television , he proudly waved his 1963 diploma.

Three major national television documentaries, including one on the work of the local Drugs Squad, brought Wirral to national attention.

She is on national television commercials.

In a schedule that should be released next week, the Eagles will have at least four national television appearances next season.

And when the Raiders whip you on national television , no one forgets.

By himself, Woods can create dramatic ratings shifts on national television by playing in a tournament, any tournament.

Meanwhile, three other candidates demonstrated for a national television audience their growing irrelevance to the struggle for the nomination.


For all his weaknesses and crimes, Mobutu's sense of national unity never failed him.

In a pluralistic country of 13, 000 islands, good transport is considered essential to national unity .

The implicit justification in terms of national unity is also a rationalization in this sense.

Mr Clark and Mr Chrétien may indeed contrive to rebuild national unity on a new set of compromises.

It is not so much a Labour government as a government of national unity .

The constitutional rights of the people which exist on paper were withheld for the sake of national unity .

An image of national unity should be portrayed even if this was not a true reflection of reality.

I believe in a unity candidate who will form a government of national unity.


at local/state/national etc level

Bureaucracy, long absent from the country, was making a rapid return, both at central and at local levels .

Even the left-wing parties that may yet form the government have a record of economic reform at state level .

First, of course, there really does need to be a range of choices available at local level .

He believes everyone has ideas worthy of attention and that earth-saving decisions are best made at local level .

In keeping with the rank-and-file strength of the movement, however, pressure was applied most effectively at local level .

It has also highlighted the differential at local level .

The decision has generated sheafs of proposed new abortion legislation, pro and anti, at state level .

be in the national/public interest

An improper and dominant motive would have to be shown for revealing matters which would normally be in the public interest .

As such, redevelopment may be in the public interest even if it conflicts with local policy.

Matters are somewhat different when we come to dispositions where the modus is in the public interest .

The 1916 Senate hearings produced no debate on the question of whether concern about leprosy was in the national interest .

The insistence that emancipation was in the national interest expressed this.

The judge rejected the argument that publication of the information in an article would be in the public interest .

The period can be extended if continued secrecy is deemed to be in the public interest .

the National Curriculum

the National Grid

the National Guard


national forests

a national policy for energy

Alitalia is the national airline of Italy.

our national defense

Poles embrace Chopin as a national hero.

Sabena, Belgium's national airline

the National Museum of Film and Photography in Bradford

The national news comes on at 18:30.

The unemployment rate here is much higher than the national average.

Winners of the regional competitions compete in the national finals.

Woodson appeared on national television.

Yosemite National Park


Already, they have contributed to great national mood swings.

Clinton has called for a national conversation on race.

Even if most figures for waste are not overestimates, national statistics tell a less-than-apocalyptic tale.

In several countries, technical assistance salaries now exceed national public service pay-rolls.

The increase in male cancer rates in South-West Cumbria are in line with the national trends over the same period. 4.

The prison system is big business which is becoming integrated into the national and local economies.

The use of a national access network to deliver materials and services to classroom teachers and library media specialists. 2.

There will, for the first time, be a national standard against which a pupil's performance may be measured.

II. noun




It is irrelevant that the partners are foreign nationals and resident at the time of service outside the jurisdiction.

For many years now, more than half the engineering doctorates awarded in the United States have gone to foreign nationals .

If you go over that line and are a foreign national , you get arrested.

George told Pat of a number of foreign nationals who are imprisoned at present for being found witnessing as Christians.


About 4000 French nationals live in Zaire.

During the war, foreign nationals were forced to leave the country.

There are many Russian nationals living in Frankfurt.


A residence requirement applying without discrimination to nationals and nationals of other member states was held in Robert Fearon & Co.

But the nationals quickly expanded: they overtook the provincials in 1923 and by 1945 sold almost twice as many copies.

But they can still be loan-tied, which means the nationals will still effectively control these outlets.

The nationals control the bulk of production.

There should be pre-qualifying tournaments around the country before they come to the nationals.

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