Meaning of NATIONAL in English

I. ˈnashən ə l, -shnəl, -ˈnaash-, ˈnaish- adjective

Etymology: Middle French, from nation + -al

1. : of or relating to a nation: as

a. : of, affecting, or involving a nation as a whole especially as distinguished from subordinate areas

the national desire to win a war — E.L.Bernays

the Republican party is not national in scope — Arthur Krock

national newspapers

national advertising

— compare local

b. : of, relating to, or affecting one nation as distinguished from several nations or a supranational group

protected only by national action in concert with that of another power — O.W.Holmes †1935

the basis … is neither national nor continental but planetary — Lewis Mumford

a national king

— compare international

c. : identified with or symbolic of a specific nation

regards wine and brandy as national beverages — G.G.Weigend

the national poet of the empire — James Bryce

national game

national flower

national costume

d. : having a size or importance of significance for a nation as a whole

his performances … brought him national distinction — Providence (R.I.) Evening Bulletin

a vice-president … is not a national figure in the fullest sense — R.H.Rovere

2. : nationalist

intensely national

3. : of, having the characteristics of, or being a nationality

his national accent was plainly audible — Elinor Wylie

the doctrine of national self-determination acquired greater prominence — Oscar Handlin

the various national groups that settled in the state — American Guide Series: Pennsylvania

4. : of, maintained, or sponsored by the government of a nation

one mile from a national tarred road — advt

one of four national cemeteries in Louisiana — American Guide Series: Louisiana

a national park

5. : of, relating to, or being a government formed in a parliamentary system by representatives of most or all major political parties usually in a period of crisis

6. usually capitalized : of, relating to, or constituting a minor political party composed of the Greenbackers

7. usually capitalized : of, relating to, or being a major political party in New Zealand generally favoring private enterprise and tending to represent agricultural and business as contrasted with labor interests

the anti-Labour forces represented in the National party are miscellaneous — Alexander Brady

II. noun

( -s )

1. : one that owes permanent allegiance to a nation without regard to place of residence or to possession of a more formal status (as that of citizen or subject)

citizens of Guam and nationals but not citizens of the United States — D.L.Oliver

under that act a person might be a Canadian national without being a British subject — T.N.M.Buesst

American nationals in China

2. : national blue

3. : the national or major competition held in various sports — usually used in plural

runner-up to the champion in the nationals — Springfield (Massachusetts) Union

4. : an organization (as a fraternity or labor union) having local units on a nationwide basis

Synonyms: see citizen

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