Meaning of NATIONAL in English

adj. & n.


1. of or common to a nation or the nation.

2 peculiar to or characteristic of a particular nation.


1. a citizen of a specified country, usu. entitled to hold that country's passport (French nationals).

2 a fellow countryman.

3 (the National) Grand National.

Phrases and idioms:

national anthem a song adopted by a nation, expressive of its identity etc. and intended to inspire patriotism. National Assembly

1. an elected house of legislature in various countries.

2 hist. the elected legislature in France 1789-91.

National Assistance hist.

1. (in Britain) the former official name for supplementary benefits under National Insurance.

2 such benefits. national bank US a bank chartered under the federal government. national convention US a convention of a major political party, nominating candidates for the presidency etc. national debt the money owed by a State because of loans to it. national football Austral. Australian Rules football. National Front a UK political party with extreme reactionary views on immigration etc.

national grid Brit.

1. the network of high-voltage electric power lines between major power stations.

2 the metric system of geographical coordinates used in maps of the British Isles. National Guard (in the US) the primary reserve force partly maintained by the States but available for federal use. National Health (or Health Service) (in the UK) a system of national medical care paid for mainly by taxation and started in 1948. national income the total money earned within a nation. National Insurance (in the UK) the system of compulsory payments by employed persons (supplemented by employers) to provide State assistance in sickness, unemployment, retirement, etc. national park an area of natural beauty protected by the State for the use of the general public. national service Brit. hist. service in the army etc. under conscription. National Socialism hist. the doctrines of nationalism, racial purity, etc., adopted by the Nazis. National Socialist hist. a member of the fascist party implementing National Socialism in Germany, 1933-45. National Trust (in the UK, Australia, etc.) an organization for maintaining and preserving historic buildings etc.


nationally adv.

Etymology: F (as NATION)

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