Meaning of NATURAL in English

I. adjective


a natural boundary (= a river, line of mountains etc that form a boundary )

Here, the Andes form a natural boundary between Argentina and Chile.

a natural cycle

the natural cycle of birth and death

a natural desire

Kids have a natural desire to find out about new things.

a natural disaster (= caused by nature )

In recent years there has been an increase in weather-related natural disasters.

a natural hazard (= a hazard caused by nature )

One of the most widespread natural hazards is flooding.

a natural impulse

My natural impulse was to shout for help.

a natural instinct

I followed my natural instinct to run away.

a natural leader/a born leader (= someone who naturally has all the qualities needed to be a leader )

He has the confidence of a born leader.

a natural phenomenon (= one that happens in nature )

Natural phenomena such as the appearance of comets intrigued him.

a natural process

Birth is a natural process.

a natural reaction

Anger is a natural reaction if you feel undervalued.

a natural remedy

She began to look into alternative methods of treatment, such as natural remedies and hypnotherapy.

a natural sense of sth (= a natural ability )

She did not have a natural sense of direction.

a natural successor

Murray was viewed as the natural successor to Henman as Britain's top player.

a natural tendency (= one you are born with )

His recent experiences had reinforced a strong natural tendency towards caution.

a natural/logical consequence (= that naturally/logically follows sth )

Obviously disappointment is a natural consequence of defeat.

a primal/instinctive/basic/natural urge (= a natural urge that all people have )

Every animal has an instinctive urge to survive.

artificial/natural lighting

die a natural death (= of natural causes, rather than being killed )

The coroner concluded that Wilkins had died a natural death.

die of/from natural causes (= die of illness, old age etc, not because of an accident or crime )

He died from natural causes, believed to be a heart attack.

natural ability ( also innate ability formal ) (= an ability that you are born with )

He didn't have the natural ability of his brother.

Babies have an innate ability to do simple maths.

natural aptitude

He has a natural aptitude for teaching.

natural beauty

an area of outstanding natural beauty

natural charm

She had a quiet natural charm that everyone liked.

natural childbirth

natural curiosity

The children are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity, and learn about what interests them.

natural curls

You're lucky if you have natural curls.

natural decay

Everything in our environment is subject to natural decay.

Natural England

natural gas (= gas used for cooking and heating, taken from under the earth or from under the sea )

The main part of natural gas is methane.

natural gas

natural history

the Natural History Museum

natural inclination

My natural inclination was to say no.

natural light (= light produced by the sun )

The only natural light came from two high windows.

natural philosophy

natural pigments

The artist Sandy Lee uses natural pigments in her work.

natural progression

the natural progression of the disease

natural reserve

She overcame her own natural reserve .

natural resource

a country with abundant natural resources

natural resources

We support the sustainable use of natural resources.

natural science

natural selection

natural talent

Ronaldo is a player of immense natural talent.

natural wastage


We use only natural ingredients in our products.

natural/synthetic/man-made etc fibre

Nylon is a man-made fibre.

sb's biological/natural parents

Most children are reared by their natural parents.

sth’s natural habitat (= the type of place where an animal or plant usually lives or grows )

She studies gorillas in their natural habitat.

sth’s natural state

There's a plan to return large areas of farmland to their natural state.

the natural balance

Chemicals will upset the natural balance of the pond.

the natural environment

Current methods of farming are damaging the natural environment.

understandable/natural reluctance

He had an understandable reluctance to accuse his friend of lying.




When this care of old people is short-lived, the inevitable prelude to death, it is accepted as natural .

If Knapp is right, and desire is as natural as eating, then it exists in all of us.

Family conferences are best conducted in as natural a manner as possible.

Second, it could prevent us from dealing expeditiously with emergencies such as natural disasters or military threats.

To him, rope dancing was as natural as breathing.

For example, the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis has the ability to produce crystalline spores which act as natural insecticides.

But just as dramatic and, maybe, just as natural .


Yet, when you came down to it, what was more natural than murder?

Nothing could have been more natural than to deify this powerful and benevolent force.

It is more prudent, more rational and more natural to use organic materials - manures.

But civilized society is not more natural than more degenerate social states.

It also accounts for poetry being a more natural instrument of its literary expression than fiction or drama.

Homosexuality can therefore feel more natural to many men than their comparatively laborious, expensive, and frustrating pursuits of young women.

I find it a more natural environment.

A more natural line evolved as bathing suit and fabric technology was improved to push, pull and lift invisibly.


Talking over a drink; the most natural of interactions.

Moreover, the most natural thing of all about evolution is that some natures will be pitted against others.

This chapter has considered the two most natural methods of recognition used by humans - speech and writing.

Iii any primitive tribe, rule by male fighters is the most natural form of government.

He'd no patience with women putting on airs and moaning about the most natural thing in the world.

In fact it does the most natural thing, which is to go round the end of the opening.

I learned all this in the most natural way of all by talking to other patients.

There is no doubt, though, that Kasparov's sealed move is the most natural .


It was only natural that some of them would go wrong from time to time.

It was only natural for them to become as protective of Bapi as they were of the tiniest infants in their care.

Which, from the way the power grew in him, palpably week by week, I took to be only natural .

It was only natural that Ray McGovern should speak first.

Add to this huge amounts of institutional funds, Eurodollars and oil money and volatility seems only natural .

Under the circumstances, it was only natural that religious life be focused on their gods of war.

So had the child's family - that was only natural .

To my mind, it was an unreasonable expectation, but to theirs, it was only natural and perfectly reasonable.


It wasn't strange, but perfectly natural to be in Sien's company, her and the children.

It seemed perfectly natural that the centre and bow areas of our raft were permanently awash.

This is, as Morrissey well knows, a perfectly natural human condition.

Both Duvall and Jones have reached that level of acting where it all seems perfectly natural .

It was all perfectly natural , or should have been.

Pregnancy is a perfectly natural physical state, remember?

But Mr Mellor said it was a perfectly natural request to make.

She told herself she was just feeling a biological urge. Perfectly natural .



Adam's natural ability impressed Jenny.

I took it to heart: There was something wrong with me, a natural ability lacking.

Your natural ability is the thing that should emerge, and if you have been well coached the coaching won't show.

He shared her natural ability to understand horses, her insight into how their minds worked.

He seems to have a natural ability which encourages plants to grow well.

I had a natural ability to entirely forget the theatre when at home, and viceversa, which was extremely useful.

He didn't have the natural ability of his brother, Red, but he was bigger and stronger.

Offiah is fortunate to be blessed with great natural ability and he is certainly the most marketable asset in Rugby League.


The Province Northern Ireland is justly famous for its great natural beauty and the warmth and hospitality of its people.

We still have a great deal of space and a great deal of natural beauty .

Formerly farmland, it's in the Blythe Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty with topography just made for golf.

And then, invigorated by the fresh air and natural beauty , we headed back towards Marloes.

Traffic is horrendous, walking dangerous and any semblance of natural beauty largely absent.

The verderers also have powers for the preservation of the natural beauty and the flora and fauna of the forest.

Our grandchildren should not have to live in a world stripped of its natural beauty .


The machine was not switched off, but Mr Lavelle died of natural causes , police said.

He then went to live with his paternal grandparents, who died of natural causes soon after his placement with them.

Voice over A postmortem has revealed the man died from natural causes , there are no suspicious circumstances.

Park officials defended their care of Yaka, insisting she died of natural causes after a lengthy illness.

The statistics include heart attacks and other natural causes as well as accidents to hikers, climbers, and mountain workers.

Another researcher has suggested a similar explanation based on natural causes .

The coroner recorded a verdict of death due to natural causes .

The unfairness lay in the fact that these very poor harvests were mainly the result of natural causes .


Most would recover if the disease were let to run its natural course .

I was wondering about the possibility of a wholly natural course on it, a course tended largely by sheep.

Maybe some things were better left to the natural course of time.

Diverse management would happen in the natural course of things without paying excruciatingly careful attention to balance.

And then, in the natural course of events, I would hope there would be children.

That is not to say that Reagan was not content to see socialists replaced by conservatives in the natural course of events.

Let time take its natural course .


Is it surprising that he should die a natural death from a heart attack?

Sometimes I think they just want to let the whole thing die a natural death .

But assisting her investigations into a perfectly natural death as if it were murder was little short of lunacy.

Cause he died of natural death .

His father seemed a more promising candidate for that role and he had died a natural death .

There just aren't enough natural deaths .

The Revolution remained a military sedition and appeared likely to die a natural death .

Company support slipped away and the adhesives programme died a natural death .


Newsgroups are also highly popular as a means of tracing family members who may have fled conflict or natural disaster .

During recent natural disasters , the Federal Emergency Management Agency has quickly sent out relief checks to thousands of residents.

And the engineering marvel turned out to be a slow-motion natural disaster .

It can happen very quickly, as is clear to anyone who has experienced a natural disaster .

They often have coping skills gained from surviving previous natural disasters or wars.

But we have known the trauma of one natural disaster after another.

Wars, slumps, natural disasters - not a dicky bird.

Adults may develop the disorder after being involved in a traumatic experience such as war or a natural disaster .


In classical biological control, a natural enemy is introduced to control an organism that has become a pest in its absence.

Reactive techniques like reorganization, retrenchment, and restriction are the natural enemies of organizational innovation.

The doctrine rested on the assumption that the country had no natural enemies and advanced no territorial claims on its neighbours.

The pesticide killed off weevils and other insects, leaving the army worm to multiply unchecked by its natural enemies .

The plant toxin renders both the caterpillar and the adult butterfly particularly repellent to natural enemies .

Much more can be done to improve the conservation of natural enemies in the field.

In the wild, the pair would be natural enemies .

Careful timing and choice of chemical can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a natural enemy .


But are they on a par with their natural environment ?

Most Chicagoans considered the dishonesty of the police as part of the natural environment .

Many are working to save species from extinction, animals from cruelty, natural environment from destruction.

This fact underscores a point that is central to any discussion of how population growth impinges on the natural environment .

As a society are we prepared to spend to regain our natural environment ?

Plants in their natural environments are continually damaged by animals and by weather conditions such as floods.

Our perception of parrots as somehow our rightful property has been destructive for the living creature in its natural environment .

And it will take other research sites to predict the effects on natural environments rather than well-tended farmland.


They rarely study natural events , and only in so far as they impinge on the human world.

Now and then, natural events make it easier for Murray and his associates to convince others that their work is necessary.

This might be by parental design or due to natural events .

With many of our everyday experiences of natural events it is difficult to envisage how they could be other than they are.

Those who pursue water-related sports should learn to respect natural events like tides and floods.

No manmade nuclear repository could hope to cope with this kind of natural event either.

Events don't fall neatly into natural events versus miracles.


It said it will use the net proceeds to acquire long-life natural gas reserves and exploit development opportunities.

Oil companies fell in response to weaker crude oil and natural gas prices.

Its two core components, methanol and butane, are processed from natural gas .

But after adjustment for inflation, particularly for energy services such as natural gas , the real increase was just 0.2 percent.

They are fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas , nuclear fuels: uranium ores.

The air / fuel ratio on a weight basis also suggests the Intermediate character of oil between natural gas and coal.

Methanol could well become a significant fuel for transportation and is already being produced from natural gas in New Zealand.

Experts have described the coal as similar to natural gas in terms of its sulphur dioxide content.


Some attacked the fact that faster growth has been environmentally unsound, creating excessive carbon emissions and destroying natural habitats .

To determine our mating system we need to know our natural habitat and our past.

It was through him that Mr Jackson became hooked on watching the badgers in their natural habitat .

His natural habitat is the graph, his occupation the computer simulation.

On the shelves there were fish swimming in the air as if it was their natural habitat .

In indoor aquariums we can prepare much better and more stable conditions than are offered in their natural habitat .

Today, hunting is no longer allowed and tourists visit these national parks to view and photograph the wildlife in their natural habitats .

Some, however, are believed to be original natural habitats .


Our knowledge of the basic natural history of some groups is still lamentable.

The historical theme extends to cover local canals, bridges, floods, natural history and archaeology.

But it was Wolf who succeeded best in the nineteenth century in bringing drama into natural history illustration.

What is striking about natural history illustrations is sometimes their longevity.

This meant, first and foremost, following Bacon in the making of natural histories .

These results have important implications for the understanding of the natural history of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

For the moment let us simply note that natural history may have important ritual implications.

He regarded field-work as of fundamental importance in the study of natural history .


It is a natural inclination and instinct to want our effort recognised and appreciated.

His natural inclination is to stay as close to the slope as possible, because it feels safer and more secure.

The region's natural inclination , like that of a bicycle, is to be unstable.

Lettie purposely lingered behind Patrice, fighting off her natural inclination to simply ignore the woman and brush past her.

Though her natural inclination was to turn round and zoom straight back again, Mildred could see that there was no escape.

The natural inclination is to increase the dosage to continue the benefits.

Cranmer's natural inclination was for compromise and mercy.

My natural inclination would be to accede to his motion.


I was whipped on against every natural instinct .

San Diego is populated by folks whose natural instinct is to take to the beach, not to the streets.

I feel certain the purpose of the slimness stems from the natural instinct to shoal in a compact body.

The characters are guided by their hearts and natural instincts to truth, right conduct and happiness.

Experience told him that a woman's natural instinct was to defend herself rather than to hurt the attacker.

For me, drawing, designing, although coming from a very natural instinct , never has an esthetic finality.

While they are only following their natural instincts , digging can cause very serious problems in the longer term.

The natural instinct was to scuttle for shelter.


On this view the distinction between the application of the terms natural justice and fairness is linguistic rather than substantive.

The exact requirements of natural justice can vary depending on the particular situation.

For the present we must return to the adjudicative context within which natural justice and fairness operate.

The courts have also addressed themselves to the question of whether natural justice or fairness applies to matters of a legislative nature.

At present rules of a legislative nature are not generally subject to natural justice . 2.

Again, special considerations which might be pertinent during wartime should not affect the ambit of natural justice now.

Lord Denning restricted the full application of the rules of natural justice on the ground of national security.


Computerized free language indexing is, for all practical purposes, the same as natural language indexing.

Does this mean that the semantics of natural language can not deal with truth and falsity?

Language and linguistics Over the past decade, work on formal theories of meaning for natural languages has developed very swiftly.

In the light of all this, I do not think it premature to put forward an evolutionary scenario for natural language .

In some circumstances natural language indexing may reflect more closely the terms used by the searcher.

Voice and gesture recognition and natural language-processing , including translation, should be adequately developed in about ten years.

This is partly because, with natural language indexing, the indexing language is that of the relevant input documents.

Numerous projects are based on question-answer dialogues and the development of natural language front-ends for databases.


However, the natural law governing committees soon took hold and progress was glacially slow.

No natural laws , only nature.

Musical form is no exception to this natural law .

But Aristotle did not conceive of natural laws based on mathematical principles.

But of course natural law is false judged by positivist assumptions just as positivism is false judged by natural law assumptions.

Smith propounded natural laws behind the new reality.

But of course natural law is false judged by positivist assumptions just as positivism is false judged by natural law assumptions.

He was convinced that, in a world governed by natural law , life must inevitably be accompanied by reproduction and death.


His upbringing, education and training had been based on the assumption that in any situation his class were the natural leaders .

A natural follower, looking for a natural leader .

He was a good fighter and a brave man, though not, like Bedwyr, a natural leader .

As soon as he walked into a room, he was in charge-a natural leader .

Why does it sometimes seem that Robert Mugabe must be the natural leader of this panic-stricken crusade?

She is not a natural leader and does not like to be in charge.

By the mid-Fifties he considered himself the natural leader of world Communism.

A quick dip into this must make ordinary Joes feel like natural leaders .


Table 11.2 shows times when natural light is recommended or advised against.

Saconi was in there at one of the tables, blithe and ambivalent in the diffused natural light .

Whilst we stress the artificial nature of most time-cues, it would be misleading to suggest that natural light is without effect.

A special feature is a cantilevered bay window which is designed to create more space and to give plenty of natural light .

Other requirements: Light: Needs very good light , especially natural light.

Soane created a beautifully spacious building, awash in natural light .

Modern school buildings make as much use as possible of natural light , incorporating as they do large windows.

He worked out of doors, with natural light and a white background.


Therefore the possibility of there being a natural monopoly is intimately related to the assumptions regarding potential entrant behaviour.

When a firm displays these economies of scale, we call it a natural monopoly .

The most we can say is that if there are still economies of scale unexploited, the industry is a natural monopoly .

In principle, in some natural monopoly industries outside controls are superfluous.

Other Western countries face the same problem of natural monopoly in these industries.

Perhaps such arguments are beside the main point, which is to cover the natural monopoly case.

Costs can be rising in a natural monopoly industry.

Our concern essentially is with the first of these possibilities, the case of natural monopoly - no competition is possible.


Even the claim that the natural order reflected the contingency of a divine will could pull in two directions.

It seems, like the dandelions in spring, to be the natural order of things.

In terms of the dominant concepts of the age, feudalism appeared as the natural order of things.

These metaphors are all projections of a wholly negative and reductionist view of human existence on to the natural order .

They were charged with dispensing justice and avenging violations of the natural order .

Social and economic stability and the natural order call for a full two weeks of diligent goofing off.

In this way a social contrivance appears to be founded on the natural order of things.

But my ideas were based on ignorance of the natural order of things.


But they are not entirely unsympathetic to natural parents .

But Francine ended up back with her natural parents in a dispute over how much money was to be paid.

Tizard, for example, mentions the need to support the natural parents to enable them to care adequately.

Her adoptive parents were told at the time by doctors that her natural parents had abandoned her.

Their natural parents are separately seeking custody.

After reading about the case, her natural parents phoned her mum and dad in Manchester.

Children will be pulled in two directions between their natural parents and may well have tense relationships with their step-parents.


The anti-Aristotelianism and the newly emerging concept of natural philosophy were, then, not private but public developments.

A separation of science from religion has also been seen in a diminished authority for the Bible in matters of natural philosophy .

But it would be misleading to speak of separation given the religious foundations of his natural philosophy .

It is plain from all of this how moral philosophy is taken to depend on natural philosophy.

They were to be the basis of a new natural philosophy , and were advocated both by practising experimenters and by theoreticians.

Aristotle too claims in several places that natural philosophy and medicine go hand in hand and are studied by the same people.

Boyle's essays reveal an unprecedented series of distinctions, of the utmost importance in the promotion of natural philosophy .

He says rather more, however, about their ill effects on natural philosophy , mathematics, and religion.


Agricultural subsidies and a thoughtless disregard for natural processes are washing away the commonwealth of land, its soils and wildlife.

By contrast, the magical Eve grows out of Adam, and not the natural processes of the physical world.

Second, the discrimination which emanates from ageism can appear to result from the natural process of biological ageing rather than social creation.

Such abstraction is essential to human understanding, and it has opened up comprehension of natural processes in an amazing way.

Sometimes the natural processes of erosion will etch a perfect specimen.

Is this sequence the natural process by which humans approach an infant?

In my case this natural process has been disrupted.

Both would interfere with the natural process of evolution and natural selection which ensured social progress.


Tom's move to Chief Executive of Petersen is a natural progression .

Here was a natural progression of young trees, old trees, and decaying fallen trees.

They laughed, talked, and drank champagne: and the natural progression was to his bedroom.

Using different colours can change the scale and shape of things and tartan is a natural progression from this.

To an outsider this seemed a quite natural progression , but within the West Indies it was not greeted with unmitigated delight.

By a natural progression Peter thought of the Letts School-Boy Diary for 1964.

From there, by natural progression , Jinny moved to the memory of herself, crying into Keith's comfortable jumper.

This is a natural progression from the work carried out in the area during 1991 on the Food Safety Act.


Imperialism focused on one or two natural resources , thus creating a homogeneous agricultural proletariat, all doing the same labouring job.

It would grant them greater control over electing their own leaders and over their natural resources and economies.

The object of the exercise is to ensure the wise and efficient use of natural resources throughout the Trust.

Those homes were determined by the location of natural resources and the possession of capital.

Apart from products based on these natural resources , including electric power, Kosovo has little industry except some textiles and leather products.

There is physical capital: natural resources and manufactured things like machines that are used in the production of other goods.

Environmental degradation, whether resulting from pollution or from overuse of natural resources , does not respect the boundaries of states.

The world is still rich with natural resources that could be reshaped by your creative mind.


The work of Feyerabend and Kuhn suggests that unqualified talk of progress even in the natural sciences is going too far.

Three years later, he received a doctorate in the natural sciences from the same school.

The same kind of problem arises if the system is looked at from the angle of the natural sciences .

The philosophical underpinnings of creation science automatically place it in a very different realm from natural science.

He took the natural sciences tripos in 1877 with first-class honours, and was appointed an assistant demonstrator.

One is founded on the triumphant rise of natural science since the sixteenth century.

In natural science , we study the phenomena of the world around us, the world of things, of objects.

It only seems to include the experimental model drawn from the natural sciences .


But the histone H4 document hasn't just been copied, it has been subjected to natural selection .

No other currency counts in natural selection .

Variety is the raw material of evolution, used up as natural selection takes its course.

In that case, evolution by natural selection occurred, but did not create a new species.

It is all done automatically by ordinary natural selection .

If accurate measurement of quality is in place, natural selection proceeds almost automatically.

One qualification is that some evolutionary changes occur by chance, without natural selection .

The better the host defends, the more natural selection will promote the parasites that can overcome the offense.


It was apparent from that day that he had a natural talent that was waiting to be developed.

He would like that, the two of us with the same natural talent .

Hoomey, Nutty would have said, had no natural talent .

The trick for families who want to make fitness a priority and yet lack natural talent may be twofold, experts say.

To achieve that status, a player needs - besides a natural talent - a burning inner ambition.

He had said that Joe possessed a natural talent for political news and should seek opportunities in that direction.

My domino playing was at its peak and all that I was achieving was gained through natural talent .

But he forgot his natural talents such as hunting and speaking to other whales.


It was a natural thing , like air.

It was the most natural thing possible to connect them with the gods.

He'd no patience with women putting on airs and moaning about the most natural thing in the world.

I have always believed in natural things .

Thus physical and natural things were denigrated.

To him it is the natural thing to do.

He was beginning to have a sense of Man things and natural things.

It needs to be kind of a natural thing for me.


But the Pill continued to be made and marketed in the pseudo-natural way he had devised.

John's wort is the natural way to go is still up for debate.

Tears are clearly woven through her life in a natural way .

The technical definition of multimedia is the use of Multimedia mimics the natural way people communicate.

I learned all this in the most natural way of all by talking to other patients.

The denizens of Shantytown live in a natural way .

Carolyn watched him, caught between her astonishment at his presence here, and the sudden absolutely natural way they were talking.

We, in our post-Freudian age, tend to accept this as the natural way therapy works.


In the conventional sense of the word, which conveys some sort of harmony with the natural world , it certainly was.

The problem is even more severe with the natural world , where the ratio of observable high drama is much lower.

The focus today is not the predicted disappearance of order but the abundance of it throughout the natural world .

There is no doubt that this early form of man had a greater impact on the natural world than any other animal.

Coleridge insisted, to both the natural world and the human spirit.

We are not free to deface and destroy the natural world .

The vision of unity I saw on that subway begins here to extend beyond humanity to the whole natural world .


natural wastage

For the Army we are talking about in excess of 10,000 redundancies and much of the other reductions will occur through natural wastage .

He didn't mind the natural wastage , at all.

Membership from now on will be by invitation only as existing places become available through natural wastage .

No, natural wastage , as they call it these days, took care of the decrease.

Ten of the posts to go will disappear through natural wastage .

There is a natural wastage of at least five percent on any diet.

Voluntary redundancies and natural wastage are expected instead of sackings.

the natural/animal/plant world

He can live in and accept the natural world , yet his soul lofts upward.

However we have seen that quantum theory places considerable restraint on a plain man's objectivist view of the natural world .

In that casual gesture she trampled upon an awesome human achievement and upon great sacrifices contributed by the natural world .

It is not true that the will to power alone characterises the animal world .

Similarly, these continuing contests in the natural world were leading to areas which were specialised in their functions.

The focus today is not the predicted disappearance of order but the abundance of it throughout the natural world .

We must learn to accept it as a law of the natural world .

the rules of natural justice

A corollary of this view was that the content of the rules of natural justice could be relatively fired and certain.

An obvious example would be if it reached a decision in flagrant breach of the rules of natural justice.

If he perceives that there is a likelihood of bias, the rules of natural justice have been broken. 2.

Lord Denning restricted the full application of the rules of natural justice on the ground of national security.

Similarly, a requirement that the expert observe the rules of natural justice could be made a contractual obligation.

The injunction is important in public law in the context of the rules of natural justice.

When do the rules of natural justice apply?


a natural athlete

a natural smile

A pipeline carries natural gas from under the sea to the refinery inland.

all-natural snacks

Anger is a natural reaction when you lose someone you love.

Death is a natural event, which you have to accept.

His natural hair color is brown.

I can't even remember what my natural hair color is.

I prefer natural fibres such as wool and cotton.

I suppose it's natural for a mother to feel sad when her children leave home.

I think we are dealing with a natural phenomenon here, not witchcraft.

It's only natural that people who spend a lot of time around computers either love them or hate them.

It's perfectly natural to grieve for the loss of a pet.

It isn't natural for a child to be so quiet.

It was fascinating to see the elephants in their natural environment.

Laws are needed to preserve the state's natural beauty.

Of course Jean misses her boyfriend - it's only natural .

She was completely natural and unaffected by the attention.

The manufacturers claim that only natural ingredients are used in their products.

The river had worn away the rock to form a natural bridge.


Being a water-based mousse, it's ultra light to apply and blends in perfectly with your natural skin tone.

But now, Down Under, the game has found a fitting, natural home.

Earlier we saw how spiral images may have derived from snails and other natural forms, from sea shells to galaxies.

Man has dominion over the natural world.

Offthe Wall was a masterpiece, and it was a natural crossover.

The days when politicians such as Roosevelt or Truman could appeal to a natural working-class constituency are gone.

The same must be true of the residence and domicile of natural persons owning fishing vessels.

They contain a natural antiseptic which fights spot-causing bacteria and dries up the blemishes.

II. noun


Gore is hardly a political natural .

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